Because Mental Disorders Are Funny
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  1. CalaverX11


    Yes, yes they are.

    And yes, yes he does. o__o

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Except for Zach’s green eyes, I am sensing a theme in the color scheme here. *giggles*

    Man the bunny is too cute for his own good. ^.^

    • Polar_Bear

      Yeah, the scared bunny is stupidly cute, especially in the first two panels.

  3. Oblivion

    GRRAHSHAMAH Second post. Darn.

    Love the two cats and the bunny in the new style. Very keen.

    • Oblivion

      My mistake. Third post.

    • rtlstien

      Tiger is a dog…
      Maybe that’s another reason he’s picked on so much
      Poor Tiger

    • Oblivion

      That was a joke against Tiger! :D

  4. Valerio

    ooo, scaredy-bunny is cute

  5. lopiko

    Oh, I was so curious to see how zack would look in this awesome new style, looks so great!

  6. Yokel

    Ahaha, hoo boy.

  7. Faved

    Awwww How can you not fall in love with Zachi. that little bunny is so innocent. =P

    • Kimberly Martin

      I don’t think thats a i. I think it’s a ; so it’s Zach; not Zachi

      • Chiry

        Zachi is cuter ^.^
        Of course the bunbun’s name is Zach,

        • DeathJam

          Hey, only i can say bunbun

  8. StainedSword

    I don’t know why, but I suddenly got the idea that it would be funny to have an ultra huge buff bunny character. I just think that would be so weird.

    Or, just another bunny. This comic is awesome, but it would be cool to have more bunnies. They are comic/cuteness gold.

    • Eagle0600

      You mean a bulky bunny like Kevin?

      • BlueAnubis

        every comic could use a bunny like Kevin… or like Coney.

  9. falconfox01

    Zach is so cute it hurts! the new style really does work for him well indeed! hehepoor bunny, Tiger’s oddball moosd swings are gona throw him for a loop till he gets used to them.

  10. Khan-Wolfen

    i can understand why hes scraed now, that thrid panel was…creepy since Tiger was parnoid before XD

  11. james319

    true that ^^

  12. BlueAnubis

    Woo Hoo! Bipolar mood swings! What comic is complete without them?

  13. some dude

    we need marvins first reaction XD

    • some dude

      tigers I meant

      • Trefoiler

        I would assume it was probably an unexpected, all too spirited hug.

        (Expletive_deleted)ing creepy, man… *shudder*

        • Watcher

          I believe it was here:

  14. Rider098

    Cool. got to see Zach again, always wondered how that family was getting along after all this time!

    Well at least its friendliness rather than jealousy… or anger… or rage. O.o

  15. Trefoiler

    The new guy is scared? He should be. He has no idea what kind of place Christmas generosity has landed him. :D Let’s sing!

    four grand panels,
    three cu-ute pets,
    two lapine frights,
    and a soon-to-be insanity plea!~

    And they all look just as great as their last appearances, if not better!

  16. denton

    Very nice !

  17. Watcher


  18. Akwolf

    xDD bunny love just went up a few points that is mad cute

  19. kenny fox


  20. Hitsy

    I just noticed they all have matching collars….do they all belong to the same owner?

    • Trefoiler

      Indeed they do; they’re all Arbelts. You can look it up on the cast page, which is looking great as of late.

      I didn’t actually mean to rhyme on that line, it’s just a chronic quirk… of… mine. Hm.

      • Hitsy


  21. R-One

    Showcasing additional characters in the “new” style now, are we? Looking good. ^_^

    “Mental Disorder?” I think Tiger here takes it to a whole new level, lol!

    • Trefoiler

      ‘Disorder’ -does- seem too weak a word at this point. Perhaps Mental Chaos? Acute Mental Shifting?

      I’m actually partial to ‘Mental Anarchy’, although I would like to know the plural form if anyone knows it. You know, because they’re funny.

  22. thewhitedragon

    oh my god, that bunny is really cute, but hilarious XD
    dogs being overfriendly are indeed scary.
    also if he’s a dog, why “tiger”?

    • rtlstien

      Tiger is his name and the reason most of the dogs make fun of him. This has lead to him being pschologically unstable. Poor Tiger T.T