Truly We Are Doing Good For The World
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  1. Two_Twig

    Oh my, such brilliant display of emotion! Awesome comic by the way.

    • Two_Twig

      No really, I can FEEL his anger. Your art work has improved tremendously since the day I first started reading this comic. I’m more of a painter really, its hard for me to imagine drawing so much because really I feel its easier for me to work with paints than inks. With paints I can always blend in a new color or line if I don’t like the look, but inks scare me with their permanent nature…. I’m always sure to make a mistake once and pens don’t really help… I know its not really a huge deal but I feel I should comment on this. Great work.

  2. Ness

    Wow. Bersek Fox. I Love this Chapter!!!!

  3. omegafox123


    • omegafox123


      • omegafox123

        The other replies glitcched up befor i posted….i didn’t see them

        • Ness

          Could you write some interesting? or useful? or a real comment?

          Fox’s has a point. It’s very difficult that a pet can survive if it had a home.

          Sorry for the mistakes. I’m learning English yet.

          • subakuryu

            Did ya write that with or without the help of a dictionary/translator? Cause if ya did without one, you’re doing fairly well. What’s your first language?

          • Squival

            Yeah why do people always need to say first? Is it some badge of honour or something, it’s as if you want people to acknowledge one of the most unimportant thing in the universe or something, it’s not enough that we can see with our bloody eyes that you posted first what with you being The First Poster and all but you gotta go and tell us all that you were first as if we somehow would have missed that most “important of facts” -_-

            Rant over, love this strip! It’s done so very well, Fox is an awesome char ^^

          • Ness

            Subakuryu. I’m Mexican. Spanish if my first language and use a translator only for write correctly.

            Answer to this comment

    • ProudOne

      That’s why you don’t run up and scream “FIRSHT” like a stoned Kid!

      Epic Fail²

    • Zaiki

      Why would we care?

  4. Repicheep22

    This reminds of the movie Madagascar, only with a more sinister means of relocation.

  5. omegafox123

    well atleast the one that got decked has some kind of heart….just let him go before the other police dogs sow up

    • Goleus

      That’s like saying… Wait nevermind.

  6. StainedSword

    You don’t mess with Fox, HE WILL EAT YOU!! RAWR!! >:U

  7. BlueAnubis

    Holy crap! Fox is going to eviscerate the PETA people!!! (that will be fun to watch.)

    I’m guessing that those bars were not bent before he was thrown in there.

    Fox is not one to be angered, that is unless you don’t like having a face.

    • TomFox

      I think those “bars” are supposed to be those fabric guard ropes.

      BTW I want to see some Fox verses PETA rampage violence too >:3

    • ReyosBlackwood

      Yeah those aren’t bars per se, they’re a cargo mesh, strong enough to keep fox on the other side but not intended to stay completely rigid and straight.

  8. Polar_Bear

    I’m pretty sure my German Shepherd and Pitbull-mix would both die of sadness if removed from their squeaky-toys.

  9. Goleus

    Oh lul. this strip.

    Nothing more, continue.

  10. Watcher

    Don’t ever give up, Fox, trust your instincts!

    Ugh, I can’t resist the N64 classic lines of awsomeness.

    I am going to get a NovaScotia Duck Toller, name it Fox, and tell it to “Do a barrel role” instead of roll over.

    • TomFox

      Oh Hells yeah! That just got added to my lifelong list of things to do :D

  11. Shoji

    Go Fox!
    Tear them limb from limb!!

  12. Fuzzypaws

    Fox is so awesome looking. Animal faces are your strongest suit.

  13. Forvet

    Absolutely lovin’ the snarl. =D

  14. Nall

    I think band-aid man is about to go into open rebellion against pure peta man.

  15. Tahoe

    Panel #2 …. I’m all about that expression. Very excellent work!

  16. Sessile

    This has to be one of the first times anyone on HP has been sincerely angry

    • NuVanDibe

      remember the spoiler a certain someone shouted a few comics back? and then all the cats got sincerely angry

  17. subakuryu

    The opaque shadows. :3 Angry fox = awesome expression.

  18. K-Kun

    Had been waiting for the arc to reach this point. Wanted to see what kind of reaction there would be.

    After all, although PETA can have some heart (A bit TOO much at times) in its cause, no animal species was ever asking them for help directly. Why? Animals can’t talk.
    Here you have the situation where an animal CAN convey their point of view to PETA guys, and apparently some of them are still reluctant to think about if the animals actually care… or despise… their work.

    • dragonnutds

      someone should tell peta how a abandoned stray reacts when left alone to die… plus peta dosent care about pets, they want to kill them all seince they are domesticated. one there was this groupe of wild animals about to die, and peta voted leaving them there to die than take them overseas to get them help from humans. find out more at

    • Chip Uni

      Errrr… Uhmmm…

      Dogs (not cartoon dogs) communicate their desires quite well. And emphatically.

