Excellent Judge Of Character
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Third panel, obviously.

  2. omegafox123

    I AM FIRST!!!!!

    aww poor fox…..wait they’re about to attack a police dog…bad idea.

    not to mention fido and the others will…….OH now i understand the title of this comic…i feel stupid now -_-

    • omegafox123

      darn i a few seconds too late….T-T

      • ProudOne

        That’s why yon’t run up and scream “FIRSHT” like a stoned Kid!

        • Trefoiler

          Kid fixin’ for a stoning…

          Just my opinion.

          • Zaiki

            Why would somebody care if they posted first or not? Maybe the artist should put “Ready, set, GO!” at the beginning of his comics.

  3. The Brigeeda Rocks

    Oh man, way to prove you guys have a backbone, PETA operatives.

    • dragonnutds

      i know, they try to brainwash children for there grope, for those who are wondering what the heck im talking about, please see the comments left by me on previous comics

      • twocents

        Hehe, grope. I wonder if that’s a direction PETA may take in the future?

        • dragonnutds

          sorry, that was a typo. i mean group

          • cjkrythos

            Well… I certainly hope that groping isnt the new direction they are taking :P

  4. Two_Twig

    Why do most people generally consider Smart people to be weak? I’m seriously getting a sense of “smartism” here… perhaps I’ll fine tune this term some more.

    • Newby

      what about ” smartist ” or ” braincist ,” not very catchy though…

      • Two_Twig

        Maybe I’ll just stick with “Strong dislike and intolerance for the cognitively precocious”.. that rolls off the tongue rather well doesn’t it?

        • Trefoiler

          It’s better than being a member of the
          Denomination for the
          Intellectually and

          Those guys are just morons. Read a book!

          • Profesor Rod

            DOHOHOHO :3c

      • StainedSword

        If we want to make a name for it, we have to make it completely overlong and complicated so there is a lot of irony.

        I am really hoping that a group of the pets bands together to save Fox from the evil PETA. That would be so cool!! :D

        • dragonnutds

          just as long as peta dosent get him into the van, then it may be too late

          • Kasha

            Holy crap it’s a PETA run from the car?

    • BillyMT

      Food for the thought, Maquiavel was also considered a nerd.

      So was Hitler.

      And Light Yagami too… XD Ok ok enough jap jokes.

  5. Serp

    yay :D spo in panel 3 :D :D

    • dragonnutds

      maybe he will bite the peta nimrods

      • Trefoiler

        Or give them some torturous disease.

        Say they’re creepy, say they’re pests, say they’re nothing but an infection in the modern household. You can say whatever you like, but rodents can spread disease like NOBODY’S business! The entire colonial era is proof of this. Things got mad cred, yo!

  6. Goleus

    My asian friend reads books all the time, and she knows taekwondo. Good way to judge character. By knowledge. me personally, I prefer the necronomicon.

    • Nall

      Nothing like summoning the elder gods to aid you in a scuffle, eh?

    • Nall

      Would the version for cats be the necro-nom-non-nom-nicon?

  7. Yokel

    What’s wrong with Tolstoy?
    You go, Fox! Expand those horizons! Unf!

    • D_Leo

      Looks kinda thin for Tolstoy, don’t it?

  8. Repicheep22

    Boy, are they in for a surprise!

    • Chiry

      hehe, this will turn out funny

  9. R-One

    Hey…. I see traces of my prediction here (that it’d be anyone EXCEPT Fido and Rex…. not to mention the “prey on the weak” joke, rofl)… either spooky coincidence, or I gave you a joke too good to pass up. Either way, funny as heck. Good one. = )

    I think the nut-job from PETA has just proven what we suspected by now – there isn’t an ounce of sanity in his brain, much less a brain in his skull! Prolly just a big ‘ole “This space for rent” sign…

    Next strip’s looking to be interesting now… looking forward to it. >=)

  10. Valerio

    Hey! That dog’s reading a book! Obviously he’s a poor brainwashed slave with no cognition of the world around! Ignorance is bliss, you stupid dogs, can’t you SEE??

    • dragonnutds

      if only it was like that in real life. then peta would have to eat those words

  11. RG

    The Animals will come and PETA shall fall to what it had vowed to protect once they cross that line.

  12. TomFox

    “I can’t let you do that Fox”

    • dragonnutds

      is that line from starfox, ps peta sucks

      • Watcher

        I reply by saying,

        “Starwolf! Lets take care of these guys first!”

    • Watcher


      • Repicheep22

        Do a barrel roll!

        • FelldaWolf

          Press A to fire.

    • BillyMT

      Just what I needed to see. Star Wolf.

  13. Watcher

    Taking Fox, bad idea; soon as they see he’s got dog-tags they’ll… Wait, He’s wearing a bandana, oh-no!

  14. james319

    oh no!! :O

  15. kennyfox

    heh i forsee some form of pg carnage

    • Trefoiler

      While I agree, I can’t help but to… to try to…

      Is that an oxymoron or no?

      • D_Leo

        No, carnage can be pg, as long as the camera pans off the action

  16. The WebcomiCritic

    You know, if this were Tiger, I would totally understand their logic, but Fox? That just doesn’t add up. But then, they don’t know him.

    Hold on, it still doesn’t add up! Just becuase people read doesn’t mean they don’t… have.. power..full…. Nevermind.

  17. BlueAnubis

    personally, thinking of who Fox’s dad is, I’m hoping to see him punch them both out. you all know what I mean.

    either that, or Fox is going to hurt them in some way, and then when they try to escape, Rex and Fido will continue with their torment and then Fido will arrest them.

    Hey look! Spo is FLYING!

    • Trefoiler

      Speedy Gonzales, eat your heart out!

    • R-One

      Lol, we may yet see PETA get Falcon Punched after all, eh? Can’t decide if it’d be funnier to see that, or see what Grape will do to end this story arc prematurely… :D

  18. D_Leo

    …Is someone as awesome as Fido even allowed to be that adorable?!

    • Density D.

      It’s the glasses. Third panel is just “OMG lookhowawesomethatis!!!!1″
      Do you think Fido plays with all the small animals he ‘rescues’ like this?

  19. Legopocolypse

    NOOO!!! Fox! Look out!

  20. Akwolf

    gah nuu!! why are the innocent always raped in the white vans??

    • BillyMT

      Whoever mentioned the “r” word in there? o_o


      • D_Leo

        technically, “rape” means any forceful, damaging action performed upon a person against their will. Case in point the play called “The Rape of the Lock”

        • BillyMT

          So bar brawling also counts as that?

          …Suddenly I feel myself diminished as a human being. >w>;

  21. Moonwing

    pssh. o yeah, the one reading the book is weak. well i hope tht when they try to kidnap(dognap?) him, tht he packs a stinking painful bite tht would make even a rock try to run away screaming. and yes, i am very aware tht rocks arent living creatures, showing just how painful his bite might be ^.^ lol

    • Trefoiler

      Like “My bite is so painful that your GRANDCHILDREN will have teeth marks!”?

      That’s painful.

      …Wait, can rocks have grandchildren? I used to have one of my own, but I think they’d already fixed it at the shelter. Her pebbles would have been soo cute…

      • D_Leo

        Ouch, head…hurt…

        • Trefoiler

          Pet rocks. It was the 70’s; those were much simpler times.

  22. Insignificance

    I love the bandana.

  23. Indagare

    Is it me or is the guy talking a bit like one of the bad guy’s in Peanut’s comic?

  24. Lira

    …and watch the brainy looking one will be the worst one to grab, in a sense of irony…