Smooth As Sandpaper
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  1. Copycat


    OOOHHH they’re gonna get it!

  2. Zephyron

    FALCON PAWNCH tiemz?

    • Zaiki

      You have won the internet.

      Unfortunately, the internet you won is running on Windows ‘95 and a Fisher Price modem.
      Plus, it only has MySpace on it. I’m sorry.

      • Newby

        don’t forget to mention the 200 GB’s of spam and the 9 pop-up ads per second.

  3. Newby

    i bet the officer is wondering why the driver has a huge bruise on his face.

  4. Y10

    wat, no animals again? lameeee.


  5. Sessile

    awww wheres the animals?

  6. BlueAnubis

    YAY!! Story time!!!!!

    Fox is going to eat the guy in the back.

    Great, now I’m gonna have to look up Patrick Warburton.

    • BlueAnubis

      OK I know who he is now, and that makes the comic that much better. Thank you Wikipedia

      • Junior

        He voices characters in most of my favorite shows.

  7. Moose

    Hahaha. Patrick Warburton. I love his voice. That is so perfect in this situation.

  8. Goleus

    forgot what movie it was from but… “And I was speeding while drivvviiinnnnngggg!!!!!”

    Also I don’t like Patrick Warburton except for the few times he voice acted for.. the venture bros I think?

  9. Repicheep22

    Ha, busted! This reminds me of those cop shows where they show police footage of dumb criminals. I think these guys fit the bill.

  10. Fuzzypaws

    On their way to PMITA prison shortly!

  11. Valerio

    Hey! Fat PETA molesting Foxy?!?

  12. Drakel

    “Enormous Motorcycle Cop”? Maybe they should tell him that.

  13. james319

    LOL smooth

    i agree,”Enormous motorcycle Cop” XD sounds like a boss in a video game XD

  14. The WebcomiCritic

    Anyone else think these guys are scary AND stupid?

    • Valerio

      they’re PETA. Stupid is a default settings of ‘em

      • Zaiki

        They wouldn’t get anybody smarter than a pooper-scooper, which has an IQ of -26.

        • Valerio

          And that being generous :D

          • Zaiki

            I bet their leader is a table lamp.

  15. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Bill looks like he got some more muscle since last we saw him. Heheh, those PETA guys are gonna get it, though I kinda feel sorry for the newbie, he just seems like he didn’t know what he was getting into.

  16. tahrey

    haha… looked up mr warburton… which of his incarnations, then? I’m thinking Joe or possibly Brock :D
    aka put the fear of god into you if he pulls you over…

  17. Dreama

    I love Patrick Warburton’s voice. This makes the comic so much funnier, but it was funny in the first place XD

  18. Squival

    your nicked!

  19. Zaiki

    Because PETA is a bunch of morons.

  20. Xu-kitty

    We need a cheezy one-liner for if/when he gets punched in the other cheek. >=3

  21. JC

    Meh, I’d be sad if the new guy doesn’t get out of this somehow. He obviously doesn’t agree with what’s going on… on the other paw, why are the humans able to understand the pets?

    • Vi

      For the same reason that the pets can play Wii, hold their own leash in the Zoo, read books, and write comics. ;3 The pets here are fully sentient, and capable of talking with others. They have been since the start.

      I’ve never commented here before, so… I adore this comic. XD Awesome work.

  22. thewhitedragon

    lol, I never imagined you would use your version of the “cool face” XD

  23. kennyfox

    0.0 *cant wait to see what happens next*

    • Zaiki

      See the second coment.

  24. BillyMT

    Meh, why Falcon Punch when you can simply GALACTIC PHANTOOOM! [/KoF]

  25. jb6330


  26. Indagare

    I’m just hoping the guy in back doesn’t do anything nasty to poor Fox… he’s just crasy enough to possibly think that if the pet can’t be free then he’s better off dead…

    • Watcher

      Fox’d just rip his arm off if he came near… Probably gonna *try* to put a muzzle on him or something so he can’t talk.