      The dogs at our workplace has trained all of us to pet him when he wants, to walk him when he wants, to play with him when he wants. He’s still trying to train us to feed him human food…

      “I want my squeaky bone!” makes a perfect war cry!

  19. Odos

    Panel two.

  20. Valerio

    oooooo, foxy’s gonna have a bite of a time with PETA fatboy. Luv foxy’s expression, luv the way he expressed his feelings. (glad to see that bandaid PETA *does* have a bit of intelligence there…)

  21. Rakala

    Squeaky bones are delicious and chewable. :3
    Peta members are too. >:3

    • dragonnutds

      na, peta has too much nonseince for me

  22. Mikijji


    • dragonnutds

      a fangirl of what…

    • Niftykoala

      Your a fangirl! Now what?

  23. dragonnutds

    i like band-aid man, sneak in the peta base and destroy it from the inside

  24. dragonnutds

    I just cout something, “if you release me im going to tear…” you know the rest. dosent he want them to let him go, (yes, i realism his context was into the wild but the peta guy might hold it agenst him)

    • Trefoiler

      I believe he was trying to express that, in comparison to all the nasty things he actually WANTS to do to these guys, tearing them apart would be the very least he’d do because he’s so peaceful.

      Hell, he could rip one of [removed due to PG rating], put the van into neutral and [removed due to PG rating]. Then, while the guy tried to crawl away, Fox would then take him by the [removed due to PG rating] and [removed due to PG rating] until there were simply no more teeth to knock out of his head. Then he’d probably find the nearest partition of wet concrete and proceed to [removed due to PG rating] while, perhaps [removed due to PG rating]. Only after this, would he return home to wash off all the blood.

      Personally, I’d take a simple ass-kicking. And Rick wouldn’t draw any of those things, anyway. He has standards.

      • Blunger1

        Wow. In my head, as I was reading your post, I subconsciously used a different voice for “[removed due to PG rating]“.


  25. tigergulp

    Mmmm…nothing like tasty PETA on a stick!

  26. Age

    I imagine PETA would say that his development has been stunted due to his growing up around humans, leaving him emotionally crippled and unable to fend for himself, and, in that light, should be mercifully euthanised.

    People who think they’re in service to some higher principle generally tend to be the most amoral and ruthless people in the world.

    • Sleet

      That’s a pretty big statement to make. And not a particularly accurate one, I’d say. I don’t think PETA, or any other “moral” groups you’re referring to, are the best representatives of people in service to higher principles.

      • Age

        Convince someone they’re the good guy, and, nine times out of ten, they go completely off the rails. Anything they do is automatically justified by their moral agenda. The ends justify the means, and all that.

        To be truly moral, you have to doubt.

        • Sleet

          Unless it’s, yaknow, contrary to their moral agenda, which is usually the most common giveaway of those kinds of people, especially of the religious kind. In the case in the comic, capturing animals against their will is against animal rights, so doing it for that purpose makes the motives questionable.

  27. Vash

    I personally think that “band aid” Peta will do a face turn cause more and more of this is bothering him. Fox’s expression of emotion was rather strong, KILL the peta member in the shadows!

  28. leeu kaji

    fox looks mad XD those guys are gonna get it!!!

  29. Toaster Lord

    Ok, that was more of a philsophy beat-down, but still awesome.

  30. MalixDexide

    The true nature of PETA. XD Poor Fox. Hope Fox is able to tear through those bars.

    • MalixDexide

      My favorite part is whenever Fox threatens that he’ll tear them apart when they get there.

  31. Roxanne

    oh dang. Scary angry face!

  32. JasonF

    Outstanding strip. Hard hitting, poignant and funny at the same time.

    “I want my squeaky bone!”

  33. Trefoiler

    Now he’ll have to find a whole new bone to chew! Fortunately, I think a tasty handful have just been drafted. (hint: they appear in three out of these four frames!)

    I wonder where they’re taking him, anyway? It’s not like he can’t ask directions back home if he needs to. Unless they’re simply handing him off? Oh, no… he left his passport in his wallet!

    • Trefoiler

      Oh, and great work as always on his part. Lighting can really make a scene, and I think he just discovered a great example.

      Learn something every day, eh?

  34. R-One

    Hehe… good one, and not just for the strip itself. You’ve left the plot open ended enough for a variety of outcomes come Monday, as well as some filler in the form of the others looking for Fox. (we’ve gotta see that at least once, rofl… how many houses will get burned in THAT search?)

    Love the last panel too… “Yes, I’m really starting to see the merits of this plan.” lol.

