It Was Covered In The Meeting
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  1. Cyanni

    Aww, poor dogs and their rules :)

  2. Repicheep22

    Why was he looking at Sasha when he said that?

  3. Kenny

    Guess this is just a reminder that, no matter how “people-like” they are, dogs are still dogs.

  4. Polar_Bear

    Hehehe. So cute!
    I remember the first easter after my family got a dog when I was young…

    Yeah… we didn’t hide eggs anymore after that one…

  5. Ryan

    Someone enjoyed copy/pasting Sasha. :P

    None-the-less, it’s funny!

  6. CalaverX11

    Yeah, SASHA.

  7. Goleus

    oh yey, one that isn’t about Twilight, oh sorry “pridelands”, or is just.. boring.

    I expect much out of this one.

    • dragonking

      Goleus, pridelands is an actual book series, which is why rick had commented on a few things in it

      • no space

        Er… no… it’s not. Unless a cumulative hour’s worth of Google searches were wrong, that was a completely fictional book series. Rick just made up all that stuff they were talking about.

        • Ahz

          You’re correct. :P Or at least, I believe so. My researched turned up nothing.

  8. Sessile

    my dog wouldn’t care about the prize basket. she would just eat every egg she found

  9. Rider098

    Can’t wait to see how this story turns out…

    Oh the chaos that awaits! I somehow imagine Zach will be involved somehow XD.

  10. Valerio

    oooooo, Sasha is way toooo kute!

  11. Silenvo

    lol, Easter Egg hunt… i can remember going on only 1 or 2 of those.. It was fun…

  12. kenny fox

    hee! easter eggs! ^^ i forsee something ..involving joey and another one of his ahem…unique tastes.

  13. kennyfox

    and possibly something with peanut having a fear of eggs.

  14. iggy

    eeeee sasha look soo cute in this one :D

  15. Some guy

    Yay for easter egg hunts :)

  16. Akwolf

    This all to me really depends if the eggs are hard boiled or just normal.

    • Goleus

      Why I’ve eaten normal eggs. Blender made too. and they taste horrible.

  17. james319

    so they EAT the point in the hunt? XD

  18. D.M.Wolf

    haha! don’t eat the eggs! i remember when i was little we had to lock the dog inside the house so i could hunt easter-eggs without him sniffing them out and eating them!

  19. BlueAnubis

    something tells me that Sasha did that last year… and possably the year before also.


  20. Wolfspawn

    Is the sasha character new? I don’t recon I’ve seen her before… Very cute though ^^

    • Eric

      No, she’s not new. You can click her name in the tags for this comic, and pull up every comic she has been in.

  21. Lax

    Sasha is very cute :D

  22. kira


  23. Whitewolfy123

    wait, why would u eat them? how many people use real eggs? i always hunted for plastic ones filled with candy

    • Whitewolfy123

      ok i guess they would eat the candy, but still. the eggs were plastic

  24. gamerwords


  25. Dissension

    Would this be the meeting that was interrupted when Fido came back, or a subsequent one?

  26. Fuzzypaws

    Bino should be obeyed at all times >:3