Hey, It’s That Cat Again

If you peek into the background, you’ll notice that this is in fact the FIRST Housepets comic to have a human child in it. It’s true! He’s petting one of the cats

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  1. isk84waffles

    in the background i can see a couple that look like they’re kissing.

  2. Fuzzypaws

    The new style is definitely a proven winner by now.

    • R-One

      have to agree with you on that one – made comments towards that on the last one (grape’s odd-smile the only exception), and this ones continued on those lines.

      Grape seems to be having a gender-crisis tho in appearance, since the strip relies entirely on the face and mannerisms for that: sometimes she’s appearing more masculine, sometimes more feminine, in the new style. Just means more experimentation in that area *shrug*

      Only reason I point this out is that it’ll become more important once characters like Max and Sabrina start re-appearing in the strip – Grape’s gender may become confusing again for new readers.

      • Odos

        Well, yea… I posted about the gender confusion of grape myself when I saw her break the collar zapper controller thing… But then again, I find it rather understandable now how the ACTUAL characters, including Peanut, got it mixed up too. For being female, she doesn’t really look (and, really, act) it… Though, still, it makes me wonder what her voice sounds like…

        I, personally, like the confusion myself, and really, I think the reason for the confusion could probably be the lack of long eyelashes on grape, those tend to bend the gender towards female, even if they are just a small addition. Even in the old style, Sabrina had a very egyptian look, including at the sides of the eyes (which I only noticed in the latest one she’s been in)

        • R-One

          In the last zap-collar strip, I think Rick was still experimenting with the characters – Grape underwent some more tweaks between that one and the start of this arc, at least in proportions (which have remained pretty constant in this arcs two current strips). May have been unintentional, but it looks like some final tweaking was done imo.

          Isn’t really a big issue in Peanut & Grape strips, but once Max starts appearing in strips with Grape again, a few more tweaks may be in order to set Grape apart gender wise – probably not major changes, but just a few minor details that will make people ask which gender she really is from looks alone. Otherwise, it may push the PG rate at a first glance, rofl.

        • Hitsy

          You’ve made me curious as to how *all* of the characters sound now, especially Peanut xD

      • D_Leo

        I’m pretty sure the confusion making is intentional, to make us more in-tune with the characters. Besides, why deprive new readers of the surprise?

    • R-One

      Just to clarify, the “critique” parts in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are for Rick, lol.

      • Heartcutter

        Well, though I diden’t really like it much to begin with, now I like the artwork too.
        And now I add to this unblockable reply list and return to homework.

  3. Buckdida

    It is that cat again! From the yarn ball arc. I noticed the violin tag. Okay, so there’s another cat blocking most of the child. But the child IS THERE. Also, grape and the other cats are looking good. Style grew on me.

    • Buckdida

      Upon closer examination, it appears the cat has a name: Fiddler (look at the comic tags)

      For those who can’t see the kid, look just to the left of Fiddler’s ear.

  4. Oblivion

    I. Dont. See. The. Child.

    UNENDING RAGE!!!! …and disappointment.

  5. Chiry

    O.o poor kitty, PEANUT GET OFF THE CAT’S TAIL!

    • R-One

      Anyone else wonder how he was standing on that cats tail for that long, when Grape was BEHIND him in the first panel? As in “between Peanut and the anonymous cat”? XD

      Guess the cats just irked or something, and is stretching the truth a little…

      • kongnjaal

        well maybe the two middle panels lasted for around 5 mins P:

        • TomFox

          The real question is how he can stand on a cat’s tail for more that about 2 sec without the cat flipping out. Maybe Fiddler’s just patient…

          • BlueAnubis

            True, most cats I know would gnaw of the person’s leg if they stood too close to their tail, much less step on it.

  6. Odos

    O.o… seeing that cat, actually, reminds me a LOT of a character that I draw a lot… Only my character is more happy, and the patch is on his left eye… but everything else is dead on! Except that my cat-character-person is missing all but his thumb and index finger on his right paw… but STILL, it’s creepy.

    His name’s Stubs (Due to the stubs on his right paw), and he’s overly optimistic, and smiles all the time, and looks a lot like violin cat (right down to the color scheme)!

    • Odos

      Oh right, and here is where I post all the comments like “Great comic, I love it.” And “I really like the new style.” and all the things that’ll most likely be said later on and will be said over and over on every comic you do >.>…

  7. AceyWinters


  8. StainedSword

    Argh, I want to see Keys, he’s awesome!!! He plays piano!!! (Hooray!)

    In this comic, Grape looks a lot more feminine. I think that might have been by listening to fan comments, and I want to thank you for that. The new style is still going through some bumps in the beginning, but I think it will grow into something great. I hope it does, because I really love the art of this comic, and I don’t want anything to happen to it. Or you. Cause you are awesome.

