AKA The Author Needs A Break From Art Again

It’s just around Finals for me and I’m going to need as little extra stress as possible. So, more Spot (superdog) probably until the end of next week.

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  1. Newby

    ..”who despite all appearances is not a cat .” XD

  2. Chochi

    Hmn…she could be…A CHINCHILLA!!!

    • Trefoiler

      She could be someone’s war-chinchilla pirate-child amigo!

      Kudos if you get the reference. Aharr, me hearties.

  3. Ness

    The ears, the tail…mmm… One question, how the bad guys know who is the spot’s girlfriend?

  4. Fuzzypaws

    Totally a cat ;)

  5. GenericGirlName

    Obviously not a cat. it’s a “not-cat”. A rare breed of Dog.

  6. Goleus

    The words say it. and words usually don’t lie.

    Anyways Tied up… hmm :<
    No it’s not perverted I was thinking of an old manga I used to read.

  7. Faved

    Peanut is just afraid of being teased again =(

  8. Adept Omega

    I love these, Rick. :D

    Good luck on your finals. <3

  9. james319

    the plot thickens :o

    well…now we’re SURE what peanut is interested in :D

  10. james319

    ever notice theres a doodle of a face to the top right of the 4th panel XD

  11. Rider098

    I was wondering if you would get back to this! These things are cute.

    Take it easy with your finals and all Rick. No need to stress out to entertain us… although you still manage to do so ;) .

  12. Silenvo

    lol….most amusing. hehehe.. “despite all apearances Is not a cat!” ahahahah…

  13. BillyMT

    I see a stray “:-3″

  14. Trefoiler

    Spot (superdog) comics are so great. I wouldn’t mind another week of them in the least. How many muscles are there in that arm!?

    “Unhand those orphans you orphans? Haha you cannot hurt me with your not-special guns loaded with not-special bullets for I am bullet-proof!”

    “Aagh! I did not know that! I am surprised!” <–(surprised)

  15. Mario_Dan

    Stripe looks more femenine than grapes.

    • BillyMT

      Ain’t it the truth? XD But then again, Grape herself told she was a tomcat.

      Or a tomboy.

      Or whatever.

  16. Coyote Trax

    Finals… I hear that, chief.

    Yay for Spot!

  17. DZ

    Peanut’s not a bad artist!

  18. lainofthewired

    “How will Spot get out of this one? I don’t know.”


  19. BlueAnubis

    Spot! you must save Stripe! “Who despite the fact that she has whiskers scribbled out and a big fluffy tail is not a cat!”

    also, I dont know of any dogs named “Stripe” unless they have spots and their owners are attempting to be funny.

    • lainofthewired

      I totally didn’t notice the scribbled out whiskers. Awesome.

  20. Replyguy

    And we’re left to wonder what Grape will think about Spot having a cat as a girlfriend when she reads its. :)

  21. Akwolf

    x3; uh oh.. interspecies relationships?

  22. Li


  23. Profesor Rod


  24. Scott

    Please don’t feel bad about doing these. They’re very entertaining. (but meb 2 then?)

  25. falconfox01

    Oh No Spot what ever shall you do??? but we all know Spot the wonder dog shall triumph against evil orphans and save his not-a-cat girlfriend!

  26. PeterCat

    No complaints from me, these are crazy funny! I love the little labels with arrows describing the action.