I’m Never Going To Understand Humans

I abstracted the background. I thought perhaps I should start working on speed landscapes.

Originally, this comic was going to be about something slightly different, because scrapped it because there was too much drama in it. I told myself I would have (or attempt to have) a joke in every comic, and the way it was? Yeah, no way I could extract one from that, even with Spo’s wisecrackings. Oh that mouse, he’s saved me so much the last few days!

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  1. Newby

    woah.. was not expecting that.. makes me feel some sympathy for him after all

    • Lax

      Yeah, same here :(

  2. Fuzzypaws

    No need to apologize to greyhound owners, you might as well apologize to humans every time you have a bad human! Now, if _all_ greyhounds end up being jerks, then you might want to think about it. *giggles*

  3. Fire1052


    • Megaket


      • Lucas H.C.

        This is unbelivable, by the firts time in HP we se a HUMAN FACE!

        I think I’m going to faint…

        • marial444

          what about the guy in the captain falcon helmet

          • Shadow Wolf X7

            That’s no face, it’s a chin under a helmet with the words “Falcon Punch” written all over it.

    • dragonnutds


      • BluFox

        ….. (whispers) Should I mention that he misspelled apocalypse, or should I continue with the awe-struck reaction… hmm…

        OMG, IT SHOWS HIS FACE…! YEAH…. Huh…. wow. Wasn’t expecting that, now was I? Cool.

  4. Insignificance

    Whoa! You can see the whole human face and not just the lower half!
    And also, the guy’s comment stunned me for about ten seconds or so…

  5. K-Kun

    Now that was an interesting twist.

    Also, is that the first time that this much Human face was actually show at any point in the comic?

    • Fire1052

      Yeah, it was. I didn’t notice for a minute and I looked back and flipped out.

      • Xu-kitty

        Yeah, totally. I think Bear Nuts also showed their first (adult) human face in the latest comic, too.

        • Trefoiler

          This could be a another fledgling epidemic on our hands, folks. We have to warn the other comics! Quick, before it’s too late!

        • Fire1052

          Not just adult face, but they show the KID’S FACE, TOO!

          • Blunger1

            I know. I just realized that, and it was like a blow to my face.

  6. Rider098

    Woah… guess this comic is the first to actually have human faces in full view and detail! :o

    Never expected the ending to be like this… then again with talking pets it is possible. This certainly was a more dramatic ark in your comic.

  7. Goleous

    He reminds of Rona-kun.

  8. Lance

    So much for cardboard villains…

    Well done.

  9. Keeshah

    What? the green shirt guy doesn’t understand yet his pets needed to tuffen up to survive on the streets on there own, an he was a drain on there survival chances.

    Speaking of which, we still don’t know about the first time Fox was dognapped an went feral.

    • Shoji

      Well he was a small child when it happened; he probably never really learned or understood it, I guess. XP

    • Trefoiler

      The story is rather ambiguous, actually. He could have been more a hostage; to use as leverage if his parents happened upon them.

      Besides, they seemed to have been toughened up already. Abuse has a nasty habit of bringing out the worst (and, less often, the best) in a creature. Obviously, they had to have figured that any life they could live outside the reach of their masters had to be better than the life they had been living. I suppose taking the one friend they had along with them made perfect sense at the time.

      … Fox went feral the first time? Confusion!

  10. Barker

    Holy crap, this comic just had a serialized drama arc! Sweet! So let’s go down the list… first really serious strip I’ve noticed, first real bout of drama (no “kicked out of the boys club” bullying, genuine drama), first human face, and first time Spo didn’t make me fall out of my chair laughing. Best strip ever!

  11. iSKUNK!

    Intriguing! First, mention of a U.S. Supreme Court case that allows K-9 dogs to read Miranda rights, and now, an instance of a rather non-housepet-ish relationship between human and animal. I always figured that this was dangerous territory for an intelligent-animal comic to cover, especially when the animals really are human-level intelligent (as opposed to, say, Get Fuzzy, where they are kind of ditzy). You start touching on issues of emancipation and rights and social history, and also how all of human history would have turned out differently—and before you know it, you’re tackling something much bigger and more serious than the original conceit.

