And Now, You Can Never Unsee It
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Joey and Squeak are after my own heart <3

    • oneniisama

      We need an uncensored pic of the last panel as a desktop background. ^^

  2. DZ

    Hah! Chocolate for dogs…

  3. Odos

    LOL! I LOVE the name of the coffee shop inside the bookstore! That’s great…

    umm… Ok, I hope by now it’s implied that I think all the comics are great, unless I say otherwise… so… yea >.>…

  4. Icarus

    ha, who’d want to unsee that? its so adorable!

  5. foxfireattack

    hehe… Roleplaying…

  6. Shoji

    Joey is so cute <3 And I love the coffee shop name XD

  7. Newby

    “I Can’t Believe it’s not Chocolate” lol.

  8. Jimmy the purple

    Lot of cross specie’s couples in this story…
    Can I request a Blue-Hedgehog/Purple-Cat couple joke pic please!

  9. Orion928

    …Reminds me of some of my earlier roleplaying days…

  10. Goleus


    Okay I guess that was interesting- Also I like these panels as far as new-style.

  11. Sage Freehaven

    Ha ha, oh wow.

  12. TomFox

    But seriously: Joey looks really great, I totally buy him as a younger brother of Bino. BTW I don’t know why but his hair makes me think he’s got the dog equivalent of a faux-hawk.

  13. Whiskers

    Am I the only one who can’t tell what Joey’s doing in the last panel? I can’t tell what’s a leg, tail, arm… how is he positioned? or do I want to know 8|

  14. GameCobra

    I believe what’s happening since Peanut’s thinking up the image, he was obviously thinking of something bad and it just suddenly got all scrambled with that bubble in the middle. XD

    That’s how i looked at it, and it’s funny when you think of it in the mind of Peanut. why WOULD you want to put two and two together in that situation with Joey and Squeak? @_@

  15. StainedSword

    Ahh, Joey.. How you entertain and frighten us. :D

    I like the little jokes you fit in this comic. “The coffee shop in the bookstore: whoodathunkit.” “I can’t believe it’s not chocolate.”


  16. THATguy

    …My eyes are nelting. PLEASE! NO MORE!

    Nice comic though.

  17. THATguy


  18. falconfox01

    Oh my, a dog RP’ing as a cat in a cat suit with a mouse………… mind just melted.

    • D_Leo

      I’m sure that’s a fetish somewhere

      • Kamron

        The mind-melting or the dog/cat/mouse thing?

        • D_Leo


  19. Rizsa

    i love the new style it makes everything more cute

  20. scott

    HAHAHA Very funny. The quality of this comic is amazing.

  21. Valerio

    Crosspecies, yay!

  22. RG

    Entertaining coffee shop name, and I wanted to see the entire thing… the two of them are a cute inter species couple.

  23. no space

    Well, since no one else has said this, I will. I like this Squeak much more than her block-headed self that appeared in the Christmas special. And the little finger-twirl she’s doing here is adorable.

  24. CatAnon

    LOL. The cup says “I can’t believe it’s not chocolate”

  25. Drakkon

    MY EYES! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  26. Jutah

    I must admit, I don’t remember hearing about Squeak before, was she introduced in a previous comic?

  27. Kurast

    Squeak’s got that evilly smug look on her grin that would turn any man into a deviant.

  28. Khan-Wolfen

    welp, my brain just shot it self outta a cannon to escape, cheers man, cheers

  29. JReq

    I thought they were playing Twister in the last panel, only without the dots… hm, I should probably stop right there. xD cuteness all around! ^^

  30. microbuss

    lol last panel FUNNY great comic too MOAR!

  31. MrGBH

    And now I’ll never be able to watch Tom and Jerry again.

  32. Your Obedient Serpent


  33. LeeuKaji

    this is so awsome i love the chocolate i love housepets!!

  34. D.M.Wolf

    i’m a little confuzzled myself on the positioning in the last frame…. unless above the bubble is one picture and below is another, then it makes since. but otherwise things look… weird.

    that aside!!

    hehe <3 there are so many things halarious in this strip. between the choclate, the name of the coffee shop, and the furrsuiting joke i don’t know what to laugh at xD

  35. Rider098

    Ah, you made fun of so many things in this one comic… you never cease to entertain do you? Keep it up, I can’t wait to see what you do next!
    …wait, is that his collar on the cat suit? O.o

  36. R-One

    Evil… pure and simple evil genius. Peoples brains are going to be trying to escape from now till next week after this. XD

  37. Megaket

    I want to know whats behind all the “rabble”, but I still doesn’t want to know…

  38. Nyrufa

    For the first few times it showed Squeak, I thought she was a male, I only just realized the opposite with this strip.


  39. Insignificance

    But it IS chocolate….
    And isn’t it bad for dogs?
    Oh, and I absolutely love Joey’s hair.

  40. BlueAnubis

    Joey must be pretty whipped if he needs his girlfriend’s permission to go anywhere as a cat.

    lol, Whoodathunkit, Awesome.

