Therin Lies Madness

Okay, not all of the cats are going to have the almond eyes; I haven’t even tried just regular round eyes for some of them yet. I think Grape and Max will keep regular shaped eyes, possibly Marvin too (And Jasper?)

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    That’s what he gets for essentially reading the cliff notes version ;)

    • Brenton Hudson

      That’s true. Wait, is that, yes it is! Pride d20! Holy D&D, y’all! I’m guessing that Rick is a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons.


      Grape’s comment leads me to believe that Peanut often goes nutty when he reads spoilers. Did I just use Peanut and nutty in the same sentence?

  2. Repicheep22

    I love their faces in the last panel, and yeah, story guides always ruin the actual book.

  3. Your Obedient Serpent

    I think you’ve added enough Species-Distinctive Characteristics to the art style to allow a variety of eye types within each species. Grape still looks very definitely CAT in this strip.

  4. Odos

    It’s true that Grape looks “cat,” but I kinda liked her WITH almond eyes.

    meh, whatever, I’ll get over it.

    • Trefoiler

      You are my hero.

  5. Goleus

    Next time on Space Detective Etna! – Something furry… y?

    I don’t like this arc, it’s just sort of boring and embarrasingly bad because he’s practicing a new style and it looks well.. bad. The arms/Finger right there, why does it look so messed up?

    • Odos

      I dunno what you’re talking about, I’m quite enjoying it… and toying around with your art style to find what you’re comfortable with is ok in my book.

      sure, it’s not “I hit Bino with a GFP (Greasy Frying Pan), haha.” Kind of funny, but there’s humor in it, and I find it funny

      But, then again, you ain’t me… So I won’t force my perspectives onto you.

      • Goleus

        You better not, or I might have to just hit someone. Most likely you.

        AHAHAHA… am I kidding?

    • matus

      I, on the other hand, like it… arms and fingers were never realystic in HP… so why he should change them now… i love the new style and the fact, that not all cats are going to have almond eyes just made my day :D
      poor peanut, at least he dont have to buy those books, Grape got them all, i gues

    • Barry

      In fact they were a lot more cuter the old drawn way.

  6. THATguy

    Peanut in that last strip looks hilarious!

  7. Watcher

    It was like that with me and the Ender’s Game series of books (only I read the actual books, not the guides).
    My friend gave me Ender’s Game for my birthday and I was like, whatever, because I don’t read books all too often.

    One day after all his nagging to read it I started, next week goes by and I have all 8 books in the series and have to re-read them like once a month…

    Good stories get you hooked, kind of like why Housepets is on the top of my favs list and I check in all the time to look for updates.

  8. Valerio

    Oh. Peanut, I know the feeling, I know

  9. R-One

    Nice use of a “for Dummies” reference in the last panel. Peanut, Peanut, Peanut…. will you never learn? XD

    Then again, I’ve burned thru massive book series in less than an hour before… >.>

    Aside from the cat eyes, the new style looks pretty good – someone said it earlier, but think it’d be a good idea to use the eye dialation (SP?) on the cats to convey mood, instead of always-narrow-slits. If realism’s the goal, it’d fit anyways. Enlarging that part of the eye may even help Grape seem a bit more feminine, without having to over-do it (like a few other cats may require).

  10. Sessile

    awww peanut is not an imbecile!

  11. Kaj

    This strip is like me with my sisters, 7 years ago. Or like me, my mom and sisters, and my dad. It ALWAYS happens like this.

  12. Bluey

    I think I have to agree I am totally unbiased as never seen the blog before but I have to say Grape has to many cat features . I think it’s the ears but I am no artist. I am book marking this blog I love it.

  13. BlackPanther1987

    aah, Grape looks great with regular shaped eyes ^^

  14. FerretWithASpork

    PERFECT! Everything about this strip is PERFECT! :P Grape’s eyes are SPOT ON!

    P.S. Max should have regular eyes too :3 I know this sounds a bit racist XD but I think the Siamese is the only one that the almond eyes REALLY work on.

    But again.. PERFECT!

    • Ebly

      You’re just saying that because you got to see Peanut’s overtly sexy back~

      • FerretWithASpork

        Oh you know it Ebly! ;)

  15. tahrey

    think you might have cracked it with this one! looks just right.

    also: nailing obsessive fans to the T :D I know too many people like Peanut, and Grape embodies my response

  16. Varsaigen

    yes, the almond eyes were better. Made them look more cat-like than the “normal” eyes. :/ Besides, it makes them look more alive than bored to death with nothing to do in the world :/

  17. Sokahu

    I really like the huge mass of cat ears in the background. Peanut must feel so left out with so many cats around.

  18. Jutah

    To be honest, im still not a fan of how Grape and the other cats gained a longer nose/muzzle, never really liked that

  19. Insignificance

    Peanut has the cutest tail…

  20. Akwolf

    lol I thought the background was like.. a carpet but then I realized it was a bunch of cats

    • AceyWinters


      • Miles Rose

        I wonder what would happen if someone threw a ball of yarn into the middle of all that?

        • Trefoiler

          It does seem like the perfect place for a nip-laced cat toy invasion. Just throw in a handful.

          You may just get out alive. Or not.

  21. Hitsy

    “Pridelands for imbeciles” xD

    Is that the first time we’ve seen Peanut from that angle? 0.0

  22. shadowwolfx7

    Wow, all within five minutes… I wonder if he’ll tire out for the 25 minutes he has left. Peanut might even finish the whole series before the night is over! lol

    hmm, I’ve just noticed that Peanut has great posture.

  23. jinxtigr

    “It was already looking perfect and you messed it up” is a nice problem to have :) I know it’ll take me a long time to get there. On the bright side, I can improve however I want because nobody is attached to any of my art :)

  24. Mikijji

    i officially LOVE the new style, i didnt like but there emotions are relayed better now

  25. kenny fox

    thats what happened when my mom introduced me to dragon lance….and to the firekeeper series…and all her other books >.>

  26. BlueAnubis

    Peanut is way too cute in pannel three, and absolutely histerical in four (he’s actually crying!)
    and I thought the ears in the background was some kind of bush or something.

    Must… Read… PRIDELANDS!!! (Especially the “Pridelands Companion Companion”)

  27. Trefoiler

    Even the companion needs a companion? And then they still came out with a PRIDELANDS FOR IMBECILES?? I -really- shouldn’t get involved, myself, but the scientist in me wants so desperately to figure this out. My Rubik complex is -so- much bigger than yours!

    Rick, I love it all. I’d read this comic if it were masterfully hand-painted on the side of the Arc de Triomphe, or converted into stick-figure format on the nearest napkin. You win. You just win.

    Idea for future arc (de triomphe?): Pridelands author arrives with much fanfare for a book signing! He or she (and him or her?) would probably need an increased security detail, but- *gasp* FIDO AND HIS COP BUDDIES! THE FANS– HE WON’T SEE DAYLIGHT FOR A WEEK!!

    ‘What was he like, Fido!?’

    ‘Did you get to touch him, Fido!?’

    ‘Can you have him sign this for me Fido!?’

    Mm. Sabrina may have to get involved…

  28. james319

    hmm…id like to know what all the fuss is about too

  29. Clovis

    :( I really like the almond-shaped eyes on all of the cats, especially Grape.

  30. Wolfspawn

    Awww…. Peanut is so adorable! ^^