    But I’m certainly enjoying all of this! Not only Rick’s consistently excellent work, but also seeing how he walks this fine line that others wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

    • Keeshah

      Rick has been talking about these issues in the forums board.

    • Trefoiler

      Yes, Skunk, the great Griffin -is- awesome.

      And if ever a wonderful Griffin there was,
      the Great Griffin is one because,
      because, because, because, because, becaaause,
      because of the wonderful things he does!

      We all do love the Griffin;
      and the wonderful things he draaaws!

      (Musical score for ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ is © 1939-2009 Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.)

      • BlueAnubis

        oh great, now you have me picturing Joey in his cat suit singing “If I Were the King of Babylon Gardeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

        • Trefoiler

          That is AWESOME.

          And what with the term ‘catsuit’, I always picture some kind of deep black, skin-tight full-body costume. That’s not the point, just a thought.

          A thought that is also AWESOME.

  12. james319

    poor guy is right,didn’t think it was THAT bad.his cat at first (4th panel) looks pretty harmless…

    a human face “And” a villain with a great story! :D Well Done Dude! XD

  13. Profesor Rod

    I’m wordless… :O

  14. GameCobra

    As i read this comic, i enjoy it much, much more.

    The story is told from a view that i can see is real, but keeps it in an imaginative world. owner loved his pets much, but pets became much more animal (or in this case, what PETA tried to do to Fox ~ make him Feral) and probably didn’t understand the difference between street-wise between animals and humans at all. the story arc is only more dramatic because we’re dealing with the K-9 unit now, which is like the comic version of COPS. trained pets who have to deal with drama like this often.

    I would honestly doubt we’ll be seeing too much drama in the future (it’s definitely not bad), but when you get a taste of the drama, you know where it’s coming from at least =P

    Next Ark: The Revenge of Bob Barker!

    • Keeshah

      Next Ark: The Revenge of Bob Barker!

      Yipes watching all the pets, crossing there legs!!!

      • Trefoiler

        “They never listened…

        at the end of every show, I reminded them

        but some of them just didn’t care

        and that’s far too many.

        Now, I’m going to tell them again

        but this time

        I’ll be doing it myself.”

        *snip snip*

        “I’m back. Do your thing, Mr. Fields.”

  15. Repicheep22

    Well, my theory that they were aliens has now been crushed, now that I see his face.
    “So, you are in fact, human?”
    “Yes, of course.”

    Interesting plot twist, by the way, a very original villian.
    “I would not have predicted this.”

    And anyone who gets either reference gets a cookie.

    • Midnightwolf

      2nd ref, Hunter from Road Rovers. I loved that show.

      Excellent comic as always.

      “Yet another unexpected twist…bummer.”

      • Repicheep22

        Yep! Have a cookie.

    • Echo

      I’m probably wrong, but is the first one from the narnia movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?

  16. Keeshah

    I count, 5 K-9 cops now an two human cop on scene now.. Is every human cop paired with a k-9 partner?

    • Keeshah

      two more new canine cop in the first panel.. One is eighter an English or Springer spaniel.
      The other appears to be another GSD.

  17. Shoji

    I love the sudden drama-like twist, very nice.

  18. Kim Martin

    Wow, what I think makes a comic awesome is being able to handle drama as well as comidy. What has me addicted is the unknown backstory as to how the pets became inteligent. I think there have been hints that it wasn’t always this way. I’m looking forward to enjoying this comic for a long time to come

    • GameCobra

      I don’t think there has to be a reason for that.

      it’s a comic afterall. =P

      • Trefoiler

        There doesn’t -have- to be a reason, but manifesting one would be fun.

