Of Course It’s Gray, It’s Not Radium Paint
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  1. CalaverX11

    A good villain ALWAYS has control of the situation. Even if it means changing the laws of physics.

  2. Two_Twig

    I’m surprised, Peanuts writing in this comic seems so out of character… I really want to know if Grape is there with Peanut as he’s drawing, trying to get him to change it up. Hmmmm, I guess I’ll just to wait. Awesome comic though.

    • R-One

      Either way, we’re assured of one thing: The end will be suitably hilarious, lol. XD

      • Sessile

        I think grape would disapprove of the new physics rules

  3. Newby

    Oh no!

    • lainofthewired


  4. matus

    uuu…. that’s what i call a cliffhanger !

  5. Nall

    Being the bad guys means YOU don’t have to play by the rules. (^_^)

  6. Fuzzypaws

    Damn glowing gre… gray rocks ;)

    Oh no! How will our hero cope with this situation!

  7. james319

    LOL spot (superdog) XD

    D:< no fair!

  8. Accursed

    If only “not playing by the rules” really meant you could ignore the rules of physics…. That’d make sports more interesting. ^^

    • Trefoiler

      That would be fantastic! I’m an exceptional failure in sports, but I love physics! I’d rule the court!

      Anywhere else, it would just make me a nerd.


  9. Wolfspawn

    Comic’s good but I’m starting to miss Peanut and grapes adventures :)

  10. Akwolf

    nah, you don’t hit him, you have to follow the villian’s code of procedures. My boy, this is the glory of how we handle things. This plan has only failed us every time but someday it will not

    not indeed.

  11. BlueAnubis

    sounds like my friends and I when we played War when we were younger. there was a lot of
    Me: “I shot you!”
    Friend: “Nuh-uh I had a shield!”
    M: “Well, then, I’ll shoot you now.”
    F: “nope I have to be farther away before you can shoot me”
    M: *makes machine gun noises*
    F: “You missed!”

    Ahh, good times, gooood times.

  12. ZincChloride

    I think Peanut needs to lay off of the Superman-in-special-ed comics he’s reading. :P

  13. Goleus

    Way to flex the lex luthor muscles there.

    • Trefoiler

      Mmm… flex some Lex up in here. Word.

  14. Trefoiler

    ‘Spot loves orphans and then we shoot him.’

    ‘Orphanite makes Spot helpless and then we shoot him.’

    Amusing grammatical issues aside, I have to say this plan has much more potential.

    Kudos on keeping that Orphanite handy, too. Either this is one of those ‘and-they-said-I’d-never-need-to-use-it’ moments, or, more likely, this scarred fellow (I’m thinking… labrador-husky mix?) has really done his research! Shame that he works for an idiot, but brilliant that he gets to fight another.