So Very Very Naive

Yes, you can spell naive without the umlaut.

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Man, I wonder what the message of this arc might be. ;) *giggles*

  2. Repicheep22

    I think it’s been said, “If this is torture, then chain me to the wall.” I think that’d be the pets’ response.
    And nice job on the shadowy villian look.

    • Goleus

      Shading for Drama?

      • Chochi

        OH,NO!!!NAIVE DRAMA!!!
        TAKE COVEEEER!!!!!

    • Silver Gummi Shark

      Oliver and Company, for the insurmountable win. xD

  3. Doug

    Well, since it’s a French word, it’s a trema, not an umlaut, but that’s just being overly picky.
    And yes, yes you can.
    Glad to see I’m not the only one who wants those PETA people to get a good punch in the face. They can be so ridiculous. I think the final straw for me was “sea kittens”

    • Chip Uni

      Mmmmm… every time I hear the word “sea kittens”, I get hungry for “sea kittens and chips”!

      • Rakala

        I’ve always considered sea kittens to mean that we should throw kittens back into the water where they belong. >:3

    • KashaPaw

      Really? My final straw was the whole “euthanasia of helpless puppies before throwing them in a ditch” thing. :l

    • Trefoiler

      For a while, I always connected it with the ’sea food’ diet. You know- the diet where when you ’sea’ food, you eat it. Ergo, if you ’sea’ a kitten, you punt it.

      Still, freaking -sea kittens-. I don’t like web-borne acronyms very much at all, and even I find myself telling the PETA to GTFO. Whatever you have or haven’t done, PETA, just go. You fail.

  4. Polar_Bear

    Ooh, it’s apparently going to be a series. This should be interesting.

  5. Newby

    love the tid bid of comic relief at the end.

  6. DZ

    Ooh, how foreboding.

  7. Faved

    Awww all the pets are so cute =D

  8. Shoji

    Aww.. Peanut hugging his “mom” is so cute, lol :P

  9. Goleus

    OH so it is PETA. That clears up some things. This is funny arch.

  10. Jimmy the purple

    Is this a plot I sense?

  11. Silverpaws

    woooooow I’ev joust watch your comics for the first time hahahaha I cant belive I havent heard of them before hehehe, nice art

  12. The Brigeeda Rocks

    What really pisses me off is that this is their actual stand on the pet issue.

    7 animals they saved last year.

    7, for Jiminy’s Sake!

    Out of approxiamtely 2000 “rescued”!


  13. falconfox01

    panel 3 = AAWWWWWW!

    the people at PETA need a brain enema.

    • BlueAnubis

      You say “brain enema,” I think “disterbing mental image”
      not to say you are wrong about hem needing it, but I intantly imagine what it would look like.

      • nerorose

        Blue, stop making valid points. I hate agreeing with people. Also, ew. Brain enema….

  14. Nall

    Monologging to himself?
    This is madness!


  15. D.M.Wolf

    i repeat… peta are nothing but terrorists –_–

    • Sir.Edward

      and the sick part is that they call us monsters

      • Lucas H.C.

        And the even sickest thing is that they kill animals more than any other company for animal rights… never heard of the 80 pets found in a dumpster?

        These guys are beyond nuts!

        • Crayshen

          This is all in addition to giving 2nd graders pamphlets like ‘Your Mommy Kills Animals!” featuring a woman gleefully skinning a rabbit, comparing the freaking HOLOCAUST to KFC’s methods of raising chickens (And just guess which one they think is worse) And sitting around stark naked in cages to prove a ‘point’ about zoos. They make me sick.

          • Akai

            Humans sitting around naked in a cage? Hilarious!

            I simply love that 3rd panel. Peanut hugging his mom is just so cute! If that’s hopeless despair, I’d hate to see what they think happiness is. Also, honestly, what is wrong with PETA? 85% of animals they get that aren’t reclaimed by their owners are euthanized, not adopted. What gives?

          • Ms. Mowz

            Heck yeah, they should make EVEN THEMSELVES sick.
            Jeez, they’re a big fat bunch of HYPOCRITES!
            They probably don’t even CARE about the animals they “free” they just want their 15 minutes of fame!