        However, to save my inspiration for other pastimes, I’ll only suggest that it is, perhaps…


  19. Valerio

    This comic has just evolved to awesomeness!
    Anyway, though I do understand slim PETA freak trauma, I can’t condone the fact that he actually used that as an excuse to stay a jerk. He was traumatized, boo-hoo! Cry me a river, overgrown baby: I myself was badly bit by a dog when I was 5. This didn’t stop me from becoming a doglover.
    All in all, I fear that he joined PETA not to rescue pets, but to kill them.

    • Ichihiko

      Well, keep in mind that in this comic, the pets are sentient beings. If your dog bites you, it’s not going to apologize or anything because it doesn’t know any better, and you know that. But to be traumatized by two people who you believed were your friends after trying to help them is totally different from what you’re talking about. Now, I’m not saying that what happened was right, and yes being prejudiced is somewhat extreme, but I think you need to be somewhat more understanding if “bit by your dog” is all you got.

      • Valerio

        I can go as far as understanding a feeling of mistrust. But after that, after years, working to do consciously harm is plain criminal, if not psychopatic, and slim PETA freak deserves no condone for that.

        • Ichihiko

          I’m just saying, your making this guy out to be a crazy murderer when it’s really someone who just can’t let go of the past.

          • Valerio

            It’s when they grow adult fixed on their traumas that they become the more dangerous kind. It means they embraced their darkness.

    • Trefoiler

      Supposed trauma and the dynamics of bestial sentience aside, it seems to me that this is one PETA member with more than blood on the mind, if at all (assuming -any- members of the PETA are cold-blooded quintessential maniacs many assume them to be). He expresses his will to prevent something similar from happening to other pets, which, for better or worse, appears to be what PETA does.

      ‘Ethical’ digresses a significant amount from person to person, making specific definition and example impossible. If the rumors, coverage, and stories are true, then the PETA merely has a definition of its own that some of us agree with, and most of us don’t. ‘Ethical Treatment’ could easily mean ‘keep alive and happy’ to someone, whereas to an average PETA member (I assume) it would mean ‘prevent the suffering of’, which, in itself is a concept with too wide a use to define. I would be one of the first to recommend a revision of the PETA’s reasoning, but if killing a living thing, sentient and/or sapient or not, ends its continued suffering, then the latter definition of ‘Ethical Treatment’ has not been violated.

      Assisted suicide is not a very different subject. However, in the real world, you will never find a creature outside the human race that could even comprehend killing itself, even if it has the faculties. The will to live is unquestionable, and no matter how much they suffer, how much they starve or bleed or bruise, they will always -want- to live. That would be their argument if they could speak, but they cannot, and thus cannot make it. Though, even if they could, would we listen? Would you or I disregard it as naïve, or would it cause second thoughts? Consideration? Agreement?

      None of us may know, or ever know, but I have an idea. I suggest we enjoy the comic. Perhaps even appreciate what good writing this this that has drawn us to interact with it without authorial invitation. It’s made good art into great art, in my opinion.

      • Akai

        I’m not so sure about that for animals. An animal ill enough will lose its will to live, but it doesn’t actively kill itself. They seem more to wither away unless whatever took their will away is remove, that’s how’ll die. They’re just not jumping off cliffs to do the job, they just let it come to them.

        Now, as for the comic, yes, human face; yes, shocking! I wasn’t expecting the “kidnapped by pets part,” for sure, seeing as I interpreted the animal’s sentient as comic relief, but this obviously shatters the concept. Makes me wonder if they’ll ever explain how this came to be.

        • Trefoiler

          I would point out that even through a loss of a creature’s will to live (and by ‘creature’, I am referring to any known living thing), and an influx of inaction (assuming that’s not an oxymoron?) seems to compound a mindset wherein life is prolonged. Under certain circumstances, instinct imbues conservation of energy, reducing drain on internal resources and delaying death longer than normally expected.

          Then again, you never really came to conflict with the suicidal matter. Like I said, an animal could never comprehend killing itself, as there is commonly a great alienation from the concept of cause and effect. It would not think to jump off a cliff to kill itself, it would only be aware that it no longer wanted to live. Thus, if anything threatened such an animal’s life, little to no effort would be made to avoid it.

