Yeah I Only Read It Ironically

(stealth edit 16 minutes after midnight because I can’t leave well enough alone)

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  1. Newby


  2. Brenton Hudson

    Someone’s in trouble.

  3. Akhera

    Haha, everyone loves a great story xP

  4. Fuzzypaws

    I sometimes wonder how bullies like Bino gain a following of lackeys. Must be force of personality :3

    • Trefoiler

      This time, it’s bloodlines. Fido is awesomeness to all the dogs, and while he was gone, his brother took up leadership of the club.

      But you’re right. Hell, I’d take Joey! Joey for Chairman!

  5. StainedSword

    Sounds like the kind of thing a bunch of guys would say about a chick flick.

    “Yeah, it wasn’t that good. I mean, that one part was really good, I LOVED that part, and then that other part? Amazing, but it was just horrible. Feh.”

    Good comic, I love how Rex is the big brute that sings and bakes cookies and is all soft on the inside.

  6. Goleus

    Oh dis is cool, atleast the background isn’t actual yard scenery :| .

  7. Profesor Rod

    And now everybody is a cat-lover for Pridelands X3

  8. Your Obedient Serpent

    …now I wanna read Pridelands.

    (And I think this is the first crowd o’ dogs we’ve seen with the new art style — wow! Not only are cats and dogs now obviously different species, the dogs are obviously different BREEDS. Emphasizing Fox’s nose makes it really clear that he’s NOTCAT — before, his pointed ears caused some confuzzlement.)

    • Kingsley

      I agree with you! Looks like a good book, but reminds me of Warriors- for some reason I could never get past the first book. ;-; (And I’m not a bad reader).

  9. TomFox

    Yes! Fox looks sooo awesome! Looks like he got a new collar though, still cool. Dog tags for the win :)

    • TomFox

      BTW that bandanna makes Fox look like Starfox ;)

      • Lt_Foxx

        oh my god it does!!! :3

        • BlueAnubis

          Now we just need a cat named Wolf telling him he can’t do things. XD

          • Khan-Wolfen

            can’t let you read that Fox!

          • Anon

            There’s a wolf at the zoo, though I don’t think he counts.

  10. FoxBlood

    Heh Just give up. It’s called fad, you can run, but you can’t hide. :)

  11. falconfox01

    lol hard to come down on someone when everyone liked it

  12. ScruffyBarker

    Wait… is this the next day? If so, holy crow… the dogs in this comic read freakishly fast.

    • dragonnutds

      accualy, i think they read it before to claim there not hypocrites, not in one day

  13. KittenKattBarr

    This reminds me of alot of my guy friends, and Twilight x3

  14. Silenvo

    i can’t really relate to this arc, but.. i still find it really amusing. witch is good! lol good comic. and i rather do enjoy the style change. Its impressive.

  15. james319

    i REALLY REALLY wanna know what they’re talking about!

  16. Trefoiler

    Be yourself, Rex! They couldn’t stop you, and they know it!

    Great dialogue. All this ‘I hated it, BUT’ attitude just kills me. I hate it when people can’t judge a story as a whole, myself, but when they’re as graceful as these boys, I’ll agree just to revel at the sight of their hole-digging. They’re so cute.

    Style is two thumbs up. And Housepets! makes five. If, like me, you count your big toes as another set.

  17. Toggle

    Bino’s look is great. it shows off his true character. great job

  18. tigerspew

    Mmmm…i love a good story. and yes it is possible to be a freakishly fast reader. I can read a at least two 300 page book in a day. That’s with interruptions :)

    • ScruffyBarker

      Which would be fine if it were one day but… thinking about it they found out from Joey who was at a midnight release and therefore unable to talk until probably late morning. It’s still around mid-day for the lighting so they might’ve had a grand total of about six hours to obtain the series and read it. All three of them. At once.

  19. HeartCutter

    IS Pridelands a real book? ’cause it reminds me of Harry Potter.

    • Goleus

      Lol, no. It’s just a prop for the rick to use for the actual story arc, if he didn’t have anything, then this arc wouldn’t be make-able.

  20. shadowwolfx7

    lol, I think they just named the entire book right there :XD

  21. Hitsy

    Am I the only one who thinks Fox looks like a white dingo on the 3rd panel?

    Still, awesome strip :)

    Love the new art style now :P

  22. Akwolf

    x3 zomg this comic is awesome

  23. Takum

    I think it’s cool how with the newer style, you can see all the different character’s facial structure, especially Peanut’s for some reason. He really sticks out in this comic, but I guess it’s a good thing, him being a main character.

  24. Kipaji

    Anybody remember that Rex was blushing and had an odd grin on his face when he saw Peanut’s picture way back in the “Cat Tail” arc? Sounds to me like he’s in the cat lover closet (doghouse?) as well… :)

    • Kumori Getsuei

      I know X3
      I knew he liked that picture too XD

  25. Kumori Getsuei

    Eeeee! Rex is so cute X3 ~♥

  26. VaguelyCreepy

    The power of pop fiction compels you!

    Who else here sees the three-mile-wide opening “Pridelands” is making for some Housepets! fans to write fanfics?

  27. BlueAnubis

    Fox looks awesome, I wonder what breed he is, my first guess would be some kind of husky.

    Feh. Of course the cape dog is awesome incarnate.

  28. Taay


  29. Taay

    nice! we see more characters! i hope we get to see fido or spo soon. they are one of the few characters that i’ve not seen yet

  30. R-One

    Looks good – now how about a crowd of cats for comparison sometime within the next few weeks? =P

    Bino’s turning into a bit of an all-round nemesis character… should make for a very interesting arc sooner or later between him and Fido, once the cat’s out of the bag (lol).*

    *You know it’ll happen sooner or later! =P