  16. gagi

    hi.. im am from a far away country so i have no idea what is PETA … or why is it evil :P

    but yea i can totally see the hopeless despair in panel 3 … i mean poor peanut wagging his tail in agony :P

    • D.M.Wolf

      “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals” or something like that… here in the U.S.A. they take stuff to the extream, such as trying to outlaw all animals that are non native to our country (example: hamsters, iguanas, even several species of dog), trying to get people to use human brest milk instead of cow’s milk, or even mandatory sterilization of your pet’s to prevent strays…. they take “animal rights” to the extream, expecting everyone to stop eating meat because it’s “inhumane” –_–

      • no space

        I always thought it was funny how they could consider “mandatory sterilization” a pet’s right.

        “No, he loves it, see? Really, he’s much happier now.”

      • Mouko

        Don’t forget that they advocate the killing of domesticated pets to ‘free’ them from humanity’s corruption.

        And that they kill most of the pets they ‘rescue’ and store them in a freezer.

        • Nall

          That sounds like the things serial killers do.
          Needlessly killing their victims and storing them in freezers I mean.

        • Rick Pikul

          Also don’t forget that PeTA funds the terrorist groups ALF and ELF.

          Or that they oppose using medicines that were developed using animal research. Unless one of PeTA’s executives happens to be a Type I diabetic, then she can use insulin.

  17. Toaster Lord

    So to PETA, the direct approach is talking to people in a civilized manner? And throwing blood is ’subtle’… XD

  18. Valerio

    Perish PETA!
    (Peanut hugging mom is worth a million molten hearts by cuteness!)

  19. Yami

    Man Peta sucks. I believe in some of their points, but not letting people chose to have pets is crossing the line. let alone not letting them treat the pets like kids.

  20. james319

    LOL, didn’t think that PETA was THAT stupid! XD

    awww peanut looks so cute ^^

  21. BillyMT

    Comparing these two last comics, I can’t help but feel a resemblance of PETA with the Illuminati… o_o;

  22. microbuss

    I DON’T believe a word the guy is saying =P A happy pet is a good loving pet =)

  23. R-One

    What’s sad is that this does capture the mentality of PETA, in all it’s insanity. These are the nuts that steal “bunnies” from preschool classrooms and set them loose in the wild, throw (animal) blood on people for wearing fur coats, and abuse animal rights more than any other group in their “crusade” for these same rights.

    On a more comic-related tangent, how long till Grape cuts THIS story arc short? (She’s got a habit of doing that you know, and wouldn’t we all love to see how she’d deal with PETA? XD)

    • Akai

      What, you mean it’s not red paint, but real blood? And not just blood, but animal blood? Blood they claim to be saving? Ack! What IS wrong with them?!

      • R-One

        Depends on how extreme they are. Some of the more “moderate” (if you can call them that) members will use paint instead, but there have and STILL are times when some of them use actual blood. This isn’t just hypocritical of them, it’s illegal – human blood, animal blood, in any case, it’s considered a bio-hazard, and using it in such a manner can be considered a biological weapon in most cases, specially if it tests positive for any diseases.

        PETA does it anyways, tho. Go figure.

  24. Zyrin

    Man these comics are too epic.

    And epic lol@insane evil PETA man and his slightly confused/scared buddy.

    Panel 3=epic AWWWWWWWW!!!

  25. BlueAnubis

    Wow, that is SICK! How can Mrs. Sandwich snuggle and cuddle Peanut in such a way to make him smile and wag his tail!!! Anyone that can produce that much adorable and live with themselves is a monster!

    Aww, Daisy is going for a walk with her mom. I wonder if she is saying “Hi, I’m Daisy!” to Sahsa?

  26. Eclypse

    I un like PETA. The founder is crazy, the people are crazy and I would have them all arrested if I could for the sick things they do.
    “If they can’t be wild, they are better of dead” kind of thinking is just….. so lucky i’m not a major political influence….

  27. Density D.

    By my count there are 21 motion lines in this comic, 16 of which are in a single panel. Just a few more and the world would be made of jello. It is not any sort of major problem, I am just being honest when stating that it threw me off when I first looked at it. It was a minor distraction for just one picky reader and shouldn’t be taken as harsh criticism.
    I would personally enjoy a wiggley, jiggley world. Imagine the hijinks of Peanut and Grape in a carnival bounce house.

  28. JasonF

    Lol! I can’t wait to see what the “indirect” approach will be.