          And I KNOW! Human face, pet-kidnappetnap…ing, et al, caught me completely off guard. And to note the whole ‘animal sentience/bipedalism’ mystery, maybe it wasn’t caused by anything at all. Maybe it’s just always been that way, like the worlds in the His Dark Materials novels. Good stuff. Pay no mind to the recent film that shares a name with the first book. *hiss!*

  20. Valerio

    PS-Slim PETA jerk (won’t dignify you by calling you by your name), doublecheck please: humans are animals too. And they can be way more cruel than every other species on earth.

  21. Lucier

    O.O wow completely unexpected twist… Nicely done and thier speechless reactions in pannel three wow.

    Keep it up love the comic XD

  22. rokudigit

    yeeesh. aawwwwkwaaarrrrd. Actually, if this comic was nothing but jokes, the world of the comic would seem very small and unrealistic. I like that there are moments like this to open up all kinds of possibilities and of course, still make it a kid friendly comic. Your comic is evolving nicely, and I like that….

    Don’t mind me….random babbling from a random babbling person.

  23. Valerio

    about another twist of PETA characters: fat freak, though harmful for his idealism, is only limited by his personal world vision. He wouldn’t consciously do harm to animals. Slim freak, on the other paw, would actually harm them to exact his petty revenge.

    • Fuzzypaws

      Err, “fat freak” was the one who smothered Fox. Joel, who is talking here, was in over his head and didn’t realize all this was going to happen, and didn’t want Fox to be hurt.

      • Valerio

        I stand corrected, and surely fat PETA freak deserves his own retribution. Idealism is a plague, but, until proven contrary, he didn’t act out of self-grown specism. In a perverted way, he’s more well-meant than his accomplice.

        • Trefoiler

          You’re a feisty fellow, aren’t you?

          I would, however, point out the note on which ’slim’ left the conversation. Through his logic, it seems, he would regard animals simply as animals, being simplistic, predictable, unaccountable, and likely undeserving of any vengeance. He supposedly joint the PETA in an attempt to prevent the same abuse that may have driven his own pets mad, but as things have unfolded, he seems to have lost any hope of this, as he knows “[they]‘re exactly the same as [his pets] were”.

          It’s unfortunate, but there is little to be done. He can infer their stupidity as much as he likes, but it doesn’t make them stupid. They can feel sorry for him if they like, but it doesn’t make him a case for pity. No true or false/right or wrong can apply, as there is nothing but opinion about.

          Agree to disagree?

  24. Yami

    wow…..what a twist!

  25. Parou

    Impressive twist…. a good way to remind us that when you give animals ‘human’ traits then they will have the whole gamut, not just the cutesy ‘Disney’ ones.

    Now I do feel pity for the poor fool who is haunted by betrayal in his past….. maybe he’ll get over it one day… but this event hasn’t helped, I’m sure.

    Again we see Fido is the leader in another way…. not just shocked that a fellow pet would do such a thing, but the first to comprehend that a pet can cause lasting hurt their owner through their actions.

    Excellent fleshing out of the comic’s world and great story writing.

  26. Odos

    Whoa! Human face!

    Wasn’t expecting that either, really… Kidnapped by animals, I dunno what I’d do, really… At first I’d probably think it cool… but things don’t usually ever work the way you think they would.

    Also, I hope he’s a recurring character… could be the rogue bad guy or something… or the ACTUAL bad guy… I’ve always felt sympathy for him because he just seemed to be on the wrong side of the fence… But, I mean, for being the FIRST human to show his face, you’d think that he’d have SOME significance to a story arc later on… I really can’t wait to see where he may end up.

    Also, Excelent, really! I’m impressed, I was beginning to think you couldn’t do human faces, but dang I was wrong (In a good way, I’m one of those that can’t for the LIFE of me get human faces to come out right, but Anthro/animal faces work out perfectly for me)!