  41. Keyblade0101


    a coffee store inside a bookstore

    Aha, that’s epic xD, it’s just so freakin’ true.

    • Keyblade0101

      coffee shop* :3

      • Izkata

        Errrr, Barnes & Noble?

        • Kurast

          He’s quoting the wall <..>

          • Izkata

            That I did not notice…


  42. Dissension

    D’Awwww… xD

    This just reinforces Joey’s position as my favorite character. = P

  43. Leina Wolfe

    That’s only a SLIGHTLY frightening thought…

    Squeak seems to be enjoying it more than Joey in that last panel.

    • Izkata

      Looks more like Joey is taking it as fun roleplaying, while Squeak is taking it.. more.. *ahem*

  44. Sleet

    A little creepy. :P

    I really like the coffee shop and drink names. Also, your dogs look great now. I really like the style.

  45. GenericGirlName

    I can’t believe it’s not chocolate XDDD

    But yea. This stuff is great. adn by stuff I mean comic :3

  46. Takum

    Joey’s hair is pretty cool. Also, he might want to rethink his fursuit color, it’s a totally different color than his actual fur.

  47. Ness2099

    Super nice comic. I love it. I’m not sure about the new style but it’s ok. I’m a Mexican Fan and it’s dificult to solve some parts of the text “whoodathunkit”. Could you help me please? Good work Rick.

    • D.M.Wolf

      it’s the word’s “who’d a thunk it” compressed into one word. meaning “who would have thought of that”

      • Ness2099

        Thks D.M.Wolf. You helped me a lot.

  48. Izkata

    So yeah, I just reread the whole archives. The cats don’t look evil now that I’ve seen it again; the change – even the slit irises – was a good one.

  49. james319

    hmmm….iv been wondering where he went XD

  50. Kumori Getsuei

    Eeeeeee! ~♥
    Joey is so cute X3
    I love him XD

  51. Gavinfoxx

    Lets see. Fursuit fetish, interspecies fetish, paw/squish fetish, micro/macro fetish, predator/prey fetish… hmmm… am I missing anything?

    • wierdsnake

      tail fetish?

  52. dragonking

    from what i can tell the last panel is joey in his cat suit, falling backwards.
    you got, presumably, another leg going out of the comic to the right, one foot on squeak, one had in the air, and the other going out of the comic to the left.

    • Kurast

      Most likely it’s a split pnael, with him saying “Hello!” to Squeak, then a scene involving her being ‘caught.”

    • Zurr

      No, look closely. he’s on a couch.

  53. THATguy

    WHOODATHUNKIT?! Rolling On The Floor Laughing

  54. Tailson

    Hah, I just noticed Joey’s collar is the plumbob from the sims.

    • Hobbes

      Its actually a diamond with a J on it.

  55. Hreter

    Hey, what is written in that chocolate cup?

    • Profesor Rod

      Most probably it is “I can’t believe it’s not chocolate” XD

      • Hitsy

        Lol I see it xD

  56. Profesor Rod


  57. Chiry

    Yeah, rofl at the coffee shop name ^.^

    And…… o.o; Way too much information

  58. Yoji

    lol someone likes the paws XD

  59. shadowwolfx7

    Hah, I get the joke of the “I can’t believe it’s not chocolate” cup lol

  60. Watcher

    I am presuming, he had to catch the mouse as a cat, but the mouse realized it was a dog and they became friends?

    Or something?

    It is kind of hard to tell from the last panel what’s happening (that’s the idea right?) but from what I can piece together that seems right…

    • Profesor Rod

      Seems like there is still hope for you |3…

  61. Valtz

    Awwwwwwwwww I wanted to see the whole picture D:

    • Profesor Rod

      This last panel is OH SO EXPLOITABLE |3!

  62. tahrey

    i can’t figure out what the orange thing is in the lower right of the last frame, but then, i don’t think I want to….


  63. Akwolf

    lol that IS way too much info.. Especially for a family comic but lol that just touched some real ugly topics…(or nice depending on.. stuff) xD

    • Severedevil

      If you’re mature enough to get the joke, you’re mature enough to handle the joke.

  64. Hitsy

    Joey looks really cute in the 3rd panel x3

  65. Pogiforce

    I must say the number of characters in this strip is getting a bit excessive. I have no recollection of who this Joey person is at all.

    • Rick Griffin

      That’s what the tags are for!

  66. D_Leo

    Argh, need…mindbleach…
    But the mousie? Me-yaow!

  67. kenny fox

    roflmao loololoolololollllll omgomgomg HAHAHAHA i laughed for like fiiive minutes rofl

  68. Trefoiler

    I can almost picture at least three– Agh, this damnedable imaginative mind… O, and little Joey, you are so misunderstood. Alas, I do enjoy your every appearance.

    I was actually surprised to know the suit thing was common knowledge among the cats, but it actually makes sense now. And it WAS Max who introducing Joey to Grape.

    ‘And this is-’
    ‘We’ve met.’
    ‘But you said you didn’t know any-’
    ‘We’ve met.’

    Total win.

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