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So Very Very Naive

No Joke Today, Just Violence


Of Course It’s Gray, It’s Not Radium Paint

Because Good Is Dumb

Deus Ex Spotchina

AKA The Author Needs A Break From Art Again

How about that, some pet related content!
The bill currently in committee in Congress, HR 669, seeks to ban all non-native species from the US , and claims that it’s for the good of the economy
Lest you should be confused as to what that covers, that’s all tropical fish, most reptiles, most birds, hamsters, gerbils, guinea [...]

Any Year With No Fatalities Is A Good Year

It Was Covered In The Meeting

Housepets Gets Political

Well I figured I might start doing some blogging on this site. However, since what I blog about will ultimately be unrelated to the comic, it will just go in the ‘News’ category, and will be about things I am interested in and are pertinent.
This gem is a little hidden from view. Check out this [...]

Because Mental Disorders Are Funny

AKA The Non-Canon Adventures Of Spot

Yeah I Only Read It Ironically