No Joke Today, Just Violence
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  1. GameCobra

    good to see Maxwell have a owner. and i also like his owner!


    also, first!

  2. Repicheep22

    What’s wrong with “People for the Eating of Tasty Animals”? Oh, wait you mean the other PETA.

    • foxfireattack

      I feel so wrong for saying this…

      Mmmmm. Cats. The other white meat :3

    • popmannn

      how about MEAT: Mankind Eats Animals Together

    • Taay

      How about PETA does a fund raiser in which they sell bread. thus it would be PETA bread, but it would be just normal bread. =]

  3. Copycat

    Roid rage

    • Goleus

      He’s too skinny to have roid rage.

  4. Fuzzypaws

    That’s about how I feel, lol.

  5. Goleus

    Man, I will find a joke in here if it takes me till the end of next Saturday.

    Also, what a powerful move, hitting a random man in the face with your elbow. Next smack him in the gut with a bludgeon’d mace, that’ll add pain to pain. =/

  6. Newby

    He has issues…. lol

  7. Bangaa_Dragoon

    Best comic of the week.

  8. Lax

    Lol, also had that thing about PETA. It’s interesting how people can rage their protests towards such groups :D Good job

    • Zaffa

      Hah, you’d be surprised. PETA saves like 7% of the animals in their custody. The others die and are packed in some crazy freezer at the main building. Those guys are nuts, in my opinion. Plus they’re pushing all that vegan crap on impressionable kids. What really irks me, though, is that a lot of the videos depicting animal cruelty involved the videographer paying the subjects to be cruel, just so PETA has some ridiculous evidence against the beef industry, or the skin industry.
      Now, I’m not against animal rights. Oh no, I support groups like ASPCA.

  9. Faved


  10. RG

    Best punchline yet, Rick, best punchline yet…

  11. Valerio

    Fascinating reaction

  12. Yokel

    Remarkably similar to an incident I witnessed once.

  13. Sage Freehaven

    Awesome. Totally awesome.

  14. Keyblade0101

    Love it! xD

  15. Angelika

    …does anyone else suspect that “PETA–” was simply the beginning of a longer acronym? The fellow did kind of get, uhm, interrupted.

    • Flassk

      reminds me of that time i had a jehovas witness come up to my door and i told him i was satanist.

      • Profesor Rod



    • macDeviant

      In the english language, a dash mark indicates a long pause. So with two dashes I think Dad up there had enough time to decide to take PITA out…. Heh, PETA, PITA. :D
      (For those who don’t know, PITA is short for Pain In The Anyway I’m all done here. Next!)

      • Kakurady

        Two <a href=””hyphen-minuses are a poor substitute of an actual <a href=””em-dash.

  16. Kurast

    I agree 110%

  17. Panda



    And this from the guy worried that the strip was taking too much of an adult turn over catnip?

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate PETA too but… Jeez!

  18. Kahea

    XD Sucker punch!

  19. Draco_2k

    I support this motion.

  20. D.M.Wolf

    peta are nothing short of terrorists –_–…. what kind of moron would want a stores to stop selling cow’s milk and replace it with human breast milk…. ugh –_–….

    • Dijon

      Don’t forget their campaign for yogurt to be made from human sweat.
      They just don’t have a full brain cell in the lot of ‘em.

      • Serp

        If you get the chance look up their campaign to rename fish seakittens :3 :P no, I;m not joking.

        • TGH

          or how about there campaign to get the Pet Shop Boys to change there name to the Animal Rescue Shelter Boys… again no joke…

          Also they have approached a number of towns with the word fish in there name (like white fish bay, or the like) to try get them renamed as Seakitten…

          ohhh and I particularly like this one since I’m a chef… Peta’s beef with Cooking Mama since the game isn’t vegetarian..

          • Lucas H.C.

            Ahhhh, you got love the Mean Mama game!
            And don’t forget the next generation food by PETA: human flesh!
            Huuummmmm, yummy!
            They already support humam milk, why not canibalism? From what I read, they seems to treat human lifes so, worthless, don’t they?

            And remember, give beer to your kids, it’s better than milk!
            Those guys are out of their mind!

