Impenetrable Wall Of Text
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Eeee Max is so cute. :D

  2. Midnightwolf

    I wish I knew too Peanut…I wish I knew too…

    • Chiry

      so not alone…..

  3. Kurast

    In such a scenario, I am more akin to Grape than i am Max.

    I never read the online theories.

  4. Oblivion

    I think they both look adorable, but the fangs look a bit too far forward.

    • Odos

      I thought the same thing with the fangs myself… they almost look like they could inject poison, or spit poison or something (I.E. Snakelike)

      • Rick Griffin

        Excuse me, I would like to present exhibit A:

        Reality is unrealistic I suppose

        • Anon

          I think it’s the facial expressions (i.e. wide open mouths almost all of the time) that make it look unrealistic–usually cats mouths are fairly small unless they’re hunting or yawning or something.

          • black cat

            i dot know my cat has a rather big mouth if you ask me

    • ZincChloride

      Same here… and I still can’t get the hang of the eyes, they just seem to have too much realism to them and I can’t attach any emotion to the eyes. I have to rely soley on the facial features.

      • Profesor Rod

        Cats are now very cat-like :V

      • jesstech

        This very same thing has been bugging me. Eyes are usually the most expressive part of the facial structure of a comic character, so it’s been really hard for me to feel attached to the cats after this redesign.

  5. Kimberly Martin

    Ok now I want to read the books too

  6. falconfox01

    this strip really shows off the new style the best so far. Very, very nice!

  7. Freezingicekirby

    -lol- Poor Peanut. I’ve been through that before though. Just keep shaking your head and pretend to know what they are talking about. XD

  8. matus

    nahhaha… grape and max do look the same, don’t they? now i’m curious what is a realy feminime cat going to look like…
    somehow i thought that max would be more of tough guys compared to grape

  9. Y10

    MAX IS A CAT?!

    • BluFox

      How did you not know that? He invited Grape to the Yarnball for New Year’s… a hang out for cats exclusively….

    • Psycholian

      Perfectly showing the reason he made the redesign in the first place.

  10. Odos

    Hehehe… Alternate wording for panel one

    Grape: “Muuhahahahahahah!”
    Max: “Muuuhahahahahahahahaha!!”

  11. Pontos

    Haha, a few friends of mine have been through this when I talk about anime of manga with other friends who actually know about the subject :P

    Btw, why did you write “Wheel of Time” in one of the books? I mean, why only one book, and specifically that one series?

    • R-One

      Could just be a tribute to that particular Author and Series – Wheel of Time was probably the largest fantasy epic written, to the point even the author was having trouble keeping things together (too many different plots going at once… part of what mad it interesting tho). Ranks right up there with Lord of the Rings imo, even in it’s unfinished state – Wheel of Time is certainly larger than LOTR (13 books+ and short stories, vrs 3 modern or 9 original release books, plus “The Hobbit,” and short stories), but owes a lot of the basic concepts it uses to Tolkien – but most fantasy stories owe a lot to Tolkien anyways, lol.

  12. Kaloyan

    The comic looked good the other day and now it’s back to looking creepy…. It must be the closups…. or the big eyes.

  13. Izkata

    This reminds me of me when someone gets me talking about my favorite book series, The Death Gate Cycle…

  14. StainedSword

    It must have been a lot of fun making up the technobabble for the story up at this part.

    This whole comic just reminded me of how sometimes I like to burst into random conversations just to confuse people. Example:
    “Wow, I didn’t think the photon manipulator would actually make it launch that far.”
    “Yeah, I don’t think we will ever see that banana again.”


  15. GameCobra

    Alright, i’ll bite. =P

    I admit earlier i was skeptical about how Rick would draw Max. but after being skeptical earlier, i suddenly took another look at Max and see that he’d catch that “alley cat” or “litter cat” feeling in him this way as well.

    I just hope future incantations of characters can continue to save their charms. oh, and show us some more of Max’s smiles. we go crazy for them =P

  16. ParryLost

    Ah, maybe use just a teeeeeeeny bit less detail in the new drawing style? With the close-ups in this comic, I think we’re falling into the Uncanny Valley again… >_<

  17. Repicheep22

    I’m with you, Peanut.
    Hey, anyone notice “The Whell of Time” sitting on the shelf in the last panel?

    • CalaverX11

      Wheel of Time is working its way into a lot of online comics…

  18. TomFox

    Rick, I think you have a new story series to get working on.

  19. Valerio

    PS – cats’ pupils start growing when they are excited. Eyes could be better used to reflect feline mood.
    PPS – this new style keeps looking ADORABLE :) )

  20. Khan-Wolfen

    wow, that story has everything, even a Marubian Eye!

  21. Sessile

    hmm I actually like the older blocky-head version of max more. It made him seem more masculine. Plus now, he looks exactally like grape except for the color scheme, bell, and ear bite

  22. james319

    this seems very interesting *takes down notes* XD i wish i knew what they were saying too

  23. RG

    I want to read that book. Somebody throw me a copy.

  24. Jimmy Jazz

    hehehahahaha…. my god this sounds too much like the “Warriors” series that i read…. XD

  25. KFinn

    You don’t just “read” Wheel of Time. You devote your life to it until you’re so sick of the unending detail that Robert Jordan put into those books. I stopped at book 9…

    Great comic! I love the new art style!

