You will notice: The characters designs have changed, but don’t panic, it’s just an experiment. They’ve actually been shifted closer toward my ‘regular’ style, mostly because people have had trouble telling apart cats and dogs. Hopefully this slight art tweak helps people, and also hopefully, people like how it looks!

This is a trial run, by the way. I just would like to experiment artistically with the strip for a bit.

Also: Sorry the strip was a few minutes late, Wordpress requires manual DST changes, which I forgot about.

If you’re worried about the strip changing tone, it’s not. And, if you’re worried about the change in art direction, well, let the experiment run its course first?

(I apologize for being an insufferable artist, haha)

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  1. Shoji

    For some reason, it almost looks like they’re giant XD
    I like the new style, I just think it’ll take some getting used to for some people. It’s really different, haha.

    • Rick Griffin

      It will probably look better when their faces aren’t so contorted. Also: it would probably be best to update the title image so it doesn’t look completely incongruous

  2. Kaloyan

    Wow….ummm, no. I can’t really say I like it at all….the comic is funny, very nice gag…But Peanut and Grape look so alien from how I’m used to seeing them and I didn’t recognise Bino at all for a minute.

    Sorry. I adore this comic and I have to give you applause for going with your own style, but the new designs get a thumbs down from me.

    • ac

      yah same here ther faces scare me *shivers*

  3. matus

    :D yeah! they’re finaly back! no mo marcus for a while…

    GREAT NEW LOOK… they look more mature now… i love it
    (thought it wont stop “awww its so cute” and “poor XYZ” comments)

    and about story of this strip… :D DD

    • matus

      hope with more mature style comes more mature jokes… both thumbs up!
      screw that PG rating… (whatever it is)

  4. Yokel

    I think it’s just the contortions needed for this particular strip, particularly Bino’s. It looks like it works. I imagine Peanut would look just as cute if he wasn’t busy being confused.

  5. isk84waffles

    i like the older characters

  6. Kimberly Martin

    I liked the old style, however I think I have to see a few more comics before I should judge.

    • StainedSword

      Yeah, I agree. I don’t really like it right now, but who knows, that might change after a couple comics.

      My only worry is if it doesn’t, because to art was what mainly kept me coming back. The writing is still awesome, but if I don’t like the art then that is a serious problem.

      I hope I can adjust to it. :(

  7. Lax

    They look awesome. Oh, and poor dog at the last panel, lol

  8. tofu

    eeeh its good to try new things but i really really REALLY liked the old style better . to be honest this isnt the style i fell in love with when i first started reading the comic, ive been reading since practicly the begining, and i know my opinion probably wont be valued much since i dont comment that often but this comic just wouldnt be the same in this new format. sorry :[

  9. Secret

    Yeah.. I really liked the older style better~ Grape almost looks like a dog to me, ‘cept for the ears o’ course. I’d like to see a bit more though before I can really say.

  10. Junker

    Izzat, Bino? LOL He never gets a break.

  11. Y10

    Either style is perfectly fine

    the earlier versions are cuter imo though

  12. Zurr

    I like both styles, though I think this may get some getting used to. Something just seems… off about Peanut’s nose to me.

  13. D.M.Wolf

    it’s drawn well, don’t get me wrong, but i like the the old style much better. adding color was plenty to make dogs and cats more distinguishable. and after 115 