Something Is Missing
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  1. Tahoe


    This is going to be epic…

  2. Newby

    he looks extremely sad in the second panel

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      ya, even though he’s really yawning, he does look rather sad. I could be the eyebrows, they may be bent in an incorrect position.

      I’m not sure how they should look, but I’m guessing the brows might be to far out and slanted at a too great of a degree. Some yawners scrunch the skin in between the brows.

      …although he could just be some of those people who look sad when they yawn…I don’t know…



      -_- …I talk a lot…

      • Newby

        it looks as if it’s the eyebrows and the eyes combined that produce the sadness look..
        lol! i talk alot too but i never can seem to type as much!

  3. Repicheep22

    Um, again?

    • Madd the Sane

      Heh, glad I wasn’t the only who noticed this :P Apparently his bookishness makes people think he’s an easy target. But being a police dog means he has many ways of subduing people.

      • Jimmy Jazz

        what the?…. you couldin’t be the “madd the sane” from the wolfire forums, can you? O_o

        • Serp

          overgrowth will conquer all!

  4. Tahoe

    also …. poor fox …. v.v

  5. Sessile

    I love his changing expressions

  6. Faved

    I get the feeling the PETA guys are to stupid to keep fox caged…

  7. Midnightwolf

    This is cute. Also, agreed with Repicheep…again?

  8. Goleus

    Oh lul. funny stuff.

  9. The Brigeeda Rocks

    I now fully expect (and will enjoy) Fox kicking some PETA patoot!

  10. Ness

    Now some of Fox’s special talent. Please something like John Rambo.

  11. Fuzzypaws

    Incoming pain in 3, 2….

  12. Mark

    I guess he’s lucky that these PETA goons don’t euthanize them as soon as they load them on the truck.

    • Ms. Mowz

      Actually, he is EXTREMELY lucky because sometimes they DO do that.

  13. TomFox

    Wait his collar was stolen… they stole his freakin wallet too!

    • R-One

      How do you think PETA raises their funds? It sure isn’t thru bake-sales! =P

  14. CalaverX11

    I’m guessing something A-Team is going down.

    • no space

      Cue badly photoshopped picture of Fido-Hannibal, Spike-Baracus, Peanut-Murdock, and Grape-Faceman.

  15. Valerio

    PETA’s gonna have some problems.
    And Fox without collar…ogodhelookssoSASSY!

  16. THATguy

    He’s gonna make PETA go KAY-OH! heh.

  17. Yokel

    Yes, Calaver. Something A team is gonna go down. Swish.

  18. james319

    poor guy

  19. Kyr

    Let the re-education begin! (brainwash)
    Reminds me of Snake’s torture scene..

    • Lucas H.C.

      Now that was epic!

  20. Wolfspawn

    Poor guy :( I hope this has a happy ending!

  21. The WebcomiCritic

    This has happened before?!?

  22. Trefoiler

    Oh, Fox, you’d think you’d have learned last time. Tolstoy is only as boring as you make it.

    And it is so interesting how losing a collar (and an amazing ascot) can make a pet look so very… naked! On top of that, he lost his wallet too, unless being the smartest dog in the neighborhood means he keeps his allowance in a secret place back home!

    This may be the cutest recurrence of Fox yet. The jacket from a few arcs ago was cute too, but not so much as it was really picturesque on him.

    • Profesor Rod

      He looks so naked and helpless…


      • Trefoiler

        No! Rape leads to suffering, suffering leads to shcadenfreude, schadenfreude leads to joy, joy leads to hate, and hate is the path to the Dark Side. Or incarceration, depending on what state this is.

        Besides, PETA couldn’t be -that- twisted, could they? I mean, right? …Right?

        • R-One

          PETA most certainly could… but this comic isn’t. = P

        • FurriesHurrHurrHurr

          Ugh, poor misuse of another German phrase. If you got the word from Ave Q, then you don’t know the meaning of it.

          • Needlessly Agressive in Etymological Lessons

            Technically, in English usage, schadenfreude does mean “taking joy or pleasure in the pain or misfortune of others.” It’s a common enough usage that it has been incorporated into Webster’s dictionary (along with “ain’t,” sadly.)
            Also, unless you’re German and going to list the exact literal German translation of the term Schadenfreude, nobody cares as the joke comes across to American audiences (or the American original Star Wars movie audiences) just fine. So, can it.

  23. Toaster Lord

    Oh… Much ass-kicking will ensue next comic. XD

  24. Squirrely

    I fully agree with toaster lord. Much butte kicking willensue.

  25. tigergulp

    Why do ppl always underestimate the reader? Kick ass, man…er dog!

    • Gamegeneral

      He’s the man now, dog!

    • Squirrely

      I know the feeling I’m a very advent reader.

  26. cocla

    Where was it ever said that fox was a police dog and not just a pet?

    I went back through the comic and the cast page and couldnt find any mention. As far as I could find Fido is the only pet mentioned to be in the K-9 unit.

    • D_Leo

      Even if he isn’t, Fox wears dogtags, and seeing as the collar doodads represent their bearers…

      • Ms. Mowz

        Well then that would imply his owner has something to do with the military, not police.

    • Trefoiler

      I -have- been wondering where all this ‘Fox=Police dog’ stuff has been coming from.

      Then again, Fox hasn’t had a lot of exploration compared to, say, Fido. He -could- be a police dog, but not because he has dog tags. Personally, I just thought he and/or his owner had a good sense of humor.

      Get it? A dog wearing dog tags? It fits ridiculously well.