    • D_Leo

      But of course she looks feminine, she’s in rabid fangirl mode

  9. kongnjaal

    lol that radar joke is good xD

    “if you had a radar, you’d be distracted by the little blipping dots”
    well i guess thats true too :P

  10. Odos

    you know, I wonder if everyone in the town gets the collars for their pets at the same store… and if so, I wonder how much business that place gets, with all these pets around and everything.

  11. Faved

    Man I know how the cat in the last panel feels. Your standing in line waiting to get your hands on some new eye candy and dog shows up and starts standing on your tail Just chatting away. Your like ” Dude! your on my tail. Why are you even here what kinda cat lover are you?” :3

  12. kenny fox

    LOL “if you had radar youd get distracted by the little blipping dots” i am so using that in a sentence/comeback asap ^^

  13. shadow1w2

    Blip blip….. blip…. blip….
    blip….blip…blip…. blip…

  14. james319

    LOL XD

    it never occurred to me that grape doesn’t have eyes like most cats

  15. Moonwing

    Heyyyyy.It’s tht cat who was playing the violin at the Cat Ball ^.^ lol

  16. meckelbu

    I have not really had time to comment on the comic, but I read it regularly and I also consider the new art style a winner. Makes it a good deal easier to tell cats and dogs apart while enhancing their looks at the same time in my opinion. I especially like how the “new” Grape looks, and I don’t consider her looks to be gender confused at all since my perception has always been that she’s a female. ^.^

  17. Andy

    Yay a full Body Human!!!!

  18. Andy

    I am not use to the Slit cat eyes, Both my cats have round pupils.

    • D_Leo

      What the heck kind of cats you got?! All the domestic cats that I know of got slit-pupils…

      • Andy

        I guess I got my cats from the local genetic engineer. Blue eyed round pupil Siamese. Order now while supplies last.

    • BlueAnubis

      Your cat must live in the dark a lot, give that poor feline some sunlight!

  19. Watcher

    I’ll have to admit, the new style is pretty cool.

    It’s grown on me, I like the detail.

  20. Dissension

    This reminds me of an experience I had when I attended the midnight release party for the last ‘Harry Potter’ book. I’ve never read the series, and attended with a fangirl friend of mine. I don’t think I stepped on anyone, though. x3

  21. Goleus

    Errrrmm… Where’s the kid o_O?

  22. TomFox

    I’m loving the art style more and more every time I see it! It’s like Housepets Hi-Def!

  23. BlueAnubis

    I would not have recognized Fiddler without his tag, maybe it is because he was covering his eyespot previously. He does not seem to like dogs very much.

    OK, the new art has officially grown on me. Good work Rick

  24. Odos

    you know, going back… the old style actually looks… well… BAD to me now >.>… Though, it IS interesting to see the transition

    Fido story-arc, Fido story-arc, Fido story-arc, please don’t forget me, oh that’s cute… 5 years later (as I’ve said, it looks like they kinda grew up a bit with the new style >.>…). Actually I can see how the Fido Story-arc and this arc are happening at the same time.

    • Odos

      Ok, I’ll reply to my own comment to at least make it look like I didn’t double post… AGAIN… Buuut….

      There’s a incidental, promotional sale on meat by-products at the BOOKSTORE? What kind of bookstore are they going to? Unless the Bookstore is in a mall close to a pet store that’s also in the mall, but I’d like to see that Bookstore. “This day only! We’re selling our books at our very VERY low Deli Price! Come now and save!”

      • Rick Griffin

        It’s actually a bookstore at a mall, nevertheless I think bookstores would do ANYTHING to get a little extra income

  25. Residentfriendly

    OH! I just realized how cool those two’s collars are xD

  26. Khan-Wolfen

    hehheh, can’t wait to see what buggers this even up :P (yea know full well something bads gonna happen XD)

  27. reaperslayer

    cant stop reading comic to cute cuddly and good also funny

  28. Leina Wolfe

    love the new style. the cats and dogs look a lot more… cat and dog-ish, respectively.

  29. Whitewolfy123

    is it just me or does Fiddler’s collar button look like a music note?

    • Odos

      it does, I noticed that too.

  30. Trefoiler

    Oh, I was hoping there would be a return of the Musicats! Though, in hindsight, I can see why Fiddler and Keys wouldn’t hang out much. I’ll settle for half the band; that’s OK with me!

    Humans! And one of those weird smaller ones is petting that cat! Can’t see his/her/hir face at all, which is an honored tradition in Housepets!, but I assume only a human would have the gall to pet one of these cats. Pets petting pets seems a little… haughty, and awkward. Then again, that’s etiquette that hasn’t been addressed yet.

    I mean, that, and grooming each other. Perhaps they actually use brushes and spray bottles? Or maybe it’s done as many primates do it?


  31. Kumori Getsuei

    Awww, poor Fiddler

    I definetly love the new style, this is my favorite comic ever ~♥

  32. Mikijji

    Is it just me, or is Peanut suddenly allot taller than Grape?