    Joey may not be the only one parading around in a cat-suit soon. ;)

  29. BluFox

    I don’t even know how to make the umlaut… lol

    I have this feeling that that guy’s gonna kidnap someone… I wonder who…. oO

    • R-One

      Drama incoming, brace brace brace! XD

      Wouldn’t surprise me if that prediction comes true, but may be a tad too much drama for Housepets! – will see what Rick comes up with I suppose.

  30. FelldaWolf

    Daisy for once actually looks sane.
    I’m shocked!

  31. Insignificance

    Peanut is in bliss!
    SO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. thewhitedragon

    that part where Peanut is being hugged, is so cute! :D

  33. Akwolf

    XD peta has always been f-ed up

  34. D_Leo

    That’s it, if those f**knuts show up around here, they’ll be meeting with my bladed weapons collection

  35. People Eat Tasty Animals (PETA)

    “Duhr, Is gunna go doo thigs uganst whut I’s thincs cuz happee petz tht r playyed wit al te tme are stoopids cuz they r reely jus slavs 2 hoomanz. Duhr fur is merduhr”

    HONESTLY! I can’t stress enough exactly how TOTALLY STUPID peta is!
    I swear, if they start coming to AZ or start abducting my favorite characters I’m going to bring lighter fluid, matches, and lots of pointies.
    “Hey PETA! Leather boots with leather laces, I have a pet dog, hamster and bunny, meat is tasty and I like it, and GUESS WHAT I HAD FOR BREAKFAST? Eggs, bacon, sausage, and for lunch I’m going to have a turkey sandwich with a tasty side of chunky chicken noodle soup.”
    Note to self: wear cup when saying that, even if I am a girl

  36. Rider098

    Oh my… this seems to be getting kinda dark, I’m not used to that.

    At least panel 3 makes up for that. Seeing Peanut hug his mom almost brought a tear in my eye… I miss my dog and cat (not dead, just with parents, and living very happily and spoiled I might add).

  37. Profesor Rod

    Stupid PETA guy XD

  38. CyberCorn Entropic

    So, is Mr. PETA Loon monologuing about the owners or himself?

    (Yes, I know he thinks he’s talking about the owners, but his monologue captures his mentality better than it does theirs.)

    fanatic, n. A defender of the downtrodden and oppressed ever willing to improve the unfortunates’ lot by giving them better shackles.

    • ParryLost

      Didn’t Bino already have a pretty awesome electric shackle that his owner could use to shock him to train him better? >_> You know, given that in this comic, shocking a pet to punish it is about equivalent to shocking a kid in the real world (since pets here can talk and are intelligent etc.) the PETA guys just don’t come across as crazy here as they do in the real world…

  39. Valerio

    And there’s worse! In our world, PETA feels justified by the fact animals can’t speak human language, so they can claim themselves crusaders for the ‘dumb’ pets.
    In the comic’s reality, PETA’s even scarier: they can talk with pets and yet they refuse a word of what they say. They are TOTALLY downway crazy!

    • ParryLost

      Well that depends on how pet ownership works in the comic, doesn’t it? The fact that pets in the comic aren’t at all “dumb” also means that if their owners have as much power over them as pet owners do in the real world, maybe the PETA guys aren’t so crazy… I mean, keeping a real-world cat locked in your home to keep it safe is okay, and PETA is crazy when it argues against that… keeping a talking cat that’s as intelligent as you locked up, however… >_> Yeeah. So, it depends.

  40. Ace

    Does anyone think this will end well for the freaks from PETA?

    • ParryLost

      Of course! The author will surprise us all with a twist ending, in which the PETA guys find the one household in the neighbourhood where pets actually are abused, and will make others aware of it, making a rescue possible. At the same time, they will both learn (starting with the guy who got punched) that their views were nonetheless extreme, and they’ll gradually become rounded, balanced characters who speak out against real abuse, and are no longer obsessed with finding it where it doesn’t exist. And then everyone will be happy! Yay!

      • Ms. Mowz

        And my names Gnorlax the Mighty, an elf -chick black mage!
        And this is my pet dinosaur Krueger! (as in Freddy)
        And together we’re gonna SAVE THE WORLD from those horrible hobbits that are invading our land and eating people!
        And as a black mage, my motto is Peace and Love for everyone!
        And I’m really your mom!
        And I’m going to go make cookies, so it’ll be all right.