  27. BlueAnubis

    Hmm, how many times has this happened to him before? And who did it those times? That’s what I want to know.

  28. FellWolf

    Yes the lack of the bandana does give Fox a very naked look. Shows how wel look at things. Even the smallest shred of clothing on the dogs and cats gives them a fully clothed feel.
    And Yes…
    There shall be much ass kicking going on soon!
    Go Fox!

  29. leeu kaji

    again?? how many times has fox been abducted? i love his face in the last pannel

  30. Ace

    …so thus has happened before?I assume he’s prepared for this little problem.PETA go boom.

  31. Akwolf

    << oh noes! He’s all trapped in the mysterious white van!

  32. R-One

    Rofl… take off the collar, and he’s “naked,” eh? Old joke – seen it made in numerous other comics and stories, both carbon and web-based, but the strange part is, it never gets old. =D

  33. lazyredhead

    he looks so naked!

  34. Duibhne

    Check the Feb. 25 update. Fox at the Police station.

    • Dissension

      That’s actually Fido’s dad’s house.

      • Ms. Mowz

        Owning with logic!
        OH YEAH!! xD
        lml >w< lml

        • Trefoiler

          Owning with observation. Fido actually refers to his shift at said station in the future tense, meaning he has yet to go there. Otherwise, he would have simply made reference to his shift.

          And that’s only the observations you can gather from the single strip. The arc up to that point, as well as at least one prior arc makes it clear that Fido smuggled Spo into his house, where he has a room in the basement. And why would his dad and his friends be playing D&D in a police station?

          It’s all very simple. Just looks complicated when put to text. Not that it needed to be.

          Aw, crap, I did it again…

          • Duibhne

            Ok, it’s been a few months sense I read up to that point. I admit to getting a little mixed up, but I take the last pannel as them going to work together.

  35. Sleet

    He looks so cute. I really like this look over the looks-like-a-cat look from early on.

  36. Mowo64


    Aw, poor foxxy… he looks so pitiful!! I sense epicness coming!!

  37. Squival

    Hehe awesome comic mate, first time reader so just like to say that this comic is well funny and everything about it so far is just brilliant! good jokes, funny characters, really good art and the story is so well written ^^

    Also Fox is great but I hope he ain’t in to much trouble :P

  38. RockstarRaccoon

    Oh oh… They’re not gonna kill him are they? O!O;;
    This is getting scary….

  39. Spacecadet

    OOPS! Kidnapped and the collar removed.

    Will Fox escape? Will Fox be sold into some form of slavery? Will Fox find out what’s it’s like to pull a sled in Alaska after being kidnapped?

    Tune in next time… Same Fido network… Same Fox Channel!

    • Dissension

      Those puns are almost painful… yet still charming. xD

  40. Lira

    Again? this has happened to fox before? um… i have a feeling he’s learned from his paste experences ^.^

  41. Watcher

    Well, he has dogtags. I think he knows a thing or two to have earned those tags.

    Or maybe he just will have his owner come through for him somehow…

    Or maybe he knows the PETA guy will be incompetant and just walk out on him.

    Either way we’re in for a good show.

  42. R-One

    Hmm… putting two and two together here, so think I have an idea now of what will happen, given how PETA tends to operate (they’re nuts, but they’re predictable nuts.)…

    A: Abduct victim (Fox)
    B: Remove Collar and all “trappings” of mankind. (collar, dog tags, ect)
    C: Drive out into the wilderness and “release” a few hundred miles from home, give or take.

    … This is pretty much how PETA operates in real-life too – steal the pet, release the pet into the wild. “Yay, the poor oppressed animal’s now free!” is all they see – never mind it’s survival chances are nill at best. That thought would go against their beliefs, so it’s not even considered.

    Now, in Housepets!, this could go off on another tangent altogether. Doubt anyone’s considered it till now, but haven’t there been allusions to “Ferals” in the past? Should Fox actually get dumped by these PETA nuts, there’s a whole ‘nother story arc waiting right there as well (with room for snap-shots of Fox’s dad Falcon-Punching the PETA guys of course). Should this story take this potential tangent, Fox is going to have to figure out how to survive long enough to get home somehow, after all – heck, this would even be a good time for two particular coons to make a comeback, or even for a member of the species he’s named after to appear in the wild.

    I’m sure either story arc would be interesting, but there’s a whole lot of possibilities available besides Fox getting in a few good hits. He probably will either way, but it all comes down to, at least in my opinion, which makes a better story. Rick’s probably already got a story arc planned out of course, but it’s sometimes interesting to see where other people think your story may go as well. = )

    (See for reference. And sorry for the monster comment, D’oh! >.<)

    • BillyMT

      At least in this comic they can speak with others to ask which way to their city.

      … -_- Wish my cat could do that. Whoever stole him…

      • R-One

        Sorry to hear that. = (

        • BillyMT

          Oh, I knew I left this comment somewhere. XD Cheers, he returned yesterday!

          Go wonder whatever happened to him though, since he was with some cuts on his paws, fur completely dusty, and most of his belly fat vanished. Poor fella, must’ve gone through a trial to come back here in that state.

          But that’s alright, he’s resting at my bed again. And keeping me form sleeping, dangit… XD

  43. Adept Omega

    Just commenting to say that your drawing style’s really cute. Poor Fox. :)

  44. Butterflied412

    Ok, I think I get what’s going on. This character is named Fox. The other voice bubble is from that mouse friend of Fido’s, who we see in the previous panel barley holding on to Fido as he catches a frizzbe. Conclusion: The mouse fell off onto Fox when the Peta jerks captured Fox. Right?