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  1. Newby

    EPIC FAIL! lol

  2. Silentfox

    Lol, OWNED!

  3. Faved

    Haha pricless

  4. Odos

    Ah.. yes… shoulda filled up there, shouldn’t you have? I can only imagine one last thing coming up here soon. It starts with “F”, and ends with “ALCON PAWNCH!” Or… something to that extent.

  5. BlueAnubis

    Headsteeringwheel, Apply directly to the forehead.
    Headsteeringwheel, Apply directly to the forehead.
    Headsteeringwheel, Apply directly to the forehead.

    I can hear Fox now. “DAD! HELP!!! I need someone to hold this guy down while I gnaw on his face!!!”

  6. Tamer

    I’m start to feel sorry for him now… Look like nothing are on his side anymore when he become PETA… Poor guy…

  7. Jimmy the purple

    I expected it to last longer?

  8. RG

    What a great coincidence.

  9. Tahoe

    … Who turns their car off when they’re pulled over? o.o

    • Wanderer of the Wastes

      In all the cases I’ve seen in the area I live, that’s one of the first things the police always ask you to do when one gets pulled over. It’s so they don’t have people trying to drive off too easily. …Sorta like above.

      • Whiskers

        I was about to ask the same thing but you answered for me :D

        interesting and very smart tactic there. :3

        • anonymous

          exactly this is the reason why i drive a mazda rx-8 with wankelmotor and instant start…

          ok not particular escaping the police but if i ever would need to i could.. and also would be faster then them ^^

          • the dark ferret

            Only in the short run. The Wankle rotary motor is good at fast acceleration, but it tops out fairly quickly – piston engines don’t accelerate as fast, and take longer to reach top speed, but in the long run they will out pace your RX-8. ESPECIALLY a highly-tuned Police engine. Unless you have a racing motor under your hood, any cop will beat your RX in a race – and the crazier you drive, the more cops you’d have on your ass.

          • anonymous

            nah only if you stay on the highway.. in a town territory what you know with a lot of hiding places and little traffic theres no way a cop will beat anyone with a wankel motor because there is no space to speed up if you take a lot of turns..

            thats exactly why i like the car you can drive incredible fast on the shortrun whats also good in races with a lot of turns :)

            but the best thing to outrun a cop would be a motorcicle and of course you shouldn´t stop the engine in the firstplace.. but you could only dognap a ciwawa with that

          • MrGBH

            Two words.

            Police Helicopters.

          • Kurast

            You, sir, have obviously not learned of amazing technology like “dashboard cameras” (liscense plate readers), “internet” (cross-jurisdiction communication of car model and type), “helicopters” (always faster than your car), and “GPS sattelite” (knowing all the roads you can get to from where you’re at before you even reach them).

          • anonymous

            if i wanted to do a crime i obviously would kill my plate with a faked one for a few hundred bucks and a flipswitch it as soon as iam out of sight..

            also gps only gnows the common roads, espacially with a motorcycle therse plenty of small routes where you simply could get of the grid.. through some backyards etc..

            also i dont know where you live but police helicopters need at least 5-10 minutes to lock on.. and most likely are not called in citys.. but i dont live in america but i doubt that they are faster there..

            especailly in european citys and forrest territorys a helicopter also would be pretty useless since the buildings tend to be extremly high and with a motorcycle you have a pretty good chance to escape.. in a forrest maybe heatvision would sniff you out but if you drive a crossbike you could be out of the grid in notime

            but seriously.. f you would want do a crime and escape via a vehice you should take tons of facts in concideration.. and not just rang a bell and then steal in the neigbourhood..

            maybe let your partner steal the dog two days later with a totally unreleated car and alot more morphine to knock him at least for 12 hours out would be good..

            but why steal a dog on the other hand.. well at least anybody with enough imagination wouldn´t do crime in the firstplace or do it right.. its not a crime unless you get caught as we all know

          • MrGBH

            Well, where I live in England there are so many CCTV cameras around that it’s virtually impossible to commit any kind of crime involving a vehicle without at least some identifiying features being captured.

