Well . . . That’s Over Then
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  1. Replyguy

    The new looks is particularly good with Grape! Its starting to grow on me.

    • ac

      ugh grape look like a dude

      • Whiskers

        She never looked particularly feminine… thus the whole surprise back during the “Drawing” episode

        • Feli

          I really dislike the new style. Peanut’s changes moreso than Grape’s.

      • D_Leo

        That’s the idea

  2. Faved

    NO! Don’t break it in half. You won’t be able to turn it off! Oh wait did I just tell everyone the plot to the next comic?

    • StainedSword

      I think a lot of us see what’s happening next. I didn’t expect Grape to break it, but now Bino is probably going to either randomly or continually get shocked.

      I think I have finally adjusted to the new style, though I still love the old style.

      And as Odos says a but further down, this does make Grape look less feminine, so you might want to find a way to make her less… guyish? I don’t know, I’m not an artist.

  3. D.M.Wolf

    first! and hehe <3 poor peanut and not knowing what to do. likin’ the new style rick, keep up the cuteness

    • D.M.Wolf

      poop… blasted slowness at typing and 2 people posting while i was typing

  4. Odos

    K, new style is in, I like it… And I can TOTALLY see, now with the new style, how all the guys got mixed up in thinking grape was a guy >.>…

    And finally… I got the FIRST part… mostly… right…

  5. Silenvo

    Ayup.. thats gona leave a mark…… lol i like this comic.. looks much better then the first experimental one. acctualy i think this one tops the whole comic in style. if u continued on with this one you’d atleast have 1 person who very much enjoys the style. i donno about others. good work!

  6. Fenrari

    Lol, of course Peanut goes into a fit of wondering every possible scenario with what happens…

  7. CalaverX11

    Bino is FREEEEE!!!!

  8. Fuzzypaws

    I actually don’t think Grape’s lack of overt femininity is a bad thing, given that she was mistaken for a guy for a long time. I love the new style, but you already know that. : )

  9. Rider098

    And then there was a flicker of the lights and a bang in the distance… O.o

  10. Kaloyan

    Yeah have to agree that Grape is looking kinda masculine now so it’s easy to see how Peanut could mistake her for a guy. Also the new look does allow Grape to look more menacing whereas before she would just look annoyed as opposed to angry.

    I think the new style is starting to grow on me as well, but I don’t think I’ll like it as much as the old style. But what can I say Rick, it’s your comic and if you feel the need to change thing who am I to step in your way? I can only offer my thoughts and opinions when asked.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever love this new look as much as the old but I’m starting to like it so I’ll keep coming back for sure. And as always I applaud you for not giving in to the nay-sayers like myself who didn’t like the new look at first, for sticking to your guns as an artist.

  11. Crash

    Grape looks wicked cool with the new style.

  12. lopiko

    wow, i’m really liking the new style, it works in every sense! now it looks like every characheter is somewhat different, and that they have some unique characteristscs, well done!

  13. Y10

    still liking this style

  14. Sleet

    Not a fan of the new cat look, but the dogs look great so far!

    • Trefoiler

      It’s Grape. If she wanted your adoration, she’d knock it into you.

      And no, she’s no Venus, I’ll admit.

      There should be a new cat named Venus… get Grape to wear falsies or something…

  15. pot

    new style looks really kool keep it up

  16. Polar_Bear

    Grape: Practicality is her middle name.

  17. THATguy

    Heh…. Anyone remember the last panel when peanut found out grape was a girl?

  18. Andy

    Awesome, Grape looks so sassy and sarcastic. Maybe a little too sassy. Thank you for breaking that zap thing. They aren’t against the law here, and there’s a man that uses one on his poor dog. It yelps and cry’s. All he’s doing is teaching his dog not to yelp when its in pain. You can guess he’s not to popular with his neighbors.

  19. NickCole

    Bino is free! But then…it might turn into an never-ending shocking life. D:

  20. Cowdog

    Leave it to Grape to do the right thing. How very un-cat-like. :P

  21. Valerio

    Bino is free, the style looks still great and life goes on happily :D

  22. varsaigen

    yep. Definetly this style. :P MUCH better. :3

  23. Draco_2k

    How practical.

