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  1. isk84waffles

    dot dot dot

  2. isk84waffles

    what’s the other function?

    • Nexy

      1. Advertises the book
      2. Eyecandy!! *drools over hunky lion*

  3. Fuzzypaws

    “At least, not entirely” ;)

  4. Xailen

    Haha, eye candy.

    • Chiry

      It must be a great book series! Adds a lot to the decoration, and btw, shirtless lion with a spear <3

  5. FoxBlood


  6. Bangaa_Dragoon

    Laughing out loud.
    I have been in Peanuts position a few times.

  7. TomFox

    Haha this is so great. The breakdown of Grape as she attempts to describe her fangirl happiness to Peanut is great.

    • Odos

      As long as she doesn’t go “twilight-fangirl” on us, I think it’ll be alright. Funny comic though XD… The poster kinda reminds me of 300 though…

  8. R-One

    This cinches it – after looking at both your scraps on DA (can’t believe I didn’t see those till now…) and this newest comic, I think it’s safe to say the new style’s a success – Grape looks a lot more cat-like and childish in this strip than the first two with this style, even when irritated. The scale difference between them also helps set cats and dogs apart, doubly so if it remains constant from here on out (seeing as most dogs are larger than cats, it makes sense anyways). And the combined use of the eyelids and eyebrows for expression is perfect.

    Only issue I have is Grapes smile in panel one – easily explained by the characters excitement, which is well conveyed, but it comes across just a tad disturbing as well – the eye color lends itself to that a bit tho, so no real way around it that I can see. Open-mouth smiles just seem to be a bit cuter with the characters than the full-tooth grin, but expecting you to make sure they’re cute ALL the time is asking too much, lol – the 99% you already do is good enough.

    Between the artwork and the gag, seems to me this story arcs going to be suitably entertaining and hilarious – looking forward to the next one. *Thumbs up*

    • R-One

      Thought I should clarify – Grape and Peanut’s styles are a what I was primarily commenting on. If the other characters turn out in similar manner, however, should not only clarify species, but also maintain enough of the old style to remain familiar, like Peanut and Grape have done.

    • D_Leo

      The creepiness is easily explained by the fact that Grape is fangirling…

      • KiraBlue

        -Snorts.- Oh man is that ever true. I dated a fangirl once… scariest person I’ve ever met.

  9. Sabakuryu

    I love this strip! only one thing bothers me though… has grape’s tail always been this… well groomed? *looks at the not so fluffy tail in panel 1*

  10. StainedSword

    Uh oh, looking at the story arc’s name is giving me a bad feeling…
    LOL, more then one function…
    Oh no, the lion has Young Blood’s disease!!!

    And finally, Grape in the first panel is kinda creepy… o_0

    • Rick Griffin

      Forgive me for that; it’s late and I’m tired . . .

      • R-One

        Made the same comment myself – If anyone’s ever read Freefall (another webcomic), it’s been a running gag there before that the full-tooth-grin on an anthro, ’specially canine/feline stock, tends to be disturbing more than anything else.

        I’ve observed this with my own characters as well – a toothy grin that would be normal on a human tends to look either disturbing, or even threatening, on an anthro most of the time. Only real way around it is to make “smiles” either closed-mouth or open-mouth, with less use of the teeth to help convey emotion. Prolly a whole essays worth of psychology behind it as well, but way too late to get into that. *shrug*

        • Skann3r

          Actually, Grape’s expression makes a lot of sense here. She’s smiling wide and her eyes are looking up at her parents in a begging manner like a little kid would do to have something they want. Extra note is that her pupils finally are slitted like a cat. This helps several people reading this comic to differentiate the cats to the dogs.

        • Trefoiler

          Well, if you want a simple explanation, you may note that felines, as animal family, do not have the musculature for facial expression. It’s all flexion of the ears and the various levels of closure in the eyes, mouth and lips that make them appear to mimic facial expressions. So, logically, any facial expression you’ll never get out of an actual cat is going to be weird.

          Dogs, on the other hand, actually do have some expressions. About forty-something, which may or may not be because they are thought to have been domesticated the longest. Still, humans corner the market, I’m sure, with thousands, perhaps millions of facial expressions.

          Though, this is fantasy. The Housepets! universe, no less. Our rules don’t apply here, and I love it.

