I Always Get Those Mixed Up
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  1. Xyie

    Easy on you. Right. Easy as a sackful of potatoes.
    At least, at the moment.

  2. Goleous

    Yes, because when you tackle someone you tell them to get on the ground, you know, even though they’re ON the ground. “Do not resist arrest!” would of worked way better.

    • Ebly

      Hint: That was the joke.

  3. Fuzzypaws

    PETA and monologue go hand in hand, so it makes sense really. ;)

  4. AceyWinters

    Lol. Pwned

  5. james319

    go easy on you? XD riiiiight

  6. falconfox01

    “back to prison” lol!

  7. The Brigeeda Rocks


    “Warn THEN tackle!”


    And yay for a Rottie finally showing up in the strip.

    • Keeshah

      I’m going to go out on a limb an say, Kevin is a Doberman.

      His body seems to lightly built, and his muzzle is too long an slim to be a rottie.
      rotties has short blockish muzzles.

      • Taay

        yeah i agree. kevin looks like a dobe from the ears & the muzzle shape.

  8. Yami

    Anyone else here the announcer from mortal kombat say Animality in their head?

    • Keeshah

      Finish him!!

    • squirrel

      I certainly did. Then I laughed my butt off.

  9. Valerio

    DOBIE!!!! *starts filling application to join K9 dept*
    Is it only me, or them doggies look cuter when they angry? :D

    • gagi

      dunno … i kinda feel like that too, and the evil red eyes make it even better :P

      and its also the first time i actually see a dog down on all four paws .. (i might be wrong)

      • Keeshah

        An they still tail dock the Dobes an Rotties SNIP!

  10. Keeshah

    I think Spo got his blood, at least a bloody nose..

  11. RG

    The K-9 Corps is just awesome.

  12. Xenocalypse

    I really enjoy this comic series

  13. kennyfox


  14. Trefoiler

    Brilliant! OBEY THE SUNGLASSES. They even wear them at night! Perhaps to keep track of the visions in their eyes! Although it may just be to watch you weave, and still pounce you, dispite.

    And Kevin is win! Though, I think it difficult to find a Housepets! character that isn’t. Good stuff!

  15. Keyblade0101

    Kevin is badass. o.o I would like to see more of him! :3

  16. Squival


  17. Valerio

    comin’ to think of it… Either dogs are of the dwarvish kind, or cats are goddman half-grown panthers!

    • Trefoiler

      It’s hard to judge how tall they’d actually be if they were anthropomorphized in this way. But I think Rick showed good judgment in shrinking the cats during the changeover. And we actually got to see a size difference between Peanut 1.0, Grape 1.0, and Shardul Beta, remember? Last year’s October 15th strip.

      The version lingo wasn’t really necessary, but more fun than saying ‘old’, ‘old’, and ‘in the only style we’ve seen him’. English is fun.

      • Yami

        lol reminds me of southpark.

  18. Parou

    I could almost feel sorry for this poor blighter……. but his PeTA association will always dampen any incipient pity.

  19. BlueAnubis

    That reminds me of this strip of “Looking For Group”

    Doberman, AWESOME!!! why does Kevin have a lock on his collar? and Spo is also awesome.

    • Trefoiler

      Spo IS awesome; it’s to keep it around his neck; duh; Kevin is awesome, agreed; and HAHAH, great strip.

      Wait, I think I answered those backw– Dammit replies are hard!

  20. myzused

    Yay! Doberman! x3

  21. Yami

    I’m surprised Spo wasn’t yelling “CAVITY SEARCH, CAVITY SEARCH!!!”

    • Trefoiler

      Me too. I wasn’t a moment ago, but that would make more sense, wouldn’t it?

      MANDATORY CAVITY SEARCHES! The PETA people may be hiding… small… animals? Eugh… Disgusting, but not improbable. It’s the PETA.

      (Is ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals people’ redundant? I just thought ‘the PETA may’ would sound a bit silly, yet it’s grammatically correct…

      …I wonder quietly to myself…)

  22. Sokahu

    This comic is just getting better and better as time goes on! I just love it!

  23. Akwolf

    <//< *cough* er… no no I totally don’t want a dog like that pouncing me.. (..naughty jebus ak don’t let your mind wander into how interesting that situation could have been otherwise…..)

    • Valerio

      Too late! Mind is wandering already the moment you wanted to get tackled…

    • Xu-kitty

      Heh heh, peeeeeervy for the ’smexy puppy’ aren’tcha?

      • Akwolf

        ><;;; GAH

        • Valerio

          resistance is futile. Kevin, pounce!

        • Xu-kitty

          *evil smile*

          Just think about it: his sense of justice, duty, and honor… those big, strong arms wrapped around you while he holds you and whispers in your ear; “Everything’s gonna be okay~”

          *cheshire grin*

          • Akwolf

            lol heh I’m not even a broken wolf.. I have been a husky since February <<;;; still kinda.. er.. ok

          • Valerio

            now THAT would just make my day *sighs*

          • Trefoiler

            You are a twisted group if individuals.

            And I agree with everything you’re saying.

  24. marial444

    i don’t see the point of warning at all,then they’ll know you’re there and run away

    • Trefoiler

      It does seem as though, at this point, he would be yelling “POLICE! STAY ON THE GROUND!”

      As in, get up and we’ll bite your arm. Or leg. Nom.

  25. Watcher

    Kevin is great! The K-9 unit is just epic-win for the community right there.

  26. HereticFox

    Awesome! Never saw it comin :D Also, i’ma sicko paw-o-file and i couldn’t help but notice the toes >> <.<

  27. Punk Jax


    wow one line to rule them all.

  28. RockstarRaccoon

    hmm… I was actually thinking at the beginning that this guy would turn the other guy in, seeing as he didn’t seem to be happy with what was going on…

  29. Blunger1


    Excellent facial expressions!

  30. Yami

    Skinny guy and fat guy have. Kid napping, animal cruelty/endangerment, fraud/perjury (dog catcher license) Attempting to flee, Resisting Arrest

    They’re looking at at least 5-10

    • Mephrum

      Don’t forget added time for repeated offenses.

      • Trefoiler

        They may also have any combination of these charges in the second and/or third degree. They may have been accomplices.

  31. Newby

    OWNED! This strip reminds me of the song “Dirt” by Death in Vegas. i dont even know why…

  32. kuisbright

    Aww… Kevin is so cute!! ^^

  33. Dekker

    The green shirt guy dose’nt seam to bad, just running with the wrong crowd. i kind of feal sorry for the guy.

    • Ginga

      I’m guessing peer pressure…

    • Raven

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.