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Get Your Shoes On If You Have Them

Of Dishes And Taking

Well apparently the broken piece was important enough that in order to get it fixed, I need to ship the laptop in to the repair center for a base replacement. Thank you, extended warranty! However this means that once the shipping box gets here, I will not be able to draw the comic for about [...]

Fast Learner

I’ve had my first major computer problem with the laptop today and I will need to send it in for repair sometime. The comic will be late tonight since I had to spend the better part of an hour taking it apart so I could get the stylus back.

Unspilled Milk

The Other Alternative

Tonight’s comic may be up to an hour late tonight, sorry!

I upgraded the Comicpress theme a few days ago and apparently there was a navigation bug in the archive. It has been fixed now.


Another Page Of My Childhood

No Excuses

The Mini Adventures Of Spot

Yes All Of Them

Not Good With Children