  11. Sabakuryu

    Also, I love the new style, but I also love the old style too! :S Maybe in the future we could have “another dimension” arc where both styles get to view each other? :3

  12. Goleus

    This one- LOL.

  13. Kimberly Martin

    new style is growing on me, I’m beginning to like it

  14. Faved

    Eye candy = win

    • Trefoiler

      Has MY eyes watering.


      • Trefoiler

        … Drooling?

        No. Ew.

        My eyes want some. There.

  15. Oblivion

    This comic seals the deal. I am all about the new style.

    Also, Twitard fangirl.

  16. RG

    Fangirl Grape is amazingly entertaining.

  17. Rider098

    Haha, fangirl Grape is cute, even with the toothy smile XP.
    Well, at least it isn’t a movie of her favorite book, might have ruined it for her XD.
    Also… love the floofy tail. You always have a thing for hug-able tails don’t you? ;)

    • Trefoiler

      I was thinking about a movie during the last two panels!

      I’ve already stated that this kind of cliché makes me giddy, yet it also incites a tremendous artistic RAGE deep within my heart. It’s not even that I think they should leave good books as they are, either. No, many could, in fact, benefit from the art of the moving picture, and some do, but so many more have been RUINED BY IT! AARGH!

      Uh, *ahem* I am glad it was not a movie too. As well. Also. And yes, good tail, that.


      • Rider098

        Hey no problem, I feel your pain!
        Sometimes its not so much that they changed the story to fit into a movie, but that it could have been done SO MUCH BETTER. Sometimes its just turned to pure ridiculousness… That’s why I admire those who try to stick as closely to the book as possible, it at least shows much more effort and faith into capturing the original work.
        If that was the case with Grape’s book, I would imagine her face turning into something like Mandy’s from the old “Grim Adventures” cartoon. O.o

        • Trefoiler

          Oh, yes. Something like that can completely tear away your faith in the world. Where after such, any hints of happiness is prone to ending the universe as we know it. ;)

          Me, I’m still fuming over the recent release of The Golden Compass. Though nakedly pretentious, I was okay with the game coming out before the film, and shrugged it off in my excitement for seeing what could have very well been my most favorite book trilogy come to life. I never got the chance to see it in theaters, but a friend brought the DVD along one day and we watched it.

          It looked good, yes. It looked as good as it should. It looked incredible. I loved the visuals.

          But- and I’m not entirely sure how many times this has been stressed before, and shall continue to be stressed for years to come (and I care not what Mr. Pullman has or has not to say about the movie(s))- you CANNOT compress a story of FOUR HUNDRED beautiful pages into even TWO HOURS of screen time! If you attempt to do so, some or much of the story WILL be lost! And by such logic, you’ve not compressed any story at all, but remade it in brief. You know you you are, and know now that I shake my fists at thee! SHAKE THEM, I SAY! SHAKE!!

          I uh, *ahem* think HDM could have done better. Perhaps better luck with The Subtle Knife, which I know they will move on to. That’s all.

  18. BlueAnubis

    I think the thing about Grape’s smile that is creeping people out might be her eyes. my cat looks the same way when she gets exited.
    Also, Grape’s a fangirl? It’s a sign of the Apocalypse! Everyone RUN!
    and finally, in response to Odos, This… Is… PRIDELANDS!!!

    • Odos

      Yes, Yes greatly! *boot*

  19. Skann3r

    Lol, this comic hits the spot on fandom. However, the first strip in the comic Grape doesn’t have the 2 whiskers that are on most cats of this comic. Was her smile so wide that the whiskers couldn’t be seen in a single panel? Just a thought. Also, I predict the next comic of Grape attending the movie and either be extremely flustered by the content or disappointed to the difference of the book series. What do y’all think?

    • Skann3r

      By the way, lovin’ the new yet familiar style you’re use to Rick.

  20. Trefoiler

    I knew it would be impossible for Grape to hate EVERYthing. As for her infanity (or ‘fan’s insanity’), its only compounded by the smile overtaking her face in the first panel. Any true fan of anything can relate to her. And her annoyance.

    And, hey, now I want to read Pridelands, too! I mean, as of this strip, I’ve heard only good things.

    And the poster? Its function is promotional, of course. Though, I’ll have to side with Grape: Rawr, also.

  21. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Peanut’s reaction is like dead on to my reaction to my sister obsessing over Twilight.

  22. AceyWinters

    this is how i was with the Animorphs books. lol

  23. hi

    You’re starting a story arc that involves buff lions in tribal clothing?


    • Trefoiler

      We must light the ceremonial fires and dance in worship and thanks to the great Griffin!

  24. Ace

    First time posting but I’ve read them all up to this point!G-rated comic eh?Refreshing I must say.(Though I like others not quite so G as well) Very funny to boot.And this style fits perfectly too!I say keep this style.Keep up the good work.

  25. Profesor Rod


  26. Tommy

    Grape still looks like a snake or a demon of some sort.

  27. Goleus

    Grape Reminds me of an imp tbh.


    I forgot which game it was, but it had a purple Demon that carried about tokens (some game I got from Play-Asia) and I remembering it looking quite alike Current Grape.

  28. Rennis Kyuubi

    Nice but I wonder, does that mean Grape was into harder books as a kitten or that she still reads kitten books now?

  29. wierdsnake

    book fans ya know the ones that are always lining up for a stupid book… im mean us gamers never do stuff like that or hang in front of gamestops for days for a new video game.

    • Trefoiler

      ‘Us’ gamers, no. Some gamers, yes.

      If even 5% of humans enjoy a good entertainment enough to wait for their opportunity to take a piece of it home, then it is reasonable to say about 5% of gamers do, as well. I could go into this, but I’ll spare you by advising you keep an eye out for the reception the next ‘Halo’ gets, and compare it with the ‘Harry Potter’ reception thus far.

      • no space

        I do believe that was sarcasm. Also, and I’m sorry to be such a grammar stickler, it should be “we gamers.”

        • Trefoiler

          I’m surprised I didn’t catch that! Thank you, fellow stickler.

  30. Izkata

    So, Peanut assumed Grape’s poster is just eye candy, but also thought Grape was a guy early on? Either the poster appear later, or Peanut must have thought Grape was gay…

    • Odos

      I was thinking the same thing! How long has that poster been there, for as long as grapes been a fan (I.E. since she was a kitten), or just recently (as a lot of new books do, they also make posters of the covers).

      Also, I’m wondering if there could be a 3rd option, Grapes had it for a while, and Peanut’s seen it more as a “that’s what grape aspires to be when ‘he’ (not knowing grape is female) grows up.” Kinda like why some guys keep other posters of movies with “manly men” on them looking all manly (300, Gladiator, The Matrix [though, I'll admit, that also had 2 others on there] poster come to mind)

      It’s a lot like why guys watch movies like 300, or play games like Gears of War or God of War… If you think about it, those movies and games are all about big, buff guys doing manly things and being all manly, and killing stuff, with explosions usually… So, going by these 2 logics, these guys watching/playing these games, or having these movie posters, may, or may not be, gay.

      • iggy

        you…………. just broke my fragile little mind………………. :D

  31. Hobbes

    Don’t you think its funny how webcomics have a comment section? Just think how would Peanuts turn out if Schultz had readers posting comments on a website.

  32. argonsassistant

    typical MALE Dawg,LOL

  33. Watcher

    Ah, I finally like the new Grape… maybe it was the eyes that had her down the whole time.
    The fully open eyes seemed more natural to me, idk.

  34. Goleus

    Ummm…. Why does the Basket have a sign saying “Jelly(Supposedly)” on it?

    • Trefoiler

      It’s Grape’s middle name; her full name is Grape Jelly Sandwich.

      Peanut’s is, similarly, Peanut Butter Sandwich.

      Together, they are Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich.

  35. Ebly

    Lions are nice… but as soon as I see a buff tiger in tribal clothing, you will have me. Forever.
    Peanut looks more manly than in the older style. It makes me giggle. He looks too mature, for an innocent little pup like Peanut. Huhuhu~

  36. alazarramir

    You know, I got to use this one comic against many of my friends. I wonder if they will get the hint.

    • Khan-Wolfen

      poeple don’t get hints unless yea tell them what yea hinting….in my experince anyway

      • alazarramir

        Hey, A guy can wish can’t he? Heh

  37. Kelahrim

    New style is working out quite nicely. I really like how Grape has evolved wtih it.

    Also, I lol’d.

  38. Frostgrip

    The new style makes grape look a bit more fox-ish than feline, just my opinion, which is usless (please ignore if you think I am wrong)

  39. james319

    what are the other functions?