    … and I still say this is a good time for two ‘coons to make a comeback. =P

    • Trefoiler

      Yes! The coons! I love those guys.

      Minor characters unite!

      • Trefoiler

        I wouldn’t mind seeing how they look in this new style, either!

  35. Insignificance


  36. FellWolf

    The fat PETA guy looks very white.
    Fox is going to open a can of whoop but!

  37. Lira

    Ooh Fox is angry, PETA beware you’re not going to like it once he get’s ahold of you >.<

  38. Sprinter

    I wonder how will be the more crazy one ? PETA or Fox after opening the closed doors XD fight for your right to reading ! ( chapter before) I think Fox will find a way back, like he said in the previous chapter ^^.

    sry for my bad english keep on learning :P

  39. Dissension

    I -knew- Fox was awesome! x3

  40. Manachu Boy

    This plot is getting more awesome with every passing strip. I’ve no love for ‘animal rights’ folk who care more for their self-righteousness than they actually do animals and you’re doing a damn good job showing how stupid people like that can be. =)

  41. RayvenWolf

    Hopefully the flunky will grow the spin PETA removed and do the right thing before he and tubbymora get the smack laid down on them by one very PO’d dog. Honestly I wish our pets IRL could be so articulate if for no other reason to tell PETA to take their fake meat, their lettuce bikinis and other stupid campaigns and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Which is why all summer when I am grilling I will be wearing my Anti PETA shirts

    • Manachu Boy

      Totally agree with you up until the fake meat part, that at least has a purpose by trying to give a substitute even if most of the time it isn’t quite the same (having said that there are one or two fake meats I think are much nicer than the real thing!). Still, PETA does themselves more harm than good and I’m thinking we agree that this comic’s doing a good job showing why hardly anyone take them seriously.

  42. kennyfox

    3 words, Fox. kick some ass

  43. johnwolf

    lol hey he might go home sence the guy with the lump might even let him lose and (if he has any remaining sence) quit the peta.

  44. Demonwerewolf110

    Wow, great emotion in this one.

    Also, should it be “present company excluded” not excepted? I can see how excepted would work, but it just doesn’t sound right.

    • Rick Griffin

      It can be either or; ‘excepted’ is fine for the phrase

      • Goleus

        I think excluded would of gone much more fluently then excepted, but hell, expand your vocab and what not.

  45. Li

    Woa that dog is something fierce

  46. Jimmy the purple

    The guy that got punched seems pretty decent actually, just pessimistic…Quick punch Someone when they do something Wrong.
    Lets start with Peta then work our way to the politicians.
    Or you could just slap’em upside the head

  47. CalaverX11

    I think Fox is all outta bubble gum. And squeaky bones.

  48. THATguy

    Is he gonna DO A BARREL ROLL!?

  49. james319

    i like panel 2 :)

    those idiots,poor fox

  50. falconthefox

    The detail and expression on this strip just keeps getting better and better! I hope Fox gives them a real good beating before going back home….Go Fox!

  51. Lee Morrison

    The only problem with this comic is that one of the PETA guys seems to be getting a clue.

  52. Akwolf

    ><; he’s so cute when he’s all angry

    • wolfoxx

      oh god aint that the truth!! ^w^

      • black cat

        i think hes looking cute to but im loveing the teeth bareing and thretaning

  53. Moonwing

    Now, wouldnt u just love if tht net stuff broke and then Fox decided to go spaze crazy on them?

  54. Profesor Rod

    “I want my squeaky bone!”

    • Chiry

      me tooooooooo v.v

  55. wierdsnake

    Can we has old drawing style back?

    • Goleus

      I liked it when it was black and white, but bleh, it’s his webcomic.

    • Aerion

      Meh, personally I like this style-
      The humans are ugly, but that’s to be expected when the artist mainly does animals.
      I especially like the fact that there are colors now.

  56. Hitsy

    He looks scary in the second panel….I love it! xD

  57. black cat

    all we need now is all the dogs and grape to go hero and chases the van

  58. Valerio

    I’m SO happy with this new style. Makes doggy emotions all more powerful! Go Fox!

  59. LycanFur

    loves the fox expression. Somebody give him a squeaking bone, I want to see him plays with it after he released from PETA-rd! ;~;

  60. Lucien

    Such rise, such valor, such emotion… PETA is screwed, just hoping someone saw them and is following them >.<
    hope you R.Y.N.O. them Fox ^.^
    (Rip Ya a New One)

  61. Sessile

    If the popularity of a comic is defined by the numer of comments it gets, then this one is a clear winner!

  62. jedizero

    I’m waiting for someone pro PETA to find this and proceed to storm the website, as a martyr for the cause of course.

  63. BillyMT

    “I don’t wanna be a feral”… So, he’s anthro, really?

    …HAR, furry humor! XD