Like A Lightning Bolt Realization Strikes

. . . the first comic with NO ANIMALS?!

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  1. DZ

    Hmm, looks like our punchee isn’t quite aware of just who he’s gotten himself involved with. I wonder what role he’ll play in this arc.

    • Fox

      never rellay got ratings read dominic deegan lots of fighting and funnys stuff to

  2. Newby

    Oh no! not animalnappers!

    • Miles Rose

      Animalnapper, methinks. I don’t think Mr. Cheekpain is going to help.

  3. Odos

    Hmmm…. seems like one may have second thoughts about this… But since he’s now with PETA, there’s no getting away from it.

    And *GASP* No animals?

    • ParryLost

      There’s actually a squirrel hiding in one of those bushes in the background. It’s just a very good hider.

  4. Goleus

    No animangs?

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Hopefully lots of biting and clawing ensues!

  6. Repicheep22

    I would have thought the “no background check” would have clued him in.
    And no animals? Gasp!

  7. Tahoe

    I used to volunteer for the ASPCA. They’re a great group. ^__^

  8. Shoji

    Uh-oh.. what are those troublemakers gonna do at the Dog Park? >_>

    • dragonnutds

      i fear for the worst nowing peta

  9. Yokel

    They have no eyes… No eyes…
    How suitably dramatic.

  10. Sessile

    where are all of the animals?

  11. R-One

    Drama Incoming! Brace brace brace! Take Evasive Action!

    Now that that’s out of the way…
    Looking like on Monday, we’re going to see one of the dogs get dog-napped. Only ones I’ve ruled out for sure are Fido and Rex, cause Fido’s a police dog, and Rex is… well, Rex. I mean, PETA’s stupid, yes, but brainless? They at least have that ONE collective brain cell that reminds them to pick on the weak at least. >.<

    I’m guessing the “Lighthearted” jokes may take a back-seat for a week or two if this arc carries through with it’s current course, tho – lot of subjects that could pop up that won’t break the PG 13, but do put pressure on the mood of the comic, so may be a tightrope act to balance the two. Good Luck.

  12. falconfox01

    Hummm! maybe we’ll get to see Fido in real police dog action? SIC EM BOY!

  13. The Brigeeda Rocks

    Wow…why do I see Daisy being the first dog to be napped?

    “Hi, I’m Daisy!”


    • TimidTabby

      Yah, I actually see that too, as well as the comedic twist that could ensue…like Daisy annoying the heck out of the PETA people somehow *chatterbox maybe* ( “Make her stop! She won’t-stop-talking!!!” )…at least that’s what I can see anyways ^_^;

      • dragonnutds

        one problem, peta has been know to put animals to “sleep” right in the van, very scary

  14. james319

    whats happend to spo? i miss that lil guy T_T

  15. Kajex

    Fido and Spo will save the day. I’m sure of it. >_< They just gotta!

  16. The WebcomiCritic

    … Okay, this is starting to freak me out, man!

    I can only asume these two are going to be humorously incompetent. Or I hope. The only alternative is…

    A PLOT!


    • D_Leo

      A PLOT? In my Housepets? It’s more likely than you think…

  17. Density D.

    Bring on the plot!!! I was once knocked out from chloroform.
    No dizzyness,no dreaming, no buzz or high, no gradual drift into unconsciousness, just straight dropped to the ground. And it came from just handling the un-opened containers!
    On a side note, suberb use of dramatic shadows.

  18. Density D.

    Also, Mr. van driver seems to be a bit on the hefty side *gut*gut*gut*gut*.
    Like he’ll even be able to chase down an animal in a park LOL.

  19. Angelika

    That is some lovely care to the foreshortening on the van, there. My compliments!

  20. Trefoiler

    Mmm, satire. Of the political variety, even! Always informative for somebody.

    If what’s happening is what I think may be happening, I want to see how much success these schemes see when the animals have thumbs, language, and common sense!

    “What in Dog’s name are you doing??”

    “I was, uh, petting him.”

    “He’s out cold! What’s on that cloth?”

