Housepets Gets Political
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  1. Faved


  2. Newby

    oh! I get it . XD

    • BluFox

      I don’t….

      • foxfireattack

        *watches as understanding flies over his head*

        If it’s politics that this humor is switching to then I might as well catch up on “Ozy and Millie”

        • foxfireattack

          and as i repost 5 seconds later, i got SOME of it…

          • Sleet

            Heh, for a minute I thought you were serious. :P

            This is kind of the exact same thing Penny Arcade did. Still funny, though. I’m not a fan of political cartoons either, so more mockery is always better.

  3. Crayshen

    I’m kinda scared. Stare at it long enough and it all starts to make sense….

  4. Tahoe

    Such obvious political satire!
    The grass is big business *nods*

  5. Fuzzypaws

    If that’s the US, then Peanut and Grape are megamacros – yay :D

  6. Buckdida

    For those who don’t get it, you may want to read the blog post! And it references something Rick found a while back, I think. go take a look in the forums…there’s some blogger that was going to write a companion guide to find the “deeper meaning” in Housepet comics.

  7. Shoji

    I doubt I will ever understand this.

  8. Goleus

    Okay, Blog post? Housepets? Economics?

    This made no sense to me, and I get this kind of stuff on a normal occasion. How would the tail be ira.. The… ARGHH.

  9. CalaverX11

    Okay, NOW I GET IT. Never mind. I feel like a dumb-ass now.

    • Shoji

      I wish I got it. I’m still staring at it for hours, wondering.

    • BluFox

      help me!! *struggles to keep afloat with the bailout*

      • CalaverX11

        His blog post the other day was about web cartoonists vs. paper-media cartoonists, and some of the loudest bawlers were the political editorial cartoonists. Rick’s showing us how nonsensical and forced political cartoons can be…in other words, the artist is taking some inane situation and turning it into some kind of twisted metaphor for our $POLITICALPROBLEM. A lot of them really DON’T make any sense at all. Like this one.

  10. Valerio

    hehe! Best political scheme EVER

  11. Sage Freehaven

    I understand completely.

  12. Draco_2k


    • BluFox

      Glad you think so. How about helping out some of these less brilliant mortals……. namely me.

  13. james319

    nice :)

    Obama or…Reid (peanut) got my vote :D

  14. Silenvo

    I’m a Dork to Politics.. I have absolutely no idea what hardly any of this means since i don’t pay attention to politics… yet. I’m told i should.. i guess I’ll have to get into that eventually.. Witch I don’t like how it already sounds… *grim face* *sigh*

  15. tahrey

    yeah, I hate those dumb cartoons too. They seem to be drawn by a very slightly more artistically-talented version of the idiot DJ who comes packaged along with the traffic reports on my car radio (todays topic: should everyone be banned from driving until 21 because a tiny minority of guys who were already hooligans choose to tune and modify their vehicles? he thinks yes. them and their custom fitted – and I quote – “nitrous turbos”.) and don’t actually add anything of value to the political debate apart from an extreme, twisted, and often somewhat surreal (something you DON’T want in politics) angle on what’s already been discussed…

    Now they’ll go back to doing cariacatures on the street corner and everyone will be a lot happier, including themselves.

  16. Coyote Trax

    Hee hee, I loves a good themed pair-oh-dee.

  17. rabidkanid

    um….yeah..make no sense to me.
    Nancy Paloci (whoever that is) is using the bailout to stay afloat in the shallow waters of the united states and Iraq is going to drown in the water. The Reid McConnell is going to use his Mortgage to breath in the shallows of the United States and play with a porkbarrel even though there really isn’t any room for Nancy and Reid in the same United States above the ground?!

    ….can you actually provide some sort of explanation or a link to an explanation!?

  18. Hikori

    Okay guys- let me explain it. He just did a blog entry about the death of newspaper comics. In general it was about the fact that people who used to be cartoonists for newspapers, now need to find their groove in the webcomic industry, but lack the ability to do so. In simple, one of the arguments about newspaper comics is that without the business, people wouldn’t look at their political comics about the situation articles are about.

    In general they’re saying that if it’s not with the newspapers, people wouldn’t get what the comic is about. However, most of the people who do these kind of comics often take a simple every day scene or something like it, and stick labels to it. A lot of them make it look ridiculously easy to do.

    (example: Dr. Seuss used to do political comics that were relative to situation. Nowadays, you see people with a wheel barrel doing yard work and label out the parallels that MIGHT have been there)


    • Rachel Keslensky - Last Res0rt

      Just because I get the joke doesn’t make it funny.

      I happen to LIKE political cartooning. However, I tend to trend closer to Doonesbury and Luckovich, who both go further in their craft than most.

      I don’t expect all political cartoonists to survive. I would, however, expect them to be given more credence than this.

    • Profesor Rod

      Anybody with minimal knowledge about MSPAINT would have good chances for American Political Cartoonship now… Good thing that they are going out of business. The were like the trolls of the old media, pulling macros out of their ass… :|

    • Rabidkanid

      Oooooohhhhhhh, ok I get it now

  19. Age

    Y’know, there’s a nice empty space in the top left that would be *perfect* for a crying Statue of Liberty.