    • Odos

      Ummm… on that note… I have to admit, the way you DO do human faces reminds me of the Jackie Chan cartoon series… Not bad in the slightest (one of my favorite cartoons really)… It actually puts a smile to my face =P

  27. Gezrn

    ZOMG a human whose full face was shown =o

    • Valerio

      speaking of which: the moment in Panel 2 just made me remember of the moment in which we first saw the full face of mr Meyers in Funny Farm! Just coincidence..?

  28. Eli Sunfur

    This needs a cheerier note. As much as I love all the police dogs, this whole thing is starting to get a little too serious.

    • Valerio

      I believe seriousness was needed, as a welcome integration. There were already hints of how complex this world can be there had to be a story arc dedicated to a ‘dark side’.

      • Trefoiler

        I agree. This is a welcome change of pace, a salty taste of the reality occurring while the innocent happily go about their lives, unaware.

        Not to worry, it will likely last for another strip or two, then the familiar Housepets! hijinks will resume. Until then, we will, perhaps, explore the representation of the innocents by two separate, yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These– HEY WAIT A SECOND

        (Copyright blah blah. Doink doink FTW)

        • Eli Sunfur

          Hm, I see your point. So long as we see Grape and Peanut in the near future, I am fine. I just miss those two lovable pets. I wonder if there will ever be a strip where they fall in love…?o.O

          • Trefoiler

            Grape and Peanut -were- the sprinkles on our donut. The hydrogens to our oxygen. The helpful redirect to our error 404. Other such flattering metaphors. Still, it is refreshing to get to know other characters. I’m fairly sure the great Griffin himself is still getting to know them as well.

            Come to think of it… that would be a great premise on which to break the fourth wall. Artist steps in, interviews the characters. Maybe makes a weird cameo for another holiday edition. I’m just always pining for one of those cheesy ‘on the set’ projects. I’ll get mine someday. Someday.

            Lastly, in my opinion, a romance between Grape and Peanut doesn’t seem like it would work well. They seem perfectly content with the brother/sister dynamic they’ve always had. (Well, at least that Grape had. Poor, poor clueless Peanut.) Though, I’ll admit it would be awesome beyond imagination if I didn’t know any better. I mean, you know, because there isn’t nearly enough interspecies romance in this comic already.

          • Eli Sunfur

            This is true, there are a couple of those, but theres would be an EPIC WIN. Also we need more Fido and…Sabrina I think her name was.

  29. lazyredhead

    3rd pane l- they are all shocked because his face was shown!

  30. tigergulp

    …….. you draw people terriblly. No wonder you only do half a face or not at all. I’m the same.

    And yes, the animals did have to toughen up; but I don’t think he understood that as a kid. Must not have watched the Discovery Channel or TLC

    • D_Leo

      Yeah, cause everything else in this comic is a study in anatomy and architecture ~rolls eyes~

    • Fuzzypaws

      He draws humans just fine. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s a comic, with a distinct style, that is actually quite different from the main style in which he draws most of his noncomic pictures – and Joel is drawn entirely consistent with the comic’s style.

  31. Mandy


    First time we see a human face, but then, this is ALSO the first time we see a human “in focus” as a developed character. Before this, humans were basically just “Mom and Dad” or “Bad Guy” or a punchline. As though the human in question is becoming as “real” as the animals, so suddenly the viewer sees them as a more complete character.

  32. Vdrake

    Here’s something people don’t consider. Humans are animals too, yes. And we worked our way up the food chain by being smarter and more aggressive than animals. For all that, we’re pretty powerless specimens. No claws. No teeth. Heck, we’re practically a hot meal that carts itself around.

    In Housepets!, the pets / animals are pretty smart, and we’ve seen how they can be when it comes to a touch of darkness. The ones we see in this single comic panel, though. To a child, it might very well be the same as having your best friends turn into the monsters living under the bed. They’re not just ‘pets’. They’re just as intelligent, most likely driven to lengths to avoid going back, and almost certainly a heck of a lot more dangerous than a similarly sized human child.

    How can someone truly be expected to handle their best friends turning into a nightmare? There’s a lot of potential depth here. He might think it’s his parents’ fault that they went bad and be trying to ward these other pets off the only way he thinks he can now, or he could be haunted by what happened with his own and be truly messed up.