          • anonymous

            well then steal a car at night and do the crime before morning so it wont be recognized..
            face it: its harder to do crimes these days but not impossible..

            make a living from it? in the age of credit cards without a corrupt bank no way.

      • Whyaylooh

        It depends on the local policy, I guess, or perhaps whether or not your local department has candid camera in their cruisers (thus making it a lot easier to re-acquire when someone eludes). Most police, however, dread it when they hear someone they’ve pulled over shut off their car, especially if it’s something less than shiny and new, for exactly the reason shown in this comic. Granted, in the case of the comic, I don’t think it matters much. When it’s a routine stop, though, and the hunk of junk they’ve pulled over won’t start back up, they wind up stuck there waiting for the tow truck before they can leave, instead of getting back on patrol. This happens far, far more often than drive-offs do.

    • tahrey

      um…. everybody?

      the cops also watch Worlds Wildest Chases, they’re generally wise to the whole “wait for the police to reach your window then floor it” thing.

      over this side of the pond they pull up in front of you so you can’t get away without having to back up a little first, and so they can see your face and your hands (and hear whether the engine’s running and whether you’re gunning it) from the get-go… maybe we’re less trustworthy or something :D
      (or because they’re not regularly armed with anything more than a baton)

      • Halrun

        Yeah, the whole parking in front of a suspect’s car, especially when armed with little more than what is basically a stick seems like a good plan. Over here in the states, every cop has a 9mm sidearm and between 3 to 5 spare magazines for it on his side, not to mention that 9 times out of 10 there’s also a shotgun in his cruiser.

        • Dissension

          There’s a reason a car’s back-up lights flash when you shift it into (and out of) park, guys. x3 These days, an officer’s not getting out of his car unless yours isn’t going anywhere. Or they’re not aware of that fact.

          • tahrey

            Because park is put the other side of Reverse and Neutral from Drive (and neutral is itself between R and D) for safety?

            In any case, mostly manual shift here.

  10. Repicheep22

    Ooh, fail!

  11. Fuzzypaws

    PETA fails again!

  12. Goleus


  13. Sessile

    This would be a lot funner with sound effects

  14. Sessile

    Come to think of it, housepets should be a saturday morning cartoon

    • Valerius


      I would so watch it, and make other people watch it just to see how awesome it is.

      Also…PETA got Owned. *nods sagely*

      • Phoenix

        Dude, that would rock. It’d get serious ratings, because it would be better than the drivel most writers are coming up with lately.

  15. Valerio

    When you talk about karma…

  16. james319

    LOL epic fail! XD

  17. Lomstat

    If they weren’t silly activists i would feel pity on them. now i wonder where they left the bandana >_>

  18. foxfireattack

    methinks a banana and a tailpipe might be involved…

  19. Yami

    Anyone else remember that episode of Southpark where Cartman is deputized, and he kept asking people to step out of the car? RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!!! *hits with knight stick*

    • RG

      “You, will respect my authori-teeeee!”

  20. Kurast

    I feel sorry for the poor SPCA-turned-PETA fellow.

    Enjoy dog(kid?)napping charges, fellas

  21. Moonwing

    What an idiot! He STOLE a cop’s dog. Oh way to go, Doofus & Co.

  22. ZincChloride

    I love this one. You get to know the owner! I like it when the pets and owners get equal personality. And I really love how the cop is so melodramatic. XD

  23. Squival

    Learn to handbrake

  24. Parou

    Just love the complete and utter straight face from Fox’s Dad….. even as the attempted drive off is happening he has no reaction…… just a resigned cliché phrase…. almost regretting it had to come to this. Poor Joel, his poor choice to join PETA is about to bite big time.

    By the way, one of the the first things you are requested here when pulled up is “Please turn off the engine, mate”

    • Watcher

      I’ve been in vehicles that were pulled over 5 times and never have they asked the driver to turn off the engine…
      Twice was myself, once a frend, once another friend, and once my father, and they all let it run.

