AKA The Non-Canon Adventures Of Spot

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  1. CalaverX11


    • BluFox


      • Li

        SOOOOOOO true….soooooooooooooooooooooooooo so true.

  2. Fenrari

    That sad face on Saso is adorable.

  3. Newby

    lol love Peanut’s expression in the last panel.

  4. Kingsley

    One of my favorite ‘The Adventures Of Spot’ ever! Don’t we all want to rescue a character at least once?

    • Oblivion

      Yeah. Snape.

      • Miles Rose

        I would have loved to save a bunch of charicters but the only baddie I wanted to save was Ashfur.

  5. Repicheep22

    That sad thing is, there are probably fan fictions out there just like this.

    • Goleus

      Sad thing is there ARE fanfics out there exactly like this. Want to hear one?

      Batman saves the joker and they go. ahem.

      • Profesor Rod


    • CalaverX11

      See my comment above.

  6. StainedSword

    I like how Saso has a mullet. Because we all know mullets are EVIL!!!!

    And also, I believe Saso (in the actual Pridelands book) got P\/\/|\|3D!!!

    • Miles Rose


      • Goleus


  7. Sage Freehaven

    Peanut’s heading down a dark road here.

  8. Buckdida

    Hey, Peanut’s drawing is improving somewhat!

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Peanut’s a shipper, why am I not surprised ^.^

    Great work on the facial expressions :D

  10. Trefoiler

    Spot (superdog) goes to Africa! Maybe the Professor was on a scientific excursion? Or maybe he really is that awesome!

    The cuteness of confused criticism Grape and negation failure Peanut cannot be described in text. They -ooze- win. If they were slug mucus enthusiasts, I’d be a little alienated, but I’d still love ‘em, as long as they kept it to themselves.

    No, I don’t want to know what species produc– Get that away from me! Seriously.

  11. james319

    LOL, will Grape and Peanut ever meet Spo?

    • jb6330

      what did happen to spo?
      is he still in the locker?

  12. Jimmy the purple

    Not every FanFic CalaverX11, just ever Fanfic that last’s more then 3 chapter’s.

    • RayvenWolf

      Heeyyyy not ALL fanfics over 3 chapters is this bad. Some of us DO have some actual ability to string thoughts together coherently and produce very decent and readable fanfics. Yes a lot DO fall short right out of the gate but don’t lump us all together with the Plot What Plot writers or those who come up with the WORST pairings ever. ex Snape/Hagrid < wrong on so many levels.

      • Jimmy the purple

        Sorry I mistyped that, What I meant to say was.’Every fanfic that’s under 3 chapter’s’
        It’s a shot at all those crazy One-Shot story’s that they don’t even bother continuing or only post an additional chapter only to loose interest.

      • CalaverX11

        Come on, it was a joke. :P I don’t read or write fan fiction. The one time I DID write a fan fiction was back in high school for a composition project, where we took an existing story and changed it so it had a different outcome. Characters were all the same, as was the setting…there were no “fan characters” or anything, it was just a re-write with a different ending.

        I did ST:TNG’s “Fistful of Datas,” but I used Minuet in Data’s place. >_>

  13. R-One

    Sad part is, I’m positive that “fanfic’s” like that exist. Love Grape’s comment, tho. XD

    • Echo

      Grape pwns

  14. Density D.

    At Buckilda: You’re right, looks like peanut’s artwork changed with Rick’s own style update.
    I’ve been comparing it to Spot (Superdog) comics from before the art style change (just hit the tag under the comic) and it looks like it has the same kinds of changes. Which I find strange in a way that’s hard to describe. By no means bad -in fact keep it- but it raises questions about webcomic cannon.
    Here’s what I mean. The art style update in no way should change the characters’ personality right? Right, and it does not. But shouldn’t Peanut’s comic style still be its old, simpler style from before (I would say “blocky”)? It could easily be explained by improved art skill or peanut wanting his own art style update but so far no reason is given. It seems to have happened by magic and Peanut is a different pe(t)rson.

    Also the spears and the Saso name arrow are too similar. What do the rest of you think?

    • Rick Griffin

      Man, Peanut’s style “changed” because it’s rather difficult to draw that crappy on purpose. It’s sort of like being a realist and then suddenly switching to Cubism. In fact, that might have been the point Picasso was making . . .

      But don’t expect it to stick. I might actually come up wit ha system for Peanut’s style one of these days.

      But yeah, the name arrow is similar to the spears on purpose. Because I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I drew spears like tag arrows.

    • D_Leo

      Well, some time has passed since the last one, Peanut could have gotten better…

  15. Akwolf

    I think my favorite joke was the second time he used suddenly..lol just, I don’t know but it was..

  16. Profesor Rod


    Just doing my job!

    • CalaverX11

      You could also do Seth McFarlane’s take on Spiderman: “Everybody gets one.”

  17. Dissension

    Nice one… as usual. x3

  18. Silenvo


  19. falconfox01

    In an exciting series crossover, Spot the wonder dog saves the day yet again! Yay!

  20. black cat

    the last comics were brilliant and all but whens peanut and the rest of the gang going to meet spo ? cause according to the last comic he was in hes still locked in fidos locker.

  21. shadowwolfx7

    Oh I didn’t notice the little note that pops up when the mouses sits on the image for a while. Now I understand why Saso was killed ^^;

  22. Watcher

    Speared in the face, epic!

    The new style really has grown on me, the expressions are amazing!

  23. Liam

    Yes, as someone has said in an earlier post, not all finfics are taken right from an established storyline. Some of the fanfics I’ve done have led me to write my own novel. So let’s not be so negative on the writers. Not everyone is out to plagiarize what’s already been done.

    • CalaverX11

      Yeah, yeah, I realize this, it was a joke, blah blah blah.

      I did find one that actually looks interesting, and I may actually read it. But it’s…not for kids. Don’t know if I should mention it here.