The Metatext Is A Harsh Mistress
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  1. Newby

    Hehe… I can totally see myself doing that.

    • Faved

      Ah the infamous car seats again… Anyways I guess the new art style is growing on me. I remember saying to myself that this new art style would not be as cute as the old style was in the first car ride scene, but in this strip you have proven me wrong.

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Everything about this one is adorable, especially Peanut and the car seats. =) Also now I want to read the book myself!

  3. CalaverX11

    It looks like you’ve found a compromise between the old style and the new one…their faces look much more cartoony in this comic.

    • StainedSword

      I agree, I love the old style, but I’m open to change, and I think this comic shows off the new style the best so far.

      People are probably going to keep saying that for a long time. :P

      I’m really familiar to this kind of thing. My family reads a lot, and so we always have to make promises not to spoil. It’s really hard not to, sometimes.

  4. Fenrari

    The Non-chalant Grape is adorable.

    • TomFox

      I know right? The new art style just keeps getting better and better!

  5. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. That’s so cute!
    And I know I’ve done that before… so Nyah! :P

  6. Profesor Rod

    Last Panel: Apply to the forehead.

    • Goleus

      That joke would of been much more coherent with the actual panel IF grape was holding her forehead up and having her fingers on her head… It’s more of a Face Palm.

      • Trefoiler

        Face Paw, apply directly to face.

        Face Paw, apply directly to face.

        Fa– you know what? If you don’t get the joke by now, I can’t help you.

        Otherwise, join me in a hearty lawl. For it is quite so.

      • Profesor Rod


  7. Goleus

    I like it. Next time you hear that from me you will most likely be dead.

  8. johnny3000

    i wonder whats on page 15?…

  9. Valerio

    Peanut keeps being a cute winner :D
    Me and my friends just do that to each other over new comics. i *know* the feeling

  10. falconfox01

    my laughing at this strip is just another example of why they think i’m insane at work. No one had a clue as to WTF i was laughing about :P

  11. Tahoe

    This reminds me way, way, WAY too much of my brother and I…

  12. Valerio

    Grape is gonna give Peanut a shock collar

  13. dragonnutds

    well, at least he didn’t say what was on page 15

    • taco

      not yet

  14. ferretwithaspork

    Lookin’ great again :D Only thing is grape looks kinda manly in Panel 3 :P In a cute way ^,^

  15. BlueAnubis

    Wow, Peanut reads freakishly fast. I wonder if he read the whole series in that half hour waiting for the new one? (I’m assuming he did) 8D

    Fear the power of the “Stupid Ramblings Concerning Pridelands” book!!!

  16. Tommy

    Wow, Peanut is a REALLY fast reader.

  17. james319

    XD i do the same thing (mostly games/movies)

  18. Trefoiler

    Technically, page fifteen just sets off the chain that gets REALLY awesome on page sixteen. But I won’t say anything. It’s just awesome.

    Was Peanut ever a Pup… Scout? The gestures are unmistakable. As are the sentence structures.

    Stupid Ramblings concerning– too much. My abs are going to fall off. It hurts. Debilitating lawls. Make it stop.

  19. reaperslayer

    lawl gun gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. Alahmnat

    Sad Peanut is almost abusively cute. Poor Peanut.

    (Seriously, though, I thought *I* read fast…)

  21. Dissension

    I have a sad, sad feeling that this is based on me. ^^;

    Magister Rickus is a harsh mistress. x3

  22. Insignificance


  23. Akwolf

    lol… obviously x3 Once again, Peanut’s short attention spans have “spoiled” another day.. lol I love peanut

  24. VaguelyCreepy

    Situations like these only strengthen my belief that we should develop a new martial art known as “duct-tape-fu.”

    Level: Basic
    Move #1: The mouth seal.

  25. Rider098

    This is adorable all over. Well, at least Peanut sorta kept his promise, just now he’s merely going to ‘hint’ all the way through XP.

    But honestly, would you let Peanut cry too? Sad Peanut makes me sad…

  26. Kumori Getsuei

    Peanut is just like my best friend! XD
    Poor Grape, I know her pain…

  27. Matrim

    reminds me of the time i read the dark tower by steven king and my friends told me i should not read the end of it^^

  28. Bookwyrm

    I do the same thing as Peanut. I like the same books as my mom (well, I like almost all books…), and whenever she gets a new one I’ll beg her to let me read it first (and if she says no I’ll read it anyways). After I’m done I continuously ask her where she is in the book. It’s so hard to not say what’s going to happen next!

  29. Avery (Zepho)

    When Is House Pets Going Back To The Other Style ??? I Like It More *sighs* I Hope It Happens Soon.

    • D.M.Wolf

      rick already said he wasn’t going back several isues ago….

  30. Trefoiler

    Hm… strange. I guess I’ll catch the next one…?

  31. Drakkon

    Get over yourself, Gol. It is funny.

  32. Trefoiler

    I don’t know what’s going on with this comment, but I’m hitching a ride on it before it wipes out. Ridin’ the wave!