      • R-One

        Sometimes it depends on the officer, but more often than not, they will ask you to turn the car off nowadays. This is pretty recent, relatively speaking, but it helps cut down big time on the number of drive-offs.

        • tahrey

          As above, I thought this was fairly standard procedure.

          Goin’ back to the WWPC shows, you quite often hear the officer saying “could you turn the car / engine off please, sir / madam?” … and that’s a fairly good sign things are about to kick off, as they would probably be expecting normal non-perp folks to have killed the motor. Which our bruised supergenius friend just absentmindedly did by mistake.

          Am kinda surprised the cop didn’t make a grab for the keys or react in any way at all to the sound of the starter kicking in, even though it ultimately failed. Pretty good chance if I tried that sort of thing here (even though my engine can be turning and the vehicle in motion from under 1 second from completely off, when it’s working well – i often kill it at long red lights) there’d be a well trained set of fingers grabbing my hand and for my key before the first successful cylinder firing.

      • Parou

        Ah, yes…. but are we talking the same country even?

  25. deoyx

    He sure is a fast driver! XD

  26. RNCoyote

    HAHA! Busted! Never mess with the dog owner!

  27. Watcher

    I wonder what Fox is going to do. Thinking back to that line of “Not again” maybe he has a procedure or a ritual down already…

  28. Dragon Furry

    LOL! Oh that is priceless XD Good one man… classic

  29. Noble Idler

    So… Someone gets assaulted by a resident for no good reason, and therefore gets suspected of kidnapping?
    Rick, I liked your humour so far, but either you’re starting some long and deep thinking about the status of pets in your universe, or you’re getting really creepy.

    • Rick Griffin

      Did you miss the part where it was mentioned he was from PETA? The key part was that and how he got a description of the vehicle, not that he was assaulted.

      It was Bino/Maxwell’s owner who did the punching, by the way. I’m not saying that random violence is justified, but you could probably see how his usual behavior is reflected in his pets–get angry at the smallest provocation, later worry about the consequences to self rather than others, have authority or at least someone of authority to make sure consequences to self never happen. Not that Bill would completely fall for that, but there’s no rule of society that says that they can’t be friends regardless. Nor that Bill is being completely impartial, as PETA to pet owners may as well be a terrorist organization.

      And yes, yes I do tend to think far too much about these kinds of things.

      • CalaverX11

        PETA IS a terrorist organization in the purest sense of the word. In fact, I think they’re the ONLY terrorist organization in the WORLD that has NO supporters on the outside who see them as “freedom fighters.” The guys in the middle east that we consider terrorists are saviors to the people they’re fighting for. PETA doesn’t even get that kind of respect from anybody outside their own organization.

        • Rick Griffin

          Well, except that there’s a huge number of pet owners that donate to PETA because they don’t know/believe what PETA really does.

          • Tibarus

            Violence against PETA is expected and welcome in my books…

            Great comic Rick, keep it up.

      • Mouko

        It’s only a logical conclusion. Guy from PETA shows up – getting punched or whatever. PETA’s known even in our world for stealing/kidnapping animals. Then his dog goes missing. Gee, let’s look at this equation. Person from PETA was seen + PETA kidnaps animals + His dog went missing ten minutes after the PETA person appeared = PROFIT!

        As for the ‘no good reason’ part, PETA is known for some very unpleasant things, and one of them includes terrorizing pet owners. Clearly Maxwell’s owner overreacted to what he perceived was some PETA fanatic come to harass him over his pet, if not outright steal him, but it’s a serious stretch to say he had ‘no good reason’ to do it. People react strongly to threats and just the name PETA invokes terrorists to pet owners who are aware of their deeds. It might not be legal, but he sure as hell had a ‘good reason’ for it. The fact that he assaulted the man shows that he is one of the people aware of what PETA does. He saw a pet terrorist at his door and reacted with violence. Again, not legal, but not senseless.