    What’s more… this single panel doesn’t let you know anything about how all that turned out. The only thing we KNOW… is that he survived. And that he was willing to break the law to TRY to help other pets.

    If anything? I think he’s desperate to make up his mind over fear, sadness, and even derision. He’s probably too afraid to OWN a pet and treat them as he may feel they ought to be treated because a small part of his mind is telling him they aren’t his friends, that when things get really rough, they’ll use and abuse him because it’s as much in their nature as it is people’s. At the same time… he still wants to help prevent it from happening to others, maybe saving ‘the kids like him’, and maybe saving the pets from themselves.

    Woo, long post!

    • Valerio

      and a very good one at that. It’s seriously making me reconsider my early positions. I appreciate.

  33. Kazerad

    Obviously his face is only being shown because he was kept as a pet… by his pets, but still.

    • Fuzzypaws

      I approve of this answer :3

    • Fire1052


    • Trefoiler


      I never would have thought of that. It seems there is much more of the box to think outside of.

      Well met. Well met.

    • Rider098

      *applauds* Nice one, it all fits together so well!

  34. BlueAnubis

    Wow, a lot of deep replies on this one. Well done, Rick.

    I love when a comic does this. You think you have everything figured out, and the out of nowhere, you get hit with a face-full of “FALCON PLOT-TWIST!!!” (the only thing I can think of to discribe it)

    it is good to see a human with a real story behind him, (as well as a real face). Once again, well done.

  35. Watcher

    What is Kevin doing behind Joel in panel 6?

    He might just be restraining him by his cuffs, but the expression on his face seems to lead otherwise… Is he going to release him or something? Hopefully not after that “animals” statement.

    • Trefoiler

      I’m pretty sure he’s only leading a perpetrator to the backseat of a cruiser. Though, he seems visibly touched by the sentiment. In fact, he may have been the only unit nearby with the gall to do so, despite.

      That’s a good cop.

  36. Ginga

    Wow didn’t see that coming

  37. Squival

    ouch, pets on the street go feral quickly or something? Or were those 3 just a bit mean :P

    • Trefoiler

      Taking into account the ‘harsh treatment’ they underwent beforehand, I think the process had been accelerated. Especially if they had been pressed to avoid capture.

      For all we know, the 4th panel image is just especially prominent in Joel’s memory, and was more a ‘face the facts, already!’ grabbing with significant undertones of desperation.

      Still, they -could- have always been ‘bad’ pets. There is no way to tell.

  38. kenny fox

    LOL theyre all like o.o

  39. kenny fox

    but i must also say, i love this comic so much. i look forward to it. all stories need SOME drama. and this is it. housepets is more of a story than a comic to me. i get emotionally attached to the characters as i would if i was reading a good book. rick youre totally awesome.

    oh and…..I DONT WANT MY BUTT TO DIE!

  40. Akwolf

    Wow, double size, the most epic yet? For a comedy comic, it’s hard to really get any real drama and not have it be so awkward.. Maybe if the human did not get such a big spotlight and ended up with another animal explaining his reason might it been a little more normal since the human is a new character and seemed to have a fairly small role since he was mostly concealed and the reader never saw his identity beforehand

  41. Nyrufa

    GASP! Human face shown in comic!?

    It’s the end of the world!

  42. Leina Wolfe

    one question. Besides Mr.Falcon-motorcycle-cop-dude, where are all the human cops? I know the dogs have complete sentience, but normally police dogs have a human partner. Where are they?

    • Rick Griffin

      The dogs can run faster than humans longer and so went on ahead

  43. The WebcomiCritic

    Whoa, harsh– wait…

    A HUMAN FACE!?? So you CAN draw one of those! =D (I kid)

  44. pkjo

    Really cool what happened there, I wouldn’t have seen it coming. I can’t wait to see what you follow up with… and wow, I’m still not over the fact that there is a fully visible human face!