    “Dont’ know. Have a sniff; I bet you could find out.”

    “Oh, sure!”*shoves into the human-snout*”Like this?”



    Or maybe they’ll be knocking out the owners? Either way, should be entertaining.

    • Trefoiler

      Also! Not one full human face has been seen thus far in all of Housepets!.

      Well done! I can’t wait to see what inventive ways you find to hide them. :D

  21. Toaster Lord

    Awesome! A Big Bad!

  22. Saikyo Mog

    Hmm…Not liking where this is going… >_>

  23. Rust

    I’m enjoying the comic, and while I’m finding the tension building in this PETA arc a bit jarring in comparison tot he rest of the comic, it’s good story-telling. I have one very, very slight nitpick, though. I’m interested in seeing your alt comments to get more perspective on each comic, but they’re often too long to fit into the tooltip that pops up, and the only way to view them is to view the page source and search for your alt comment in that. I wonder if your commentary might be important enough to warrant a blurb under each comic, or perhaps the first post in this discussion area?

    • Rick Griffin

      Upgrade to Firefox 3!

      Unless you’re on some other browser, then um . . . what browser are you on?

      • Rust

        That would be Firefox 2, and yes I’m being a Bolshevik about upgrading now that I have everything running just the way I like. Was just a suggestion.

    • Trefoiler

      When I read Housepets! on this other computer- a Macintosh- I control-click and go to properties, wherein it will appear under… title, I think? The same thing may be accomplished via the Windows right-click, though, like Rick, I haven’t the slightest idea as to what sort of technology you’re using. This may work. May not.

      • Rust

        There’s other ways to view the alt text, yes, but alt was never really intended for more than a few words so the field doesn’t always scroll.

        • Trefoiler

          True, and if the text is of a greater length (on the Macintosh, using Firefox) I often have to scale the properties window to see it. Less often, but still regularly, I will scale it to the edge of the screen, then drag the window partway off the other side, scale more, and repeat as needed.

          Seems like one of those infomercials, eh? There -must- be a better way! :P

  24. ParryLost

    Ah, well that clears some things up then as to where PETA stands in Housepets-world. :P

    • ParryLost

      Hm… I wonder if cows and pigs and other food animals can also talk in this setting… >_>


      Aaand I’ll just try not to think about that.

      • Ken_Cypher

        Congratulations! You have just stumbled over the Tropes “Unfortunate Implacations” and “Nightmare Fuel Unleaded”. Hope you don’t wind up with insomnia over it. -_^

        • ParryLost

          Yayy! I’ll add those to the list right next to “Animal Wrongs Group” and “Anvilicious!” ^o^ Gotta catch them all! :D

  25. Alahmnat

    I *knew* that white van was a bad sign. Seriously, has there ever been a white conversion van with no windows in the back that *hasn’t* been used for nefarious purposes? It’s like the modern equivalent of a remote castle with ever-present black storm clouds and lightning strikes. Nothing good will come from going inside.

    • CalaverX11

      I used one to move a bed once. :\ I’m not a very good villain, am I?

    • Miles Rose

      Ahhh, the white van with no back windows whatsoever. An ally to Kidnappers (and petnappers) everywhere

    • jb6330

      what about black vans?
      i thought those would be more used because they’re harder to see at night.

  26. BlueAnubis

    Oh no! Nefarious fiends in the Dog Park! They need Spot (Superdog) to save them! (or more merciless beatings from the Parents)

    • ParryLost

      Oh no! But what if they brought a regular gun! OoO

      • Trefoiler

        They may have a chance if they have something better than not-special bullets!

        What will Spot do? If only there were some sort of protective barrier one could use for the explicit purpose of deterring kidnappers and the definitive actions thereof!

  27. Jimmy the purple

    Called it, it’s a storyline.
    Hopefully a punch to the Face will be a reoccurring gag for the PETA guy’s.
    “Man is a filthy creature and should not tamper with nature, ever”…..I guess that would only apply when it’s convenient for them.
    I can see the animals attacking them,Please let them attack them.Especially with bad home alone traps that would only fail.

