Backseat Driver
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  1. Barker

    Heh heh. Gotta love Spo. Nice to have Fox back… even if squished.

  2. Bookwyrm

    Spo is a pretty bloodthirsty little thing, isn’t he!

  3. Newby

    ROFL! Drink his milkshake! XD i loved that movie. in fact i live in the town it mentioned and was filmed nearby.

  4. falconfox01

    Hope Sgt. Ralph becomes sort of a regular, hes cool. hehe Spo is way too cute for his own good…vicious but cute!

  5. AceyWinters

    bwahaha.. THERE WILL BE BLOOD :)

  6. Kajex

    Oh god, Spo is adorable here- he looks so happy and excited.

  7. Keeshah

    clip-on collar radios.. must be recharging at the station when not on patrol, is why we haven’t seen Fido wearing it before.

    Sergeant Ralph thinks Fido is going crazy..

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Spo is adorable! *reads and sips*

  9. Wanderer of the Wastes

    Hey now! Conversations with ones scalp can be very enlightening! :P

    • cwg

      Can also be downright hair raising. :-P

      • Sokahu

        Oh,wonderful….agggh bad puns!

  10. Yami

    Cool, this update mentions cops and i just sent rick a edit of some panels done up like a cops montage. coincidence? yeah probably. That cops line was probably on paper before Fox was even the chosen victim. lol

    Is fox saying the fat guy smothered him with the fat?

  11. kennyfox

    youre the best rick. i think this just might be my favorite webcomic.

  12. Valerio

    sgt. ralph keeps being the hottest character so far.
    And Spoo is way cool!

  13. james319

    talk to his scalp,LOL yeah,he is pretty small XD no offense Spo

    He USED his fat?!?! XD

  14. Valerio

    hot drink and a blanket for a fur-covered dog? Heat stroke incoming!

    • Keeshah

      for a dog that just had ice cold water dumped on him, as a cure for being unconscious an not breathing after having been smothered.

      • Valerio

        wish there was the scene in which Sgt. Ralph rubbed Fox dry :P

        • Megaket

          I think I know EXACTLY what sort of fetish you are right now.

          Thats right.

          You love DOORS, dont you?!

          • Valerio

            Sadly, not. But I *doƩ live Nancy Simmonds :)

        • Trefoiler

          That would be sweet. Not in the synonymic sense of ‘awesome’. The other kind. Cuteness.

  15. Indagare

    I don’t get the reference with the milkshake….

  16. Banarok

    to be a idiot and complain about details, he change glasses on the 4th panel.

    • cwg

      Different dog.

    • Keeshah

      that’s Fido, with spo riding behind his ear.

  17. rabidkanid

    I still hope Spo never gets in the same room as Grape. The idea that the Mouse will be in the same room as a character that has eaten at least one mouse would be odd and have lots of tension. And if it plays out like last time with a mouse, another character is going to go missing.

    • Chiry

      If grape and Spo were to get in the same room, i get the feeling that both would come out alive, but badly wounded…
      The room, however, is likely to die a very violent death

  18. Squival

    wat did the fat guy think he would acconplish by tryin to crush Fox? oO

    • Keeshah

      He was trying to keep him quiet, so he didn’t give away to the police officer, who just happened to be his dad, that a dognapping was going on.

  19. Watcher

    Wait… I just noticed something.

    Sgt. Ralphs shades have little ear hook thingies… but they aren’t over his ears…
    How do his shades work? Fido’s just sit on his nose…
    I could see maybe being held on by a strap…

    • Keeshah

      it looks like Ralph’s glasses are hooking onto his cheek ruffs.

      • Lucas H.C.

        Yeah, it is on his cheeks, common thing to see in the Anthro style of art… I think it is pretty cool! And Fido shades is “clip on” his nose (see Morpheus’ glasses from Matrix).

  20. BillyMT

    That rat’s spittin’ awful talk, brah! D:

  21. Lucien

    lol Fido is going hunt them, crush them, then cuff them…

    hey wait a second… that’s like my sister and her boyfriend XD

    • Lucas H.C.


    • Zaiki

      You have won a internet. Unfortunately it runs on a 10K modem.

  22. Banner

    Okay, I thought talking pets were cool, but the K-9 cops are just awesome.

  23. D_Leo

    man, without his collar, Fox really DOES look naked…

  24. swarmcrow

    it is official, spo is my favorite character