    • LIghtcecil

      That reminds me of when I read Wheel of Time. I think… I lasted until Book 9 as well and then threw my hands up and chose an author that knows when to end a book series.

      • R-One

        I must be a book-worm then – read the entire thing so far, including the prequel that was written. But I burned thru the entire Lord of the Rings “trilogy,” plus “The Hobbit” and “The Simarilion” (SP?) when I was ten. >.>

        • KFinn

          The funny thing is the fact that Robert Jordan died without finishing the series because he has some rare form of cancer.

  26. Akai

    Yeah, I agree that the fangs are too forward to be cat-like and really do appear to be snake-like. Also, aren’t cat eyes supposed to be diamond-shape, not necessarily just slits?

    Can’t tell the difference between Max and Grape? Is it me, or does Max’s snout appear more protruded than Grape’s? Her’s seems more slanted downward, giving it a more feminine look.

    I have no idea what the Wheel of Time thing is, but good old Marubian Eye! What fantasy story doesn’t have one? :P

  27. Vash

    This is EXACTLY how I sound talking about warriors by Erin hunter. I am abosred in it and boom I sound just like that when I get in on a tanget on it. No offense but max looks off to me, he looks catish but something about the angle seems odd. I’m no artist but just giving my view.

  28. Trefoiler

    I like New Max! A bit of an angular blunder with the canines on these felines, if you can excuse the term, and the rest still has my praise. And New Grape is still win! Also:

    Way to Imaginate, Rick! My ears they bleed!

    The thing is, when I checked a forum yesterday, it was suggested that that younger lion, Kibwe, is involved in the raid that was alluded to near the end of the last book. He was never a very convincing character, but if the Dragon Council was, in fact, pulling some Pridelander strings, it would explain a lot. That little têt à têt he had with Agali during the Painting Ceremony never really sat well with me either, so I think this would make sense.


    • Trefoiler

      Whoops! Peanut, too! Peanut is Win. They’re some sort of Win alloy you’d find protecting a pure Win core, wrapped in several layers of thick and thin Win polymers. Win.

    • TomFox

      *Epic Win*

      • Trefoiler

        That too. Thank you.

  29. AceyWinters

    This totally reminds me of when my roomies are going off about Star Trek :<

  30. Goleus

    The new style looks… Sloppy.

  31. Traxer

    Alas, gives me flashbacks to the days of the Harry Potter speculations. ^^ I need to get into a new series along these lines…

  32. kenny fox

    LOL i know exactly how peanut feels *gives him a book with bright colorful pictures* there. much better! im loving the new style by the way :D hehe i keep housepets bookmarked. ive tried other webcomics. the writer of VG cats is a bit of a jerk. xkcd is cool…but sometimes i cant understand his jokes since theyre often written in math and programing languages >> so yeah housepets wins.

  33. R-One

    Sadly enough, as someone who plays RPGs (both PC and paper & pencil)…. that made sense. >.0

    Probably helps that I’ve actually had to write a campaign almost from scratch tho – makes other “made up” works easier to comprehend, even when they’re made up just for a gag!

    Have to say, in this one, Grape looks almost like a mini-version of Max… just different colors. I suppose that’s true of cats at a distance (sometimes, anyways), but may want to consider a few more traits to set female and male characters apart besides the collars and their choice of words.*

    *(It’s “okay” with Grape, since she’s supposed to be a bit confusing when it comes to gender, but you’ve got your work cut out for you later with Sabrina!)

  34. Punk Jax

    Lioness and hyena posters in the back!! :D

  35. Raven

    Reminds me when half of my friends were all into Twighlight…

  36. Goleus

    ^And then the they died due to fail? Yeah I hate when that happens.

  37. Andy

    WOW the art rocks. Love the story line. Thanks for having such a wonderful comic. Its great.

  38. Dzamie

    I’m having flashbacks to isolating my friend by talking about Runescape.
    “dude, so, the green drags are in the wildee, right? Im still trying to get in prayer order”
    “I’m trying to level up my prayer stat, so I haven’t the time to look for green dragons. Are they in the Wilderness area?”

  39. Drakkon

    Is is sad that I could follow their conversation, at least in a overview sort of way?

  40. BlueAnubis

    LOL, it’s funny, this is the most feminine Grape has ever been, and Max too. RUN FROM THE RABID FANGIRLS!!!!

    And what idiot would belive that the Laughing Face and The Order are the same?

    • R-One

      Stranger things have happened. =P

  41. Paradox

    Goldfish peanut is Goldfish

  42. johnny40000

    you ever think of making real posters of this fake book? i think it would be cool :P

  43. MiseryFields

    Is that a Preyfar in the back, or just a random hyena that looks like him? lol

    • Rick Griffin

      Preyfar is purple, not gray! But yes it does kinda look like him now that I think about it

  44. wierdsnake

    the hyena in the back round panel four looks like the lion king :3

  45. Kumori Getsuei

    That ‘Wheel of Time’ book behind Peanut looks huge compared to the other books…
    I really want to read the Pridelands book now XD Sounds interesting :3

  46. Goleus

    ^That’s because that book is full of pron Magz. The more you know.

    • Paradox

      ^^ Don’t listen to him. Hes a false dragon! (Yes. I have read wheel of time.)