Any Year With No Fatalities Is A Good Year

Can you spot all the eggs the dogs missed? Answers in the alt text!

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder what Spo must think of his “master” now ;)

  2. Newby

    wow! Gets me wondering about what happened last year…

  3. Goleus

    Wait, what, how, who.

    BURNING HOUSES? crrr…. well I do it on a usual occasion so I won’t complain.

    • Goleus

      Also just to get the point strait. I’m not being serious. ITT- Fido needs to lose some weight. or at least wear a corset.

  4. Oblivion

    I dont know why, but Fido looks very…very NAKED in this one…

    • Rick Griffin

      You just got used to seeing him with the vest. I think it might be the Porky Pig effect.

      • Goleus

        You made the waist area too big rick. Well not too big, but it’s just unusual because it’s not the normal style of characters poise and body.

        • Kin

          It’s the slightly defined chest. Myes =w=

    • R-One

      There’s a number of factors that contribute to this.
      1. Porky Pig Effect. Like Rick pointed out, the last time we saw Fido was just before the style change, in his vest. This is his first “revamped” appearance.
      2. Proportions. Fido’s larger than Bino now, as opposed to being the same size as he (almost) was when he first appeared in the comic.
      3. Rendition. Fido’s MUCH less of a cartoon character in this shot than Bino, and having them side by side only stresses that. Fido appears much more “realistic” than Bino – his build is much more defined, instead of the abstract cartoon characters tend to follow. Next to Bino, who’s very cartoonish in comparison, it stands out.

      In all honesty, Fido may need more tweaking – try putting him in a shot with Peanut as an experiment (not a full strip per say, but a sketch), and see how that looks – he’s striking me more as a humanish dog (furry, anthro, ect, whatever term floats your boat) than a housepet – Peanut, Grape, and the others do exhibit a lot of human qualities, but they never hit you as being physically human – more like pets that walk on two legs. In this shot, Fido could have human-style legs and some hybrid of feet/paws, and I wouldn’t even blink. But neither would the typical “paws” the characters have had before – it’s a grey area if anything.

      This is, of course, just a suggestion – they’re your characters, your comic, so your rules.

  5. lopiko

    Awesome, I just some a part of how it was done in UStream, it’s awesome to see the process to such an awesome work.

  6. Sessile

    Hey! Spo isn’t tagged in this comic.

  7. Adept Omega

    Woah! Shirtless Fido! My world is turned upside down!

    Nice work Rick.

  8. D.M.Wolf

    i.. ah.. i.. uh… wha… hu? th.. this is.. how did… easter egg hunt? screw it! i can’t find the egg in pannel 3 xD

  9. Rider098

    Woah, I knew there would be chaos, but I had no idea!
    You think dogs would simply smell the eggs out…
    No wonder the streets are empty. XD

  10. BlueAnubis

    Hmm, I never noticed how much taller Fido is than Bino, and the look on Spo’s face. Priceless, tiny, but priceless.

    It is a pet friendly community, but that does’nt mean the pets are friendly. Hey! Someone stole the ‘N’!

    • R-One

      I think the size diff is a more recent thing – in the strip that first introduced Fido, he and Bino were about the same size.

      • Tahoe
        • R-One

          Like I said, “almost,” lol. Straighten Bino out in that comic, and Fido’s only just barely taller. Here, straighten Bino out (on another tangent, is it me, or is he always hunched over or something?), and Fido’s at least a head or two taller than him – about one and a half at least. Probably an effect of Fido standing straight, while Bino’s bent over from excitment and stark terror (they did light a house on fire after all…), but there’s a bigger difference than before.

          … or for all we know, one of them is standing on the remains of that pulpit Bino read the rules from last Friday, lol. ; )

  11. Wolfspawn

    Are wolves allowed to join their next years event? I would like to come ^^

  12. Ness

    I love the Bino’s smile. It’s very strange that Bino smiles. And Why never Fido, Bino and Joey are together? they’re bros.

    • D_Leo

      Well, Bino and Fido are both here in this one, as for Joey…well, it’s [i]Joey[/i]

  13. Valerio

    Fido… I dunno… looks so hunky. Sassy!

  14. Faved

    Hah I liked how they both have the same color of collar. In my opinion it really emphasizes the point that there brothers. It’s quite cute =3

  15. CalaverX11

    Why do Bino and Fido remind me of Adam and Jaymie in the last panel?

    Also, housefire?

  16. gamerwords


  17. Akwolf

    x3; this was to funnest comic to watch ever. I’ll give you that

  18. Kaloyan

    I’m confused.
    1)Who is the dalmatian?
    2)Why did they burn someones house down? Isn’t Fido a cop? This would clearly be arson, bad dog.
    3)In the 2nd panel, did they break that window on the 2nd floor?

    • The Cheetah

      they’re dogs, without their owners watching them *facepalm*
      sides, this isn’t even close to a serious comic 90% of the time, it’s like tom and jerry he always wound up in a cast or worse for the most part, but you’d never know it after it’s over.

      also, the more i look, the more i doubt the third panel egg actually exists ;-P

      • R-One

        It’s like the 4th panel egg – Bino ate that one, the 3rd one got crispified (hence “Third Cinder from the left…) XD

        On a more serious note, it’s prolly there – there’s a vague yellow egg-shape there in the said spot – would make it hard to notice if the color saturation was off by only a shade or two from the flames. Either way, very clever, Rick – people will be looking for these “Easter” eggs for days.

  19. james319

    aww its kinda cute seeing Spo sit on top of his head like that :D

  20. D_Leo

    Oh, so that’s the AFTER pics…
    Man, that ustream was awesome, can’t wait for the next

  21. falconfox01

    that is….rather creepy.

  22. kennyfox

    XD dogs will be dogs. ….cept joey.

  23. BillyMT

    Random house getting pyro’d? Kind of a weird time for me to join the fan base of Housepets. XD

    Also nice, first time I see Fido’s glasses getting transparent, subtle effect there.

    …That coming from someone wh ostarted reading this since, erm… yesterday XD I should explore Rick’s page more throughly if I was missing that much until now.

  24. ShiroiFox

    I have to say i personally like the way Fido looks makes him look like he’s the brother that’s had to work out hard and keep in shape since he is a cop after all, and whats to say that he’s not just walking around with his shirt off. If he was built from having to do hard work i’d say he’d be proud of his body. All in all though, what did they do to start a fire and who’s house is that lol?

  25. Naya

    The eggs the dogs missed?
    Like those ones there, in plain sight? XD
    I guess there’s no sight hounds in the neighborhood. X3

  26. Winston

    Wow…burning house is still considered rather mild an accident…
    I like Fido’s sunglasses.

  27. Butterflied412

    I found 3 (or 5 if you count the splattered ones on the town sign) I don’t quite get this cartoon. Why is the house on fire?