End Of Year One

Yup! This comic started June 2, 2008, and while monday’s comic is technically the last of the year, since this rounds out the end of the story I thought it’d be best to end on this. ‘End of May’ is close enough!

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  1. Newby

    lolz Glandular

    • Zaiki

      Does anybody actually HAVE glandular problems?

  2. Fire1052

    Geez, calm down, man. He was just asking a question.

  3. CloudyObsession

    Congrats! I’m proud to say I’ve followed this comic from the beginning, it’s gone from awesome to amazing! Keep it up!

  4. Barker

    Wait… did a ban just get lifted or something? It was a major event to see a human face and now… there’s three. Not in great detail but… huh.

    Great cop mustache.

    • Ebly

      from what i understand…
      yeah that’s pretty much it.

  5. Repicheep22

    Congrats on a year of awesomeness.
    Heh, glandular.
    Reminds me of Stewie Griffin’s tuba job.

  6. cyber95

    Well, when the first face was shown, I sort of took it as “Okay, now we can show human faces, but the first appearance had better be dramatic”

  7. Shoji

    Happy 1 year anniversary, or something. Great way to start it too, we get to see human faces, lol :D

  8. Fire1052

    Now that the strip isn’t going to be about humans for very much longer, we’re not going to see too many from now on, right?

    • rtlstien

      I’m personally interested in seeing what Peanut and Grape’s parents’ faces look like ;)

  9. Rider098

    Congrats Rick, your comic has progressed quite a bit within the one year you have been working on it. From everyday fiascoes to fantasy lands and the dark shadows of reality, you’ve explored quite a bit in the housepets world, plus a style change. Despite wherever it went you still kept your great humor and never strayed too far from what this comic is all about. Keep up the good work, your an excellent artist to say the least!

  10. Profesor Rod


    Congratulations Rick! I have to say that in this year you have made one of the most enjoyable web-comics I’ve read.

  11. Jimmy the purple

    (Point’s finger and laugh’s like Brook from One Piece)Yohohohoho Yohohohoho Yohohohoho!

  12. kenny fox

    heh heh heh

  13. Valerio

    One year, and it’s a very well-grown comic. I see a bright future for it, Rick. If you ever planned a book with original art and stories, you can count on us as customers :)
    ‘Glandular’. Tee-hee.

  14. Fuzzypaws

    Good way to end the arc and the year! Congratulations and I hope this is still fun for you and we get to see many more years. ^.^

  15. Draco_2k

    Congratulations! Frankly I’ve yet to see a comic stay fresh and entertaining for this long. Well, besides Calvin and Hobbes.

    • BluFox

      I thought you were surprised to find any comic funny. Did that change in the past year?

  16. Valerio

    Thinking about this comic… Wow! One dog per agent means that PETA freaks had about 5 patrols hunting fo ‘em. That’s what you get for getting Fox!

  17. Ginga


  18. Yami

    Bea Arthur, who was a golden girl and recently passed away was a member. Go to youtube and you can see her KFC thing, and her pushing veggie stuff onto the viewer. I doubt tubby there been following the no meat thing. Makes me wonder what happened to his last partner.

  19. james319

    LOL, Glandular!

  20. BillyMT

    ITC fat jokes. XD

  21. Valerio

    Ralph’s eyes, depicted this way, are CUUUUUUUUUTE!

  22. Squival

    Man the harpoons!

    • J.J.

      Whale Ho!

  23. RayvenWolf

    Glandular my butt someone was sneaking some REAL ice cream and the occasional burger apparently. I picked up on HP just a few months back but I can honestly say I am impressed to how it has grown and look forward to more.

    Keep up the good work.

  24. Sokahu

    Yeah, congratulations! I’ve been following since the beginning of the school year, and the comic is sill my favorite.

  25. dragonnutds

    AAAAH, MORE FACES, that’s a shock

  26. BlueAnubis

    maybe it’s not fat, perhaps he’s smuggling kittens under padding, or perhaps “Sea Kittens” *Snrk* Bwahahahahaha!

  27. Valerio

    Nope. He’s accumulating stupidity until he reaches critical mass.

  28. Insignificance


  29. Lucier

    XD i love it! Fido you so funny!
    Glandular XD

    (PS: how does he stay his size? O.o)

    • thewhitedragon

      I dont think thats fido, I think thats Ralph

  30. J.J.

    Glandular… Yeah, right.

    Here, have a PETA sandwich buddy.

  31. Fursan

    Congradulations on it being a year! Haha. You had messeged me from pounced, but I had forgotten to ever reply back, but I’ve always kept reading. x3

    • Rick Griffin

      I don’t have an account on Pounced?

  32. nucleon

    Don’t know if I got this right (and if I did I’m pretty sure a lot of people probably mistook who did it), but did the other PETA guy just “snrk” at the expense of the fat guy?

    • Mia

      It was the PETA guy :) At least that was my impression!

  33. Kaloyan

    Well I’m away for a bit andall of a sudden there are human faces all over the place. o_o;

    First appearance was epic but it might be good to show them sparingly. Like use a face as a dramatic punctuation like in the last comic.

    Even so, great as always Rick.

  34. pkjo

    Ooh, someone’s a little sensitive about his weight…

    Oh, and congrats Rick! I hope we can see even more Housepets awesomeness in the future.

  35. Trefoiler

    For lack of anything better to say:

    BwaHA! Funny!

    • Trefoiler

      For sudden inspiration toward saying something better:

      Yay! Happy birthday Housepets!! Here’s to hoping we stick to it for the next year!


  36. Os

    So, my problem is glandular also.