Because Good Is Dumb

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  1. AceyWinters


  2. Newby

    lol! BTW you said that you had finals right?

    • Rick Griffin

      Yes I do

      • Newby

        Well that makes two of us… i start tomorrow …

  3. james319

    LOL XD go by the rules

    3rd comment!

  4. Repicheep22

    Lol, he’s still in that dress.

  5. Sessile

    the villan looks like bino

    • Goleus

      The villain looks like bino, the villain looks like my Maple Story character, the villain looks like the silver surfer, the villain looks like over 9000, the villain looks like David Archileto, the villain looks Incredibly Tough, the villain looks sly, the villain is looking pretty fien baby, looking pretty fien. Need I go on?

  6. Goleus

    Finals suck, although I always end up ruling them. Also he took the tid bit on the trolly, jolly good ole sport my boy.

  7. Midnightwolf

    Lol good guy handbook. Also Spaceballs ref.

  8. Kurast

    Nice-uh. Two non-opposable digits up.

  9. Rider098

    “I save the day!” “No fair you cheated!” “No I didn’t!” “Do-over!” “OK FINE JEEZ!” XD

    It certainly does look like Bino, though I’m sure I know why. Oh, and I just noticed you added pics to the cast too! That is unless you announced it before, in which case I need to catch up with the updates on this site.

  10. Fuzzypaws

    Saturday morning villainy *giggles*

  11. Jutah

    Uhhh, is Peanut just making all of this up or is someone watching him make the comic as he does it and complaning?

    • Trefoiler

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the arc ended with Peanut and Grape holding handfuls of paper having a conversation about how his comic is somewhat improved, but Grape is EVEN with him for any applicable definitions therein.

      I hate owing favors.

  12. sombytch

    Sombytch that gotta suck. A rule like that is so fair its unfair.

  13. Cosmic

    -Dark Helmet

  14. Yokel

    Perfectly laugh-worthy, as usual. Good luck with your finals, still a few weeks to go before us Aussies hit that wall. Oh, and nice work with that last SFL submission, I bet Goldfur’s happy with it.

    • Rick Griffin

      I don’t recall submitting anything to South Fur Lands *checks*

      • Yokel

        I’m looking at it… :S

  15. Sleet

    I like the joke but it’s kind of out of character for Peanut’s writing. But if the following comics explain it, then it’s all good. :3

  16. BlueAnubis

    you know, for being a briliant scientist and teacher, Spot (Superdog) is a bit… unbrilliant at times. Poor not-a-cat Stripe, this will probably land Spot in the doghouse, literally.

    Careful! he has a chocolate bar! uh- I mean a brick! er- no… it’s a… what is that thing?

  17. Wolfspawn

    Love it! Love it all ^^ More cutzie comics please :P

  18. Akwolf

    xD; I love these smaller comics

  19. Watcher

    And now you know that evil will always triumph…

  20. gamerwords

    lol all is fair in love and war

  21. FoxBlood

    That strip was hilarious. The look on spot’s girlfreind was priceless XD

  22. Jimmy the purple

    Why doe’s he have a good guy handbook?

    • Trefoiler

      I believe you’ll find -that- answer in a number of other books:

      Hold your friends close, and hold your enemies closer.

  23. falconfox01


  24. Profesor Rod


  25. Taay

    you see lonestar. evil will always win because good is dumb. – Spaceballs

  26. damfinogal

    LOL. I love this comic…. and Housepets is a great, too! The Spaceballs quote was icing on the cake; that’s one of my favorite lines from the movie, and fits this perfectly. <3

  27. Trefoiler

    Awesome. Thievish trickery. Indignant Stripe. Playing by the rules. Awesome.

    This also reminds me of a creative work I’ve seen many times. Damsel in distress, as well as mortal danger; the hero arrives, is cleverly deflected. Suffice it to quote:

    [flies in]
    Super Blah: “Halt! I’m here to stop you.”

    Evil Blah: “Um- we’re not quite ready for you yet; could you come back in a few minutes?”

    Super Blah: “Oh, okay, sure.”
    [flies out]

    Hehe… he doesn’t win the second time, either.

    • Trefoiler

      This just in!: The villain was then polite enough to say:

      “Oh, thanks. (Idiot.)”

  28. BillyMT

    Hey now people, he godmodded! Only fair they had to redo! XD

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    • Trefoiler

      한국 Housepets 즐긴다! 나는 이런식으로! 우리는 당신을 따뜻하게 환영합니다.

      깨진 문법 들어, 제가 사과를드립니다. 내가 사용하는 언어로 번역이 필요하지만, 난 항상 도움을하려고합니다 ^_^