  45. Two_Twig

    Simply outstanding my good sir. The story being presented to me is both fascinating and had depth to me in regard to your past comics. The whole human face did surprise me for a second, but then I realized that by showing his man’s face, the reader identifies with this character much more so than can be with the other humans in this comic. I’m sure anyone can see that, but whats also great is that he stills plays the role of a villain, but now we can see the other side the human-animal relationship in his troubled past. By the way, humans are also animals so his argument does seem a little pretentious to his species, but I digress. What really stood out to me was seeing the main pet characters realize this fact that the animals in this universe have just as much of an influence on people, whether for good or bad, and that that influence could in fact drive a person like Joel to escape this pain by trying to save other pets from becoming like his, or so he believes. The potential insight we could see in our main characters as they contemplate this issue could make for great future comics. I tip my hat to you sir, and I hope to see what comes next.

  46. falconthefox

    I did not see that comming, but wow, very well done!

  47. Two_Twig

    Question… a few actually, more art directed:
    1.) In light of this comic, does that mean that we can expect to see the faces of many of our favorite human characters too? I always did have a hunch to what Mr.Sandwich might look like, but seeing him in the flesh might be a completely different experience, as well as seeing Captain Fal- er…. I mean, Fox’s Dad’s face too (Perhaps then his chin won’t keep putting me in total awe so much with the rest of his face there as well).

    2.) Why the switch between the regular eyes and almond eyes for your cats in your recent comics? I mean, I have nothing against the almond eyes, personally I thought they looked alright, but really I think you should at least stick to one. In this comic they actually look good, I’m not sure why a lot of people saw them as an issue, maybe it just that you were trying them out for the first time, but they’ve greatly improved. If you chose between one or the other I think they look great either way, but having both is kind of confusing; seeing as grape has regular eyes, and some cats have almond eyes, it creates sort of a strange, discrepancy when trying to appreciate the comic as a whole (a little exaggerated). Again, this isn’t a major call to concern for me, and it won’t stop me from liking the comic to death, its just something I noticed. Call it nitpicking if you will.

    3.) Are you going to continue with the abstracted backgrounds? I actually really like them as I see them now and I’d love to see you improve upon them in the future. Subtle details are great, especially in backgrounds, and the characters stand out a little better too. I know you just started doing it, but I really do see the potential here and it. is. AWESOME.

    • Rick Griffin

      1) Yes
      2) I did decide to keep almond eyes for a few cats, such as Siamese cats, and I wanted to do it for this cat just because
      3) I was thinking of experimenting with that for a while, especially to see if I can work out a better/faster way to do it. (such as, I actually need to work on abstractS first)

      • Two_Twig

        Ah, okay then. Thanks for the respond and info, very helpful.

  48. rabidkanid

    I really like how you now put the humans face in the comic, it really draws your attention to him and makes you see him as more than another random figure. Like he belongs there as much as the other animals in the comic.

    • rabidkanid

      Also, the abstract backgrounds put more focus on the characters this time around cause the focus was needed since a relatively major point was being made concerning a character.

  49. thewhitedragon

    woah, thats a lot of Dogs!
    interesting that in your k9 units, theres a big variety.

  50. MalixDexide

    I did NOT expect to see a human person’s full face in the comics! I loved the K9s faces in the 3rd panel! Even Spo! This is awesome work!

  51. Dorian

    Maybe I’m reading too much into your comic but there are a few things I’ve noticed that make me doubt the kidnapping story.

    The pets in Housepets are intelligent, but it is not an adult’s intelligence, they are children. Even the wild raccoons and Spo behave as children, so I’m guessing this is the limit of their development. It is possible for them to sort of half assed take care of themselves on the streets like any other runaway but they sure as heck are not going to be able to take care of a dependent. Guessing age from the picture I’m willing to bet the human child is even younger in development than his pets and they just weren’t up to the responsibility of taking care of him.

    The skinny PETA guy probably thinks yes I was kidnapped against my will because that is a lot less painful then my best friends in the whole wide world, the only people that loved me failed to take care of me when I really needed them. I’m pretty sure that when they all ran away it was united decision and he was happy to go with them, it is even possible it was his idea in the first place. All the pets really knew about taking care of someone was what they had learned from their human parents, so when things went bad they became abusive as well.