          • Gaijin

            A few years back, this one guy affiliated with PETA tried to get the town of Slaughterville, OK, to change its name to Veggieville. He was offering a year’s supply of vegetarian hamburgers to the town’s schools in exchange.

  21. Cunningfox

    HECK YES xD totally what I would do to anyone who said they were from PETA at this point…

    Killing animals to make a point about freedom is WRONG.

  22. R_Chaos

    I dont usually post but i agree with this strip so much i just had to say, “Well done.”

  23. tahrey

    I’m not sure about the presence of a joke, but we definitely got a punchline o_O :D
    (seconded, btw – its not like they didn’t need a good slapping before, but now it’s got out of hand)

  24. Watcher

    The more I see him, the more I think Max is awsome!

    It almost appears as if Jeff gave the PETA representative an elbow to the face rather than a punch. Perhaps he knows MuiTai?

  25. james319

    WOOHOO!! HECK YES!! awesome man,just awesome XD

  26. Silenvo

    Hmm… I lack the total knowlage that witch is required to understand PETA, Still, I found the suddon “KERPOW!” “K.O.” rather funny – i immediately thought to myself: “FINNISH HIM!” lol.
    I also thought why did max not answer the door himself? .. at first. but if PETA kills animals then that might make sense why he left the area.

    • CalaverX11

      Dude, don’t bother trying to understand PETA. They’re a bunch of morons who think humans should have zero interaction with animals–food, pets, zoos, etc.

  27. Wolfspawn

    Why Punching the guy? I don’t get that!

  28. Li


  29. Saikyo Mog

    Good for him :P

  30. Drakkon

    Because PETA are the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the entire animal-related world. They have done so many things to traumatize children and animals, murder animals, and they use raw meat as a means of expression. You cannot promote ethical treatment of anything if your fail to live up to your own standards and behave in unethical ways.

  31. Noble Idler

    A PETA representative being polite and friendly? He mus be hiding something. Better hit him first!

    • Profesor Rod

      Better safe than sorry :V

  32. Sleet

    That was very unsuspected, which makes it good enough of a joke.

    I’m surprised there’s no backlash yet. I would have expected it for a furry comic.

    • Furx

      Even furries have PETA. That should tell you something… <_<

      • Furx

        Gah. That’s supposed to be “hate” not “have”

  33. Noble Idler

    I might add a little something. I really like your comic, but something puzzles me: you cut short a storyline about catnip because it wasn’t in the tone of the story, and now you go for gratuitous physical violence. I think the light-hearted metaphor about drugs and sheepish behaviour might have been more appropriate than someone committing assault on a solicitor.

    • CalaverX11

      Go ahead and call him a hypocrite for writing what he believes, but frankly, it’s his comic. I’ll read it whether it contains drug references or slapstick violence, because I’m an adult, and I can choose when to stop.

    • Rick Griffin

      Wait, so all the other gratuitous violence before didn’t count, but this one does because it’s human-on-human?

      Interesting. *makes notes*

      • Goleus

        You can have pets uppercutting pets and decking each other in the face. That’s normal animal violence and humorous at most. Now when you bring a baby into the situation then!

      • R-One

        Someone’s always going to get bent out of shape, regardless of what it is. You could post an image of Grape as a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, as filler for whatever reason, and someone would cry about it not being an actual strip. They may or may not POST about this, but there will be someone complaining somewhere about it.

        As for the Human/human vs pet/pet violence, there’s similar double-standards there as well (which i won’t go into here), but people seem to be more open to questionable content when it’s “furries” involved, and not humans. Seen enough examples of that mentality that I’d have a hard time being convinced otherwise. Maybe it’s cause “furry” characters don’t relate as much to viewers as human characters do? *shrug*

        • Trefoiler

          This isn’t relevant, but now you’ve gotten me pining for Princess Periwinkle playing with yarn! I’m already d’aww-ing at the mere concept!

          Just saying.

    • Mandy

      It’s all about the intended consequences, not the specific content.

      If this comic offends anyone, he asked for it – and I’m willing to bet he’s ready to defend the opinion presented here. There’s a reason he posted this and he’ll defend it.

      The drug comic offended people, but he didn’t intend it to do so. He had no “point” to make or position to defend, so when a large number of readers were upset by it, he simply retracted it and ended the storyline. He intended only to make a joke, not a statement, so when so many people weren’t laughing, he took it down.

