Or Belong To PETA
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  1. Goleous

    First, Comment, I honestly do not get this.

    • dragonnutds

      i think it’s the thrill of being the fastest and/or first one to read the comic

    • Taay

      The fat peta guy got out and was making a break for it. you can tell by the end of the first line.

  2. Barker

    Pff! Ah haha! Run, dude, run! I’d pay to see that scene IRL.

    Oh and… what about Fox?

  3. Newby

    oh noes they got away!

  4. Yami

    Fat boys
    Whatcha want, watcha want
    Whatcha gonna do
    When the dog owner come for you
    Tell me
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna dooo
    Fat boys, Fat boys
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    When they come for you
    Fat boys, Fat boys
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    When they come for you

    • BlueAnubis

      Housepets! is filmed on location with the cats and dogs of Babylon Gardens.
      All suspects are idiots until proven guilty in a court of law.

      • Yami


        I always wanted to see a criminal run right into the camera, or the camera man smack one with the camera.

        • tahrey

          yeah, they’re always too neutral :D

          though i suspect they’d be in for an enormous ration of crap if they actually tried it, regardless of success or end result

    • Lucas H.C.

      That was priceless, my friend!
      Almost cried laughing!

  5. Repicheep22

    Oh, I hope he’s not running off with Fox.

    • Keeshah

      We haven’t seen fox, or heard Fox bark or speak in several strips since the peta guy went into the back of the van.

      eighter he got chloroformed again, or worse..?

      • Repicheep22

        Oh no D:

        • StainedSword


          Couldn’t resist. :P

          • Keeshah

            All i can think of is that line from robocop, if they have killed fox.

            I surrender officer..
            Robocop, I’m not arresting you anymore BLAM!

      • Yami

        I think i see his tail in the last panel

        • Chiry

          nupe, don’t see any tail

        • Megaket

          There’s the guy, and there’s ANOTHER guy infront of him, and I think its his foot you see.

  6. Wanderer of the Wastes

    I’d say ‘Run, while he’s still distracted by fatty,’ but I think there are better chances in sticking around and seeing if you can convince them of being lighter on the charges. Maybe give a testimony or two against the other guy and what not. :P

  7. CalaverX11

    Why do I have a feeling bruised-guy is going to let Fox go?

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Alt text is win :3

  9. hamster

    Tase him bro!

  10. james319


  11. Yami

    I think i see Fox’s tail

    • Yami

      in the last panel

  12. Terashell

    That’s someone’s foot while they’re running, not Fox’s tail in the last panel. I think…

  13. subakuryu

    Lol, “unless they were going to McDonalds”"XD

  14. cwg

    Fat boy not fat, where’s Fox? Undashirt!

  15. R-One

    Knew it! The crazy’s always try to make a break for it! Let the chase begin, lol.

  16. BlueAnubis

    to quote Tom Cruse “everyone runs” (which could be the titleof almost every movie he has ever done.)

    • Yokel

      Except for Top Gun. TOP GUN!

      • BlueAnubis

        yah, I guess. But there was still a scene in there where he was jogging. He just likes to show us how fast he can run.

  17. kenny fox

    haha hilarious

  18. Squival

    Is Fox still in the back? :P

  19. toboe

    I’m very concerned about fox. You’d tell us right away if something’s happened to him, right Rick? Right?

    • Keeshah

      Fox is asleep in the back of the van, or chasing after the fat dog napper.

      I don’t believe housepets is dark enough to kill off a character this way..

  20. Watcher

    Fox is gonna run down fatty…

  21. Yami


  22. BillyMT

    I want that zebra-colored moto D: