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  1. james319

    LOL XD


    • Eagle0600

      Doesn’t count as a comment, because you didn’t say anything worthwhile.

  2. Richard

    Wow. I got here when there were no comments, except one!

    Now, my message: YAY GRAPE AND PEANUT!

  3. BanditRingtail

    Well, that explains how things started becoming good… =P

  4. Whiskers

    oh wow how many people called that :B

  5. Ryan

    Actually, I totally like where this is going.

    I must say, that is an interesting way to hold a curved pencil… which will be used on what looks like a flat notebook.

  6. Repicheep22

    I knew Grape was behind it. Lol, and the leader’s still wearing that dress.

  7. Polar_Bear

    Aww! So cute with Peanut in that last panel!

  8. Tahoe

    Small, ineffectual naughty person….
    Karishad’s in me somewhere?! D=

  9. Kurast

    That comic’s going to the dogs.

  10. Sage Freehaven

    Grape wins. <3

  11. Rakala

    Heh, figures Grape got involved. I thought something was happening ever since they started talking about made up physics. I must admit I started reading a couple of days ago and I’m hooked on it already. That you can do that with 200-300 comics is impressive. I feel like I sort of know most of the characters, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Truly excellent. I will continue reading this in the future.

  12. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Of course people can get attached, I mean that yellow dog with the scar is pretty cool.

  13. Wolfspawn

    Yay! The so awesome grape and the so cute peanut working on a comic piece :P

  14. R-One

    Something tells me neither of them thought this particular plot device all the way through, lol. Looks like we’re back to Peanut and Grape for a bit tho… EVIL cliffhanger. Well done. =D

  15. Akwolf

    xDDD rofl I think the last panel made my day

  16. gamerwords

    well now we now what grape thinks of spot. not cool, grape! j/k lol

  17. Insignificance

    Grape is slowly destroying Peanut’s dreamworld…

  18. Silenvo

    ahahahaha…. such a delightfull little end to this comic i have to say… “i don’t like where this is going…” peanut, peanut, peanut, don’tcha know? its not powers that make the superhero – its the skill! oh sure.. powers a very.. defining. but if you want a truely impressive character – make it one that goes threw difficult tasks to succeed. a loss you can walk away from is alwase a good one. – asuming its one where Combat is involved… lol amusing…

  19. Li

    lol peanut wants spot to be a mary sue

  20. JasonF

    Whew! I’m glad it wasn’t red orphanite. Spike might stand a chance! ;)

  21. Fuzzypaws

    Grape makes the comic better *giggles*

  22. BlueAnubis

    ok, who all knew Grape was helping Peanut write this story? Rase you hand.
    *rases hand*

    I have a feeling that Stripe is going to have to save Spot (Superdog)

    • Nero Rose

      -Raises hand- Yeah. Pretty obvious there dude.

    • Trefoiler

      *finds hand aloft*

      I may have only returned this morning to catch up on the last few strips, but I had a hunch to that effect ever since ‘Because Good is Dumb’. I had a different interaction in mind, but oh, well.

  23. Residentfriendly

    oh wow~ i laughed so hard xD totally didnt expect that lol

    Totally love it xD

  24. Trefoiler

    (Forgot to comment after that reply! to Mr. Anubis!)

    I forget what I might have wanted to say at first, but I do have a thought. Wouldn’t Grape actually have a small, ineffectual do-gooder waiting to get out? That seems more likely to me.

    Now I have another thought. Well, it’s more of a series of unimportant queries. How does one obtain the distilled essence of the planet Orphan? Is it a popular Orphan(-ian?-ean?-phian?-phean?) export? Does it have other uses? *gasp!* Do the orphans know of a polar opposite that may cancel out its radiation?? So many possibilities.

    (I would have also included ‘-ite’, but that would be confusing. ‘-phite’ could work, though. The Orphites of Orphan, who export Orphanite.)

    (Thanks for your patience, but I should stop. Like, right now.)