Cool Clean And Refreshing

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Man, all the police dogs have cool looking glasses. *giggles*

    • Goleous

      Not really, I much prefer the vash/gunslinger type glasses, I have a pair myself.

      But whenever I put them on the coolness emitts so heavily that it rips a hole in the universe.


      • Goleous

        I don’t mean to be a grammar nazi but shouldn’t it be.

        Do CPR, Or Something!

        • DZ

          It looks alright to me.

        • Kimberly Martin

          XD, people panic in dire circumstances. Things like grammar are secondary in ones thoughts, when someones life is at risk.

          • Goleous

            When I see someone dying/not breathing I always double check my grammar. What if they ask me for a medical term and Im a letter off?

          • black cat

            why would someone ask you might have just saved someone id be to busey saying well done

          • Megaket

            Last time I was a letter off in my medical terms, someone died. Not the victim though. The victims old mother.

  2. Tahoe

    German Shepard <3

  3. Repicheep22

    Ooh, radio collar. Cool!

  4. Newby

    ” The Fat Man ” lol

  5. Barker

    Woot! German Shepard. Nice collar.

    So the fat man left Fox? PETA is both evil AND ineffective. This organization has it all!

    • Megaket

      Like all other evil organizations? I mean seriously, say ONE effective, evil organization that you ever hear of.

      That’s right.

      Vacuum brain time.

      • String Petoun Ping

        That’s a easy question: Monsanto. You doesn’t do better like evil and effective evil organisation. They even have a good public relation department. Almost nobody how evil this guys really are.

      • Antermosiph

        Any Accounting Department
        Microsoft (Windows rules, but they are still evil)
        and any organization that is committing evil acts so well that we don’t even know they are being committed.

      • FoxBlood

        Your all part right right, but the true root of all evil is the T.V. commercial industry. They work hand in hand with all the most evil organizations united, and force feed us a steady diet of hours worth of useless commercials advertisements that literally suck the intelligence out of us one I.Q. at a time with their S2D commercial waves. TiVo looks like the cure, but their in on it too. They found out how to turn our once wholesome T.V. viewings into S2D waves now. WE MUST THE TV MACHINE! Be fore we become so retarded that in the end we’re nothing more then idiots smacking our heads upside the walls of our house.

  6. Lomstat

    A sudden cold shower, nothing can beat that after being kidnapped

  7. Rider098

    “All K-9 units, be on the lookout for a PETA supporter on the loose known as ‘the fat man’. He is large… and at large. He is not heavily armed… though he does have heavy arms, and he will use them.”

    Ok, Ill stop XP. Glad they chased them off, it was getting kinda dark in this story arc. You and your opaque shadows!

    • Keeshah

      dark can be good for the story.. allows you to explore deeper emotions an interactions.
      An there is a bit of reality to the story..

      But Fox has to surrive, if Fox died, then he couldn’t tell us about the first time he was dognapped. :)

  8. james319

    ouch poor guy XD i know i didnt like water in the face when i wake up XD

    • Megaket

      You never did wake up.


  9. Yami

    Thank goodness for Ralph’s bucket of water. Other wise a CPR scene might leads to cases of fear, panic or worse Shipping.

    • Keeshah


    • Circeus

      You think that was needed? :p

      • Yami

        Fandom and Shipping are very serious problems. Every year more people are infected with Fandom, which one day may lead to Shipping.

        Shipping effects 9/10 things that are marginally popular. Shipping can become so serious that in one particular epidemic, the victims began fantasizing over the paring of a two ninjas kids of the same gender. There is no cure for shipping, but there are treatments and ways to prevent it.

        Have your fans spade and neutered, Keep art supplies out of reach of fans, and remember to always practice safe fandom.

        • D_Leo

          Winrar is you.

  10. thrashblade

    LOL I would have hated to be Fox in the third panel.

    I would pretty much the same reaction when water gets on my face either when I’m sleeping or knocked out.

    And that’s actually a very nice illustration of a German Shepard in the fourth panel. I know they do wear those vests where I come from since I was a military k-9 handler in the past, but, sunglasses and a radio collar??

    Kinda cool actually!

    LOL keep it up!

  11. Mia

    Shipping = relationship-ing

    Generally involves fangirls squeeing with glee over the possibility of character A hooking up with character B.

    Current relationships, genders and all other factors non-withstanding.

  12. Kurast

    Makes me wonder what rank our good boy Fido is.

    • Keeshah

      Didn’t Fido just graduate from the police academy?

      Which would make him an rookie??

  13. Squival

    eww wet dog smell ><

    • Keeshah

      Roll’s in Fox’s lovely wet dog smell!!!

      • D_Leo

        Don’t go there…

        • Keeshah

          Shakes shakes out his pelt… smelling of wet fox..

          don’t go where?

  14. Silenvo

    Ahaaaaahahahahaha! “Speak for YOURSELF!” i love this comic. Also i liked Rider098’s joke.. it was great! :D

  15. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Heheh, yay cool german shepherd.

  16. BlueAnubis

    Awesome! Sergent Ralph has a Radio collar! I wonder if Fido and Fox have them. I also wonder if Sergent Ralph lives near Babylon Gardens.

    A Bucket of Ice Water! a good friend’s way of saying “GOOD MORNING!!”

    • Keeshah

      Is Fox a K-9 cop?

      I think he is just owned by a human cop.

  17. Trefoiler

    Wow! Surprise from at least four different angles!
    -WATER: Aaggh!
    -COLLAR: Radio transmission! Cool!
    -SARGEANT: They get ranks!?
    -RALPH: Yay, more characters! And picturesque police dogs! Simultaneously!

    Keeping us on our toes, eh? Well done!

  18. kennyfox

    heh heh heh. fun.

  19. Watcher

    Rick, if you wanted to make Ralph sound German just change “and” to “und” and the readers will do the rest… He doesn’t have to be full fledged german, maybe he just has a slight dialect and retains a word or two?

    Nice, good to see there is more than one police dog. Glad to see Fox is ok as well.

    And because we need the obligatory StarFox64 lines, “Your father helped me like that too!”

    • Watcher

      Or maybe even, “You did it! … I was worried for a moment.”

      Sorry for the double post.

  20. BillyMT

    Cold water’s a good substitute to CPR…

    I know half of you people was hoping for the CPR! ADMIT! XD

  21. Akwolf

    aww he’s probably had like the worst day of his life <<

    • mayhem

      I don’t know – we havent heard his story of the previous event (s)

    • Valerio

      I’d bet it didn’t get worse thatn the first dognapping