  20. Trefoiler

    Amazing. So much time could be saved if more cartoonists followed suit, slapping their intentions on their panels like this. Though, some of us do have fun hammering them out for ourselves.

    Are they just talking, or is Graposi hogging the United Pool?
    If the sooner: Is it about the pool, economics or a more traditional non sequitur?
    If the latter: Graposi, let Reinut in the pool! What kind of responsible government official are you, anyway? I mean cat! …What kind of cat? …Anyway?

  21. foxboy007

    Hmmm, but iraq is her tail, then does that mean Iraq is a “swish swish” situation?

  22. leeu kaji

    i never get political comics but hikori explained it prety well. housepets rocks socks!!!! XP

  23. Some guy

    Late to the party ;)

    I gotta say, most cartoons I see in the paper, I want to ask, “Why aren’t you dead yet?”
    Doonesbury, Far Side, whatever Berkely Breathed is calling his work today… those were the good comics. Calvin & Hobbes was a GREAT comic. And, oh look, 3 out of 4 of those are dead. I never liked most print comics simply because they are syndicated schlock that is designed to be pap acceptable to the lowest common denominator. Editorial cartoons are pretty much the worst of that; some of them might be good but most simply don’t have to be. And so no editorial cartoonist can be bothered to make a consistently funny *story* out of their strip. So why read ‘em?

    Also- Scott Kurtz is an ass, who has entire arcs in his strip using other people’s characters because he isn’t funny any more, and his characters suck. This isn’t relevent to the Housepets comic, but it’s relevent to the discussion that spawned it :p

  24. ChromeHeart

    I’m not sure if I’m right, but I think some of them means this:
    Iraq (grape’s tail) – It’s not the head; it’s the tail, meaning it’s the least of our problems.

    Nancy Pelosi(Grape) – I guess she’s banking on the bailout plan and least worried about Iraq(?) I haven’t read up on her much, so I dunno. I won’t pretend I know the answer.

    Mortgage(Snorkel Mask) – The mortgage’s flimsy support isn’t enough for the big waters it’s gettin itself into.

    Pork Barrel(Ball) – Is it really important? Or does it symbolize the obesity rate increasing and ready to play with the United State’s mind?

    …Why was I looking into this in the first place? Ugh. I swear I have no life, but hey, that’s what makes life fun. I guess.

  25. TomFox

    My favorite is “the Ground” ;)

  26. R-One

    Very well played parody of a political cartoon – highly amusing. Seen actual such cartoons run the gamut from photo-shopped photographs to hand-drawn parodies like this one mocks, but while they look easy to make, it’s not nearly that simple. Like how the re-label on Peanut notes that, even if it wasn’t the actual intent. The “Ground” label helps point out the mockery involved too. Again, well played.

    • R-One

      Quick clarification on something I said in the prior post: Anyone can slap together an image and call it a political cartoon with a few labels, but creating such a cartoon with a relevant analogy is much harder. Such cartoons are few and far between nowadays, as most are little more than said random images with labels slapped all over it, or floating heads (altho the ones that give the politicians “big heads” get a bonus point) spouting text, but there’s a handful that draw very good analogies between the image and the political clap-trap they’re comparing to it.

  27. Adept Omega

    You’re awesome, Rick. :D

  28. Akwolf

    I think I agree that I care… yet in a lot of ways I don’t care about politics… I worry, but now sometimes I think the world is going to fall apart from the idiots that truly run this country one minded.. I have yet to see if obama is going to make progress like he says he will

  29. Goleus

    I get it… But I don’t find it funny. Honestly I find political humor to be pretty boring.

  30. Wolfspawn

    Awwww! Let them swim togheter!!! Will ever peanut and Grape be a couple :D

  31. Insignificance

    The ground…?
    I can see it now!

  32. Kaj

    I get it. :3 Grape is in the pool. But Basketballs are not pool toys, and snorkeling equipment is not necessary (silly dog). All in all, it’s translated as adorable.

  33. rcawley8


  34. falconfox01

    “ahhh yes, Politics, the fine wine of power hungry morons everywhere…..kinda tastes like grape soda”
    the economy in a silly and humoristic nutshell…altho a cat in a pool is without flipping out is rather odd, and probably allegorical in some manner that escapes me….still made me laugh tho! :P

  35. Anonymous G

    Good lord, I’ve been reading through all the comments on AAEC blog post, and have spent more than hour, only;y getting half-way though. I don’t like how the big comic guys entirely shun the non-cartoonists. I’m pretty sure the customer has a say in such a thing, when you know, they’re the ones paying your bill. (Well, not the print guys, I guess, but they’re just pretentious, unfunny pricks.)

  36. Watcher

    :: Face-Palm ::

  37. Khan-Wolfen

    *has run out of things to say/is befuddled/is sleepy* ….wibble?

  38. Khan-Wolfen

    theres no edit button so i have to repost as i found something to say *ahem* peanut looks adroable in that get-up :P