        Are you getting the point yet?

  41. ParryLost

    An anvilicious author filibuster! Although it’s a bit of a broken Aesop, since in the universe of this comic pets are about as intelligent as humans, so “owning” them actually *would* be slavery, almost by definition…

    • ParryLost

      Seriously, how can you make a point about PETA in the real world while setting it in a fictional world where the very things that PETA argues about are 100% different… >_>

      That’s, like, making a comic that criticises President Bush, but then setting it in a universe where Saddam Hussein had nuclear bombs, evil spies were infiltrating every layer of U.S. society, and oil was plentiful and non-polluting…

    • ParryLost

      Also I’m reminded of Bino’s electric collar again… >_> You know, if I lived in a world where pets were as intelligent as people (at least as young teen or pre-teen kids), and it was legal to shock them in order to train them better… I might join PETA too… I mean, we wouldn’t vilify Child Welfare services if they interfered with a parent who used electric shocks to teach their kid, would we? So, I’m thinking, maybe most pets in this world are happy, but given what we’ve seen so far, these PETA guys might not be *as* crazy as their real-world counterparts, at least…

      • R-One

        It’s all about accepted norms – we don’t consider it normal to use a collar on a human, as It’s considered demeaning for a variety of reasons. It’s an accepted norm for pets to wear collars, however, and it carries over here. Shock collars may not seem as humane, but how many of your did something as a little kid that hurt, a LOT, and never did it again? Don’t bother answering that – everyone did at some point. It’s harsh, but pain is, unfortunately, the most efficient teacher.

        And before it’s misinterpreted, I’m not condoning anything – merely stating a fact. Who knows – maybe in Housepets!, shock collars aren’t as powerful, or are used as a last resort. A real collar going off that much would have left Bino incapacitated – that one caused some distress, yes, but it wasn’t nearly as painful as the real thing. It was more annoyance and surprise than pain – I’m not saying there was NO pain, but it wasn’t the powerful jolt a real collar would put out – all Bino would have been able to do is yelp in pain had it been that. Also, bear in mind, all comics like this will play around with where pets truly fall in society in a fantasy situation. Housepets isn’t the first, and doubt it’ll be the last, to do so. And that’s just it – it’s FANTASY. There’s going to be some suspension of disbelief, otherwise NONE of it can make sense.

        And given how crazy PETA is in reality, I doubt it’s even possible for them to be portrayed as “sane,” lol.

        • ParryLost

          Yes, but I myself pointed out that this is fantasy, and in this fantasy, the fantasy PETA does not seem as crazy as real, non-fantasy PETA does. Until the next (May 1st) comic, anyway, since that one made clear there are other groups dealing with the stuff I’m talking about, and PETA really is just crazy.

  42. Wolfspawn

    I LOVE PEANUT!!!! I would hug him so tight ^^ Murrr….. Ehh what’s up with those guys in the truck anyhow? I really don’t follow through what they’re up to. Or maybe that’s the point ^^

  43. Whalb

    I think that people who poach/kill endangered and threatened species should be killed and skinned, not necessarily in that order…

    And Even I think PETA is skitzo, and that their members locked away…

    Thats saying something.

  44. Little_Dragon

    I was so hoping that would be a rabbit’s-foot keychain dangling from the ignition switch, but I suppose one can push the hypocrisy only so far.

  45. Trefoiler

    Mmm, deep thoughts. Ones deeply thought quietly to oneself. Even then, if someone is still in earshot… oh, well.

    Is that Daisy’s Mom!? I’ve never seen her before! Hi DaisyMom!

    I thought they were moving but… are they parked? In a big, unmarked white van? In a cul-de-sac brimming with well-to-do suburban folks? During a beautiful spring day? I mean, even if it’s not conspicuous to the majority of the neighborhood, I think at least, maybe, Grape would suspect something, right?

    Oh, yeah. Her and her naps. And she won’t be interrupted any time soon, huh? Irony.

  46. meh

    …people who are concerned over the rights of animals – to such an extent that they treat them “better” than they would other humans – are ignorant/insane not to see the slippery slope that is end result of such logic. However, it’s just as ludicrous to prioritze animals lives’ over the lives of humans, when the two are in direct conflict.

    Oh yes, fun comic btw. Peanut is a hug-fiend.