        I thought all of this was pretty obvious.

        • Mouko

          Adding, that someone else would have probably just slammed the door in the guy’s face and report him to the police for suspicious activity, but that’s not who Maxwell’s dad is. Clearly, Maxwell’s dad is impulsive and rash – he even provides Maxwell with his own stash of catnip, remember? The odds of him doing the peaceful thing are small.

          It seems to me that people are somehow ignoring the whole bit about individual characters acting as if they actually are actually people and are thus capable of doing the wrong thing and instead construe every character as some kind of a mouthpiece for the author. This is an enormous pet peeve (pun intended?) of mine. Seriously, a character can do the ‘wrong thing’/say the ‘wrong thing’/believe the ‘wrong thing’ without it being a representation of the author’s belief or the author getting ‘creepy’.

          • Fox

            Don’t you think that this is just the artist’s perspective of PETA in relevance to his cartoon and not the actual PETA worldwide? cartoonists make fun of organizations and people all the time. no need to go too far in what PETA actually does.

  30. R-One

    It’s not over yet… the real Lunatic is still in the back with the “hostage” after all.

    … altho said lunatic is prolly more at risk of getting mauled by his own hostage when he makes a break for it than anything else, lol.

  31. Pyre moonshadow

    there seriously PWND

  32. microbuss

    YAY! w00t! BUSTED! lmao boo to PETA anyway unless you belong to the other PETA hehe (People Eating Tasty Animals)

  33. Zaiki

    Falcon Punch in 3… 2… 1… PAWNCH!

  34. MrGBH

    Hello, long time reader, first time commenter. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the comic, it’s one of the funnier ones I read (Definitely top ten out of about 70).

  35. Profesor Rod

    Oh, you’re SO gonna get it :3

  36. Dabber

    There’s stupidity… then there’s _criminal_ stupidity!

    Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


  37. Yami

    When i was in Ag class the teacher told us about Peta cussing out a slaughter house. They were saying things like “these are wild animals that must not be kept from nature” or somethign like that and that “they want to go back to nature, they have the ability to survive in nature.”

    Well the slaughter house offered to let 100 cattle go to whoever would pick them up. All of the cattle died. People didn’t know how to feed them, some let them go and they kept coming back and getting injured on the way. Some of the cattle were let go all over the place, even near busy highways (presumably on the side where there is forest.) Many were killed by cars, the elements and wild animals.

    From what i was taught is Ag class, food farm animals like cows and sheep have been breed with the idea of companionship left out, thus making their day to day survival dependent on us a lot more.

  38. Silverpaws

    ahhhh HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! LOL

    what an idiot

    dam fox it’s soo lucky

  39. Lucien

    XD Payback time! And ultimate revenge!!!

    • Yami

      I’m voting for some police brutality

  40. Trefoiler

    Oh… When it all comes to a head, it’s such a unique brand of humiliation. I almost feel sorry for this guy. :P

    Here we were hoping for some kind of rescue operation to materialize. Turns out, these guys already hit all the right notes in the rhapsody of their send-off. It seems to end with something to the effect of: ‘Wah Wah Wah Wwaahh’

    And what lively conversation this has provoked! I mean, a statement about an auto-starter for one’s bicycle turning into a discussion over police protocol and environment-specific criminal escape tactics? Yowzers! I will concede its relevance, but, wow…

    Rick! Have you yet realized that we are your puppets!? Watch us dance!

  41. ac

    cop for the win

  42. Billy MT

    Suddenly I hear “Having a Wonderful Time” playing in my head. XD

  43. Lucas H.C.

    Chloroform – 20 dollars
    Plate cover for your car – 5 dollars
    Your face while a police officer makes you pull over and accidentaly unmasks your mean plan to get rid of a dog, which happens to be the officer’s dog – Priceless!

    PS: OWNAGE!!!!!!!

  44. Winston

    Such a dramatic moment lost in engine failure is a total humiliation and loss in class…and would be decribed by a single word as FAIL!!!

  45. kenny fox