    I do feel sorry for the guy, he got double shafted in life and it takes a lot of strength to pull yourself out of that hole by yourself. Since he said he was going back to prison, I’m pretty sure no one has ever lend him a hand or paw out of that hole. It doesn’t justify his action, but it does explain his reasons and beliefs.

    • MtnDempsey

      Chill man, it’s just a comic. XD

      Jeez, we have dogs and cats talking for goodness sake!

    • Kajex

      Methinks he needs his own pet to take care of and hug when he’s feeling blue. He doesn’t strike me as a completely bad guy.

    • jedizero

      More likely…what happened is that these animals are all domesticated.
      And if you take a domesticated animal out of their homes and put them on the streets, after a couple of days, they *will* go wild. In New Orleans, after Katrina, for a while, Dogs went wild and roamed in packs. They growled and snarled at people trying to help them.

      We forget that years upon years of breeding, domestication, and training has worked to turn the wild wolf like animals from hunting predators, into the cute cuddly things we all know today.

      And if we leave them alone long enough. They will revert.

      Also, the realization that they now have to take care of a child that is now possibly missing his parents and whining about it (whereas they don’t know why he is missing them. After all, they treated them awful. Why should he *miss* them.) As well as get food for all three of them, which the child wouldn’t be able to help with. (Have you *seen* a kid hunt?) As well as trying to entertain him, and keep him from bugging the hell out of them, would have annoyed, as well as perhaps made them feel bitter.

    • RockstarRaccoon

      you are DEFINATELY reading into it too far…… O!o

  52. Mach

    I don’t mind the drama. I like how your comic is going and the depth it has. It’s not just all jokes and silly one-offs. Plot is thick and tasty!

  53. Blankedmind

    Wow that’s a dramatic bit of backstory…

    And on another note, first time seeing a human’s entire face, nice timing

  54. Trefoiler

    Phew… now that most everything else has been addressed:

    Rick: Good work on the background! A bit dream-sequence-esque, but that’s nothing a little darkening of ground and flora can’t solve. A detailed background is nice, but not quite important enough to justify the effort.
    I look forward to your next artistic breakthrough!

  55. Yami

    Looking at panel, the way fido is position it almost makes him look like he’s peeing lol.

    • Yami

      panel 6*

  56. Zoe

    I’d have liked to see the 2nd dog that belonged to the guy, It looks like you cut him out of panel 5 or something. Also, I definitely enjoy a 3-dimentional storyline, keep it up! :)

  57. Reed

    Would you be so kind as to tell us what the more dramatic comic would have been about? The one you decided not to use, I mean.

  58. BillyMT

    Irony, crashing down at 12:00!

  59. Schrodinger

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  60. RockstarRaccoon

    um… wow… you seem to be trailing off the deep end… O!o

  61. Drakkon

    I call shenanigans! If he was upset with what happened to him when his own pets went feral, why would he EVER have agreed to help FORCE other pets to go feral? He saw how twisted they got when they had no human structure to guide them, and yet he wants to INFLICT that on others? He’s either psychotic (in which case no pity for the crazy man) or he’s ignoring reality and replacing it with his own (in which case no pity for the crazy man). Either way, BOO FOR CONTRIVED!

  62. Valtz

    All I can say is I liked the comic.

  63. black cat

    i know that this has nothng to do with the strip but i was wondreing last-night why isnt housepets a more popular comic like two kinds ,betterdays and alien dice?
    just wondering because this comic is really awsome.

    • Rick Griffin

      Well, the comics you mentioned are all several years old . . .

      • black cat

        But that makes housepets even better because it is new and modern anyway better days as just finished and tha graphics on alien dice are pap at least housepets looked great even without colour ! but i did see and advert for housepets on a comic called sandra and woo!!

  64. Wolfspawn

    I think Kevin’s a cutie ^^