  34. Adept Omega

    Bwahahaha. XD

    Okay, Rick, you’re awesome. :)

    • Serp

      He wasn’t awesome before? :<

      • CalaverX11

        His awesome meter goes up a notch or two with every comic like this. It levels off for the comics that are not as…intense? Yeah.

  35. BlueAnubis

    three things come to mind.
    1. You know, I wish that Fox’s dad was there instead of Max’s, then we could have all yelled “FALCON- PAWNCH!!!!” together.

    2. Whoo! hit him again!

    3. BOOM! Headshot!

    • R-One

      Congrats, you’ve given Rick another comic Idea, or will have once he see’s this post – have “Mr. PETA” here visit Fox’s place next, and see what happens. *evil laugh*

  36. Chochi

    I don’t understand PETA…thank Gods they’re not in my country (yet).
    It seemed that they were trying to isolate the human beings of the animals.
    My question is: how are YOU going TO ESTIMATE and ESTIMATE something if you cannot interact with it?
    With regard to the zoos, it seems to me to be much more beneficial for a child to be able to see an exotic alive animal that it to see in a photo or a computer.
    One is aware that it is a living and sensitive thing.

    • Chochi

      And sorry for my inglish,I’m using that stupid online translator :B

      • Indagare

        Your translator did a good job. I thought that you were someone who had studied English a while :) As for PETA, I’m not sure anyone but another PETA member understands them.

  37. Ringtail

    PETA-man got lucky. Mr. Dad there could have easily gone Fist of the North Star on him.

    Though… considering the sound-effect went outside the frame? Yeah, that’s pretty serious >:D

    • Kenshiro

      PETA-man is already dead

  38. Jimmy the purple

    I actually think the joke was more of.
    “I got up to deal with this nut?!”

  39. Akinokaze

    Genius. ^_^

  40. Katagiri

    PETA sacares me… they’re just too radical for me… I love animals, I don’t eat read meat, I prefer only fish… what can I do if I’m a cat girl? I also want to protect the animals but no need to be that radical.

  41. FelldaWolf

    My god man! Your a genius!

  42. R-One

    Given the recent BS bill PETA has been sponsoring in the House, I’m guessing this strips related – If I read right, the bill didn’t get shot down, but nor was it passed, so things are still up in the air on that one.

    PETA ranks right up there with Radicals from any other group. They set their high moral standards, then vandalize those same standards in the name of whatever “crusade” they’re on for whatever purpose. There’s a few “sane” people in PETA, but sadly, they’re the minority, and are rarely heard. (That, and they’re probably too ashamed anymore to admit it.)

    And wouldn’t we all love to do this? Or if not PETA, maybe the IRS… =D

    • Care

      True. So very, very true. >3 Bad IRS and PETA. Bad!

  43. JasonF

    And such well placed violence it is…

    PETA: People with Entirely too much Time Available.

  44. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Makes me wonder if, since the animals can talk, PETA in the Housepets! universe is less crazy than our own, since the animals can tell them they’re crazy.

    • Dissension

      I really doubt it. They’d claim that the animals were brainwashed or make some other strange argument.

      • R-One

        More likely than not, they’d claim A: No pets allowed, and B: said pets aren’t smart enough to make informed decisions, and C: Some loony crap that even THEY wouldn’t understand, lol.

        Sadly, C is 99% of the PETA we already know. D’oh! >.<

  45. Ryo_LunaNight

    I could NEVER eat a cat.. i would feel bad.. Its also obnoxious how PETA tries to make everyone vegetarian. I made a PETA representative cry at the Warp Tour when they were in my town. haha

    • cocla

      I feel the need to give you a trophy for your good works, enjoy the trophy of Win. Keep it up!


      What did you do/say that made them cry?

      • cocla

        Apparently the textbox doesnt like spaces before text >_>

        • Trefoiler

          Hyphens might work!


          • Trefoiler

            Maybe not. This is an important award, though. This shall be rectified!

  46. Timothy

    MEAT: Mankind Eats Animals Together

    I support this group. ;)

  47. RNCoyote


  48. Frostgrip

    The PETA- A slightly decent idea that’s controlled and run by the largest congregation of r-tards ever dodge natural selection.