  24. Vash

    Like everyone else has already said with each new comic it is growing more and more on me. so yay for it growing.

    as for todays’ comic… Is Bino gonna go boom?

    • Vash

      And Breaking a shock remote is too a crazy hijinks!

  25. Watcher

    … Does Grape… have a left hand… on her right arm, in the third panel???

    The new style is growing on me, I like the dogs but I still think Grape looks a bit odd. She’s too… scruffy, or something.

    • Watcher

      Maybe she’s too pointy…

      I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just… odd…

    • NickCole

      I think is it. o.o If you look at your right hand and try to angle it as it was shown in the comic then you’ll it. o.o It’s the thumb. O:

      That or the last finger is over sized.

  26. james319

    i could have thought of that (moves eyes left and right) XD

  27. Residentfriendly

    That was Easy~

  28. falconfox01

    This strip really brings out the best of the new style for Grape, very very nice indeed!

  29. Whiskers

    I agree with falconfox. The first strip in the new style was just a little disorienting, but the style actually seems to be fitting. There’s no loss in expressiveness, which I think is one of the highlights of this comic. Despite the changes, everyone still looks like… themselves! Just with rounder features and puffier cheeks :P

    • Whiskers

      Now in regards to this comic itself… Grape once again takes no crap, clearly disregarding all webcomic shenanigans laws!

  30. Mario_Dan

    Hello ther, nice comic,I like the old and new style. I think Grape can have more femenine eyeslash to distinguish a little more from a male characters without change his complextion too much.

  31. Khan-Wolfen

    hehheh, ok, the nes style is growing on me, feel free to keep it, also “Oh Snap! (in half >.>)”

  32. Pilli

    I have adjusted to the new style so fast its as if you were using it all the time.
    I bet the collar is going to go out of control next.

  33. Parry

    Well that’s a solution then. :P I approve! ^_^

    I like the new style… I do kinda miss the cartoonish (er, more cartoonish) cuteness of the old one, but this new style is still cute, but also a bit more “realistic” (if that’s even the right word). I think it works well. I didn’t like the FIRST time it appeared either (the strip that started this storyline), because, like a lot of people I think, the way everyone’s faces were drawn just seemed really odd to me somehow. But this strip and the previous one, I think, looks good. ^_^

  34. Sara

    I actually really like the new style, they look more animal-like but still cartoon-like.

    If you know what I mean. P:

  35. Scott A

    Hah! Grape, yet again, solves a complex problem with simple effective violence!

  36. R-One

    Hmm… this style will set the cats and dogs apart a bit more, but all the cats are going to look, well, OLDER than the dogs if they follow this pattern. Could just be expression doing it, but Grape looks like she’s older than Peanut in this strip – if that’s the intent (or fact even, since we don’t know the characters actual age), it’s fine, but just thought I’d point this out – may become a problem with Fido and Sabrina, or other characters later on.

    As for the gag – Once again, Grape kills a plot before it even evolves with a quick burst of irritation and violence…. that cat’s gonna need anger management classes soon at this rate, lol.

  37. Goleus

    who ever said eyelashes… No.

  38. VaguelyCreepy

    Crude, yet effective. Of course, it’s not really her problem, so whatever shuts Peanut up fastest, I guess.

    The new style looks just fine to me. Just don’t start working in cubism, please. That stuff hurts my eyes.

  39. Rob Cain

    Just so’s you know. I really like the new style. You gotta go with what you like! The difference between an artist who draws what people like and draws what they like is the difference between a web designer and Bill Watterson. Make your masterpiece, and the world will dig it.