  28. jinxtigr

    Nds moar animals.
    Even Bloom County had Opus as a foil for the ‘why, I’m lying here in stocks’ Mary Kay arc :)

  29. RockstarRaccoon

    “Chloroform”? I’m afraid of where this is going… :o

  30. Akwolf

    lol this was almost complicated to understand some of the jokes x33;

  31. Kaloyan

    Nice to see that this comic is starting to get a bit more serious.

  32. Ms. Mowz

    Hm… Maybe they are going to abduct poor, sweet, innocent Peanut?
    That would be a plot twist!
    1. awesome story arc of awesomeness
    2. reel in more readers
    1. artist would most likely be murdered point blank on the street

    Hm… Tough choice.

    • Trefoiler

      It may not be Peanut today; he was still in Babylon Gardens when the van left! Unless the park is nearby (or -in-?) Babylon Gardens?

      In any case, I want to see someone like, say, Zach, get kidnapped, just because he’s so innocent, and clueless. But that’s not all! Tiger, meanwhile, would be busy sulking in his loneliness when he witnesses this occurance, and -BAM- a mentally disordered (?) saves the day! He’ll gain some sort of trust with Zach, some sort of respect from the other dogs, an arch nemesis or two, and he’ll never have to stop being nutty!

      All the pros of your arc with all the cons drastically reduced in probability! And I think this comic is overdue for an action hero that doesn’t exist on lined paper. Tiger doesn’t have to take the ‘JTHM’ route (dear doG, no), but he has potential!

  33. Wolfspawn

    Awww… guys like that should be locked away in a dark prison somewhere…. :(

  34. Nyrufa

    Something tells me the yellow tie guy is going to come to his senses by the time this is over while the other guy will proceed to receive many, many elbows to faces!

  35. argonsassistant

    Wonderful as always!!!Hey check your e-mail Rick I have a request for you!

  36. omegafox123

    who will the victim be…..i think it will be bino or joey….maybe grape

    why grape, because she’d be the only cat at the dog park so peta would want to “liberate” her from her “un -natural” ways, why is she at a dog park? because she like dog biscuts

    • dragonnutds

      or it would be interesting to see how she “deals” with peta

  37. LeeMorrison

    No Joke…I used to have a cat that I would take to the park and walk on a leash…got yelled at by a lady wearing a PETA t-shirt for “enslaving a fellow being”. And it wasnt even a full moon!

    • dragonnutds

      its peta, there crazy

  38. Kaloyan

    I kinda hope they take Sasha. Her dad isn’t a good guy, as evidenced by the Christmas strip. But then again who is to say these douche-bags are any better?

    If they take Grape she is likely to bite and kick and scream to get away, if they take Peanut Grape is likely to mount a very explosive and destructive rescue. If they try to take Bino of one of his bros. then I have a feeling that the easter neighborhood fires will pale in comparison to the destruction they’ll cause to get their brother back.

    • Trefoiler

      First: The only facts that can be derived from the Housepets! Christmas edition in respect to Sasha’s dad is that he seems to belittle women, enjoys his drink, and that he has a pet who knows him well enough to let him simmer when he’s upset. That aside, I suppose there are mountains of evidence that support PETA’s douche-baggery, which would eclipse that of the dad in question by multiples of at least three figures.

      Second: A rescue team made up of Grape, Fido, Spo, and Joey would kick SO MUCH A*S! And rescuing Bino would make for interesting dialogue, in between the expected bickering between the sarcastic little mouse, the tomcat(-boy,-cat,-girl,-cat…girl), and the diplomatic K-9 unit, of course. The timid outsider would probably burst in with something like “Can’t you see your fighting is TEARING US APART!?”

      Oh… so awesome. And Tomcat™ is © Atari Inc. 1983-2009. All Rights Reserved.

  39. dragonnutds

    good job with mentioning a good rites group, i never herd of them trying to turn children on there parents, for those of you wondering what im talking about , visit for details. ps, expect a lot of comets from me on this arc, i hate peta with a passion