I Kid, People, I Kid; You’re A Good Crowd
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  1. Two_Twig

    Once Again, you’ve managed to captivate us again, although I hope we can see Grape and Peanut again. Great comic as always.

    • Two_Twig

      I really shouldn’t have used the word besides “again” so many times, my bad.

      • Zaiki

        You should think again when you post again. … Again.

        • Megaket

          Again, could you tell me what we were talking about again again? I need to be reminded about that again, cuz I forgot it again.

          • Lucas H.C.

            Again, you forgot that again? How many times I need to repeat it, again?

          • CritterRhode

            Again! Again! Again! It’s always about Again!

    • Two_Twig

      Ugh… This is what happens when you try to post a simple comment at 12 in the morning… (1:00 Eastern Standard Time for me though.)

  2. Cyanni

    As long as the best friend didn’t die :)

  3. Newby

    Facial expressions= win

    • Schrodinger

      Very much so yes.

    • Oolong

      the heads in general are fantastic :3

      • Newby

        agreed 030

  4. Naya

    What “law” are they going to break? “Don’t walk on the grass” ? :\

    • BluFox

      More like, ‘No pets are allowed to purchase catnip.” Vengeful Bino FTW!

      • Keeshah

        I’m sorry, were not allow to sell that (catnip) to pets.

    • Keeshah

      Peeing on the fire hydrants!

      What he is saying is, Pets don’t have Miranda rights, when they get in trouble, there at the mercy of the police, or there owners wrath.

      (peeing on the hydrants again, ok it’s off to the vet to be fixed for you.)

      • D_Leo

        Which brings up another issue; Could you do THAT to one of these animals?

  5. Fuzzypaws

    As usual your faces are great and especially your growly faces. ^.^ I also like Spo of course :D

  6. StainedSword

    The artwork on this comic just kicks my ass. It’s so good! It always is! It’s just so darn great!

    I kinda wish that an A-Team like group of dogs would assemble to save Fox,but oh well. Still a good storyline. And Spo, as usual, is also awesome.

  7. Taay

    i <3 these new facial expressions. they’re a definate win

  8. Goleous

    I’m not going to tell you whats wrong in this comic. I’ll hint it, it’s in the artwork, and it might be the last panel.

    Anyways, cool.

    • Echo

      Argh! Maybe Im’ just stupid, but I can’t find it :-P

    • The Brigeeda Rocks

      Could it possibly be the background?

      • Eliahs

        Last panel background. The trees lost their trunks? Amazing and very funny comic! I’ve read all of it just today! I love Spo!

        • Echo

          Yep, I’m stupid :-P

    • Keeshah

      Kevin the doberman is gone!

      • Rick Griffin

        Kevin was a tree?

        • Keeshah

          Kevin is the ninja in the tree now?

  9. Oleo

    Oi…and we start to tread on the area that is the slippery slope of plothole evasion.

    Also nice to see the famous police mentality of “Automatically guilty by relation” applies to the dogs, too. Please be careful.

    • Pencil

      Well, the guy DID resist arrest, didn’t he?

      • Vash

        He ran from a cop arrest, so yes that is a crime that Mr. Green directly committed.

        • Oleo

          It’s a matter of attaching all charges to all parties involved. The famous police “Grouping” concept.

  10. james319


  11. Lax

    Nice! :D His expression in the last panel is the best!!

    • Valerio

      I’d rather prefer his expression in the 2nd panel. so…seductive…

  12. Faved

    Omg Fido is so… Cool! Goosebumps, shivers, You name it I got it. A-mazing =D

  13. kennyfox

    totally awesome. as all the others have said. awesome facial expressions.

  14. Crusty

    Hi, courteous posts there :-) through’s concerning the compelling dirt

  15. THATguy

    This is just awesome.

  16. Yami

    A speciesist Ex-ASPCA current Peta member, how ironic

    • DZ

      I interpreted that as the PETA guy felt that animals didn’t get the same treatment, i.e. the reading of their rights.

  17. Kobrag

    Great artwork. ^_^

    DIE PETA SCUM! Hope he learns something about police brutality. Or Grrrr-talitiy? :P

    • Profesor Rod


  18. Ginga

    Woot! Go Fido! :P

  19. Valerio

    Speaking of pet rights, I’m seriously concerned about a detail amongst all: are dogs abandoned in this world as well? And if so, are they terminated after a certain amount of time in the pound?

    • Keeshah

      interesting question, but try asking it in the forums section

      • Valerio

        I just registered. Will post there as soon as account is activated. thx.

        • Rick Griffin

          You do need to notify me, but I will activate your account now

          • Valerio

            thank you very much. I posted several important questions there beyond the ones already present here. I also need to send you a PM about a certain row of delicate questions. How do I send a PM to you?

          • Valerio

            done already.

        • Keeshah

          Valerio says:
          May 25, 2009 at 1:53 pm

          thank you very much. I posted several important questions there beyond the ones already present here. I also need to send you a PM about a certain row of delicate questions.

          Whiiiiinnee. now i gotta know what these delicate questions are..

  20. Valerio

    I would *totally* buy a videogame of Housepets!

  21. Keyblade0101

    C: I freakin love the first panel. XD

  22. Squival

    hehe Fido owns

  23. Akwolf

    DX what is it with this scene?! Panels 1 & 3 look so.. er… gah >< why is my mind in the gutter? DDX w-Wow! If you don’t read the text it’s even worse–! (zomg wow I’m sorry)

  24. yamitora1

    In the second an 4th panel, fido’s expressions remind me of Lloyd Asplund on Code Geass.

  25. falconthefox

    “sorry sir…” Hummm! I wonder, what’s Fido’s rank?

    • thewhitedragon

      maybe he’s actually telling the human “sorry sir”?
      because Ralph already mentioned Fido as just “officer”
      unless Kevin is actually a in-training ?

  26. Repicheep22

    Wow, I love Fido’s expressions. Really well done, especially the last one.

  27. Accursed

    Ya know, I was a critic of the new art style at first, but this comic has changed my mind. Beautiful dialog, perfect facial expressions as always… This now marks the second time you’ve hooked me with this comic. ^^

  28. rabidkanid

    I just want to clear something up
    It wasn’t anyone from my kind who tried to kill my best friend, so you get read your Miranda Rights, so shut up!

    But I will

    Spo, your not helping

    So Spo doesn’t like the dog that got kidnapped or does he have a jokingly growing blood lust? I’m a tad confused.

  29. Valerio

    Kevin’s belly SCREAMS to be rubbed :D

  30. BlueAnubis

    The best set of expressions yet. Pannel 4 is the epic-win of expressions.

  31. MalixDexide

    Fido’s face in the last panel is priceless! :D

    You just gotta love comics when the animals walk and talk and play the wii and no one will care.

  32. Watcher

    I wonder why so much hostility from PETA-green-shirt…

    I mean, at first he was leary about taking a dog, then he was having second thoughts about his parter and his organization, then he wasn’t struggling getting cuffed, then he was having second thoughts about running…
    And now he has a problem with dogs catching him, talking to him, and bashes Fido about his position with concerns to the law…

    From “I don’t want to hurt an animal” to harassment?

    • Keeshah

      It’s a trap!
      if he can get Fido to bite him, he will his charges dropped, an get off for police excessive use of force.

  33. Age

    Gotta go with the greenshirt on this one.

  34. Ze

    I love the second panel, the expression is great and he’s really cute. GO YOU!

  35. Winston


  36. Wanderer

    Heh. If the laws for animals in this world resemble the real ones, my answer would have been, “That’s true, sir. We’re held in cages until we’re either returned to our owner, found a new owner, or euthanized. If you’d prefer that, I suggest telling the judge.”