  40. BlueAnubis

    You know, I think the only time Grape hasn’t reacted violently to not being able to take a nap was in the first strip. 8D

  41. Punk Jax

    The new style definitely needs a few minor changes here and there ( and you didn’t make the hands any smaller for the cats, you. >:C ), but I do like it as compared to the old one. :>

  42. AceyWinters


    Yeah, I’ve decided I like this new style 150%. In my opinion the comic needed a refreshing new look to give the characters some ‘age’. Youth is only in the heart after all ;3

  43. Furlong

    I like everthing about the new look except grape’s nose looks like a heart in that last pannel, reminds of carebears lol

  44. Tree

    Awsome! If you want to draw like this, then draw like this, and ignore the people whining about not liking the new style.. First its NOT their comic, and if they think they can do better then they should make one. This is YOUR comic, you draw it the way you want.. I personally just love anything in color lol! So Im easy to please, and I guess I like the comic soooo much, that I dont even notice the change!

    BTW.. if you break the button for a shock collar, it wont work anymore….. kinda like the garage door opener… yeah Bino is freeee!

  45. Yokel


  46. Hobbes

    You improved on the new look of Grape, and its better than how you drew her 2 comics ago. I think the new style nice and you should keep going with it. It might be harder to get as many animals into the frame if you want to have multiple characters, but that may be the only downside to the new style. I think you should have changed it earlier so people wouldn’t be so attached to the old style. So, why did you not change it earlier?

    • Rick Griffin

      Because I didn’t feel as though I needed a change until last week.

      • Hobbes

        Thanks for the quick answer ^_^

  47. GenericGirlName

    I think the new look is great. :3
    Grape never looked like a girl and I’d hate for her too look like one. Then the original joke would be less funny. But her right pinky looks too big in the right panel O__o;. w/e.

  48. Dannn

    >_< i prefer the old cute style =/ less snout please.

  49. CloverWhite

    *Thumbs up to the new look.* I’m always one for a more realistic look and it does good for the characters. :3

  50. MissRoxy

    I’ve never minded that you can’t quite tell Grapes sex. I mean come on, go outside and look at any cat or dog. Can you tell if they are male or female Just by looking at them? (I try but I’m usually wrong) hehe

  51. CutmanX

    Wow, It’s Really coming together Nice.
    … The New Style, I mean. Not The Bino situation at all. Man, I know Either way, He kinda Stuck

  52. kenny fox

    haha grape knows just what to do.

  53. Aerion

    Did you start a new drawing technique? Grape’s muzzle looks more defined now than in earlier strips…

  54. Moonwing

    Ha! Grape’s so hardcore! lol! jk but i wonder how Bino’s collar is gonna be, dont you? lol

  55. Drakkon

    I forsee…. locked in active mode… Bino never catches a break.

  56. BREE

    oh nos.. i wonder if Bino is now going to be a certifyed bug zapper :) well you can have him just touch is owners puter and that will be the end of the collar.. :)

  57. BlackPanther1987

    grape looks evil X3 was cuter in the old style

  58. black cat

    you can really tell grapes got girl attitude !
    its shocking the boys didnt realise she was a girl!!!!

  59. no space

    I just noticed, after the third time seeing this… there’s no background.

    There’s usually a background, right? I’m not going crazy, right?

    • Odos

      it’s in peanut and grapes house, on a couch… really, the only real possible background would be the frame of a picture, other then that, it’s just a blank wall.

      Outside, on the other hand, there’s usually a house, or a fence, or something that constitutes for a background.

  60. Ebly

    what if breaking the remote
    activates it? U:

    • Fox

      In realistic terms, that’s not how they work…

      In comedic terms, that’s exactly what will happen.

      • Ebly


  61. Trefoiler

    W00t 76th!

    This style is still giving me the vapors; no worries, Rick. Grape does look more like a tom than a queen, I suppose. Though, I also suppose, if you really wanted it, you could make Grape the biggest babe in the cul de sac. Yet you did not, and I appreciate your restraint for the sake of continuity, and the character.

    And we jinxed this whole storyline by coming up with so many ideas, didn’t we? He is like experience itself, this Griffin. He is indeed a great and awesome teacher, but necessarily a kind one. Shyamalan would be proud.

    What a twist!

  62. Mikijji

    Grape has a much higher IQ than Peanut doesn’t she?