Deus Ex Spotchina

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  1. matus

    the dog with eyepatch has a point … :D

    • Xemnes

      I agree but it is Peanut writing it

      • Whiskers

        His own drawings are complaining about his writing. That’s like a whole new level there.

        • Xemnes

          That part in its self make’s no sense but o well

          • Wolfy

            It’s what’s referred to as “breaking the 4th wall”. I’ve seen quite a few comics and TV shows, and even a few movies, that make reference to being comics/shows/movies for comic effect. In “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, they even pull out their scripts and complain about the writing, as joke.

  2. Stickmanwww

    I should remember this wise technique the next time someone attempts to kidnap me on the street

    • Goleus

      yeah, they definitely won’t want to catch you then.

      • Ms. Mowz

        No they wouldn’t catch you, ’cause you’re the smartest guy in the world! And I’m WonderWoman!
        And together we’ll go on wacky adventures with our friend Cat-Squid! Who himself is a paradox!

        (catch, caught, killed in a heartbeat, nuff said.)

  3. Repicheep22

    I’m still laughing at the bad guy in a pink dress.
    “Not a chocolate bar” Lol.

  4. Fuzzypaws

    It very well could be a chocolate bar though! It is bad for dogs after all ;3

  5. Adept Omega

    This is genius. So much love for Spot. And, by proxy, Peanut. :D

  6. falconfox01

    LOL! Spot for the win! who cares about dumb physics anyways?

    • Xemnes

      The guy who is complaning

  7. Moonwing

    Pssh, who needs physics? All we need is our creative imaginations and bits n’ pieces from great superheros like Superman(Because one time, he ran around the world so fast it rewound time ^.^) to make things how we wanna. Now just think bout a kid jumping off of a building with a cape, trying to fly like Batman did in tht movie, Batman: Dark Knight.

    • black cat

      your right , even my nana thinks phisics is a stupid thing to have laws on how can scientist know the laws of phisics but cant figure out why a homeing pigeon can find its was home ?

      • Sleet

        Because they’re much easier to test, therefore we can determine laws much easier. And the best guess is they can see the sun and detect the Earth’s magnetic field, functioning as a sort of internal map.

        I like how the gears at the beginning have arrows pointing opposite, just introducing us into the descent into physics madness. Such as light having angular velocity.

        • D_Leo

          How is that an intro into fuzzy physics? They really [u]would[/u] turn opposite directions.

          • Sleet

            *looks at arrows again.*
            *goes to get an eye exam*

            I thought that left one was pointing right. Do’h.

  8. Trefoiler

    Ooh! Physiobabble! The unwed, charismatic cousin of my very special friend Technobabble! And while they both produce marginally coherent strings of incomprehensible dribble and magical fairy dust know-how, they never cease to entertain me and millions of others!

    And the happy not-cat (the insofar unknown breed of dog, patent pending, GenericGirlName) is Win, just like the cleverly disguised top evil dog, who I am think is a… beagle-type thing? Anyway, Win.

    • Severedevil

      His girlfriend’s name is Stripe, as introduced in the first Spot comic.

      • Trefoiler

        That is correct! Her name is Stripe.

  9. BillyMT

    Ten bux that it was Grape who made the chocolate-bar-wielding dog. XD

  10. Newby

    “Or maybe i am just that smart!”… “No” :)

  11. Profesor Rod


    OSHNAP!!! :O

  12. BlueAnubis

    Yah, the eye-pactch dog just wishes he was smart enough to make his own physics.
    YAY! Spot (Superdog) has saved his not-a-cat-girlfriend!!!!

  13. kennyfox

    how fun ^_^ and lol at trefoils vocabulary. youre almost as entertaining as the comic itself.

    • Trefoiler

      Aw, shucks, now… my vocabulary is embarrassed.

  14. Eclypse

    I hope grape doesn’t see this….

  15. Akwolf

    lol I think I’m still stuck on the fact that he’s wearing a dress

  16. Rider098

    Ha ha, of course! Superhero rule of physics… make up your own when the situation calls for it.

    Gotta love it how Peanut explains everything in his drawings. Its like he thinks we are naive. XD

  17. FoxBlood

    When your that point when even your comic disagrees with you, you know it’s time to pack it in. :D

    • D_Leo

      Oh heck no, that’s the perfect time to put it in high gear! :3

  18. sara

    not a chocolate bar. xD

  19. james319

    it IS possible that he could make physics, after all, its a comic within a comic

    isn’t there a plan B?

  20. jinxtigr

    She IS TOO a cat. So there ;)

  21. CyberCorn Entropic

    Or it could be a clever ruse on Spot’s part. The gullible ones would be suckered while characters like not-a-chocolate-bar-wielding dog would be too busy arguing to cause trouble.

    But that would be overthinking things, I guess. :P

  22. Eli Sunfur

    Something tells me that physics is not Peanut’s strong point, but then again, he also says that isn’t a cat. hahaha. Is so a cat, silly dog.

  23. Wolfy

    Well really, when have any comic books followed any kinds of laws of physics? Meteor showers and nuclear waste giving people super powers….The powers themselves!

    I always laugh at that spoof episode of Family Guy where the Griffens get mutant abilities from a nuclear waste truck that wrecks in their lawn, and then Mayor West goes and rolls around in the nuclear waste plant to try and get powers to counter the Griffens….and all he ends up with is lymphoma!

    • Ms. Mowz

      I remember that. :) that was a funny episode.

  24. shadowwolfx7

    that is so a chocolate bar XD lol