  49. Dissension

    This is hilarious.

    If anyone is offended by today’s strip, I have two words for them:

    Quid ergo? = P

  50. Insignificance


  51. Kaloyan

    Ha ha ha! BOOSH!

  52. Forvet


    VIOLENCE! Very nice violence, I dislike PETA so very much.

  53. RockstarRaccoon

    LOL!! Funniest comic ever! XD XD XD
    I’d totally do that too…

  54. kira

    hello id like you to meet mr elbow his fav food is faces

    • Ms. Mowz

      And I’d also like you to meet his friends Lefty and Righty, who are twins!
      And their OTHER friend Mr. Knee-to-face!

    • taco

      thats my faverit food too!

  55. Crayshen

    Oh so very worth it. You’ve made my day sir.

  56. Hobbes

    “Wait! I just wanted to say that you need to control the pet population by spaying and neutering your pet”

    • D_Leo

      “Ok, let’s practice on YOU…

      • Hobbes


  57. toboe

    Best non-joke ever

  58. falconfox01

    just perfect! :-)

  59. wolfsangel

    OMFG *foams at the mouth* this comic is now second only to Jack, only because religion ranks 1st on my list of destroy and rebuild right next to the damn PeTA people :D *hugs rick hard* OMFG YOUR LIKE THE BEST ARTIST NOW :3 can i has your kittens/puppies? (ironically i’m a guy ._.) please tell me the next strip has the PeTA guy standing back up and the cat pounces him and rips his face off? please? *makes big fish eyes at you*

  60. dragonnutds

    i hate peta, those good for nothing exstreamests. if anyone here dose not know what peta is or why it is bad please checkout for all the details, ps, NEVER DONATE YOUR PET TO THERE SHELTER they hate all domesticaction

    • wolfsangel

      YAY someone who is also in the know of the things they do :D

  61. ThatMeerkat

    Haha! Elbow to the face!

  62. Butterflied412

    And there was much rejoicing!!

  63. Raven


    I knew it was either going to be PETA or those door to door preachers.

    • Trefoiler

      I’ll get Jahova’s Witnesses fairly often. I wouldn’t say I’d like to punch them, but, like anyone else who walks onto my porch, I could, at any moment, yell “Trespasser!” and follow it up with a sequence of fwapfwapfwapping.

      I’m not violent. Just wary of possibilities.

  64. Density D.

    Really really REALLY should have be Fox instead of Max and his dad.
    One, Fox is a more likely target of Peta interest as he is the closest to “wild”.
    Two, Fox’s dad is the superior choice for any sort of physical violence. eg: FALCON PUNCH!!!

    • NuVanDibe

      you suggest that peta researches anything before they act. :3

  65. ParryLost

    O_o… That was… a bit extreme… and I hate PETA…

  66. Trefoiler

    I was just reveling in Max’ overall greatness (as if depressive, shapely, and checked annoyance had collided, hence the term ‘overall’), including his extra-poofy tail, when I saw another word bubble. With the registry of the double hyphens (or dashes?), I involuntarily made a quick read and went headlong into a rather one-sided match of fisticuffs.

    My day was made. In fact, so was the next. I was content clear into Wednesday.

    I don’t pay much attention to the hoopla surrounding animal rights/protection/cruelty, myself. Though, some human-on-human violence can be entertaining with little to no context. I always found it interesting how the only species a self-proclaimed ‘modern society’ is routinely cruel to is it’s own.

    Good strip. Keep it up, Rick.

  67. Bob

    I don’t think I’d ever do this. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to.

    Of course, there’s also the Animal Liberation Front, for those people who think that PETA is too moderate.

    • Trefoiler

      There is always a bigger fish, eh?

  68. 류이


  69. tigergulp

    I’m all for PETA, The People for Eating of Tasty Animals. That other PETA sucks rotten eggs. I refuse to save a cow when I’m hungry, need clothes, belts, shoes, gloves, a hat, a fly swatter, glue, a pointy weapon, a sleeping bag, fuel or sewing material. (yes you can make ALOT out of one cow!)

  70. Musimba

    Hey! I’m a member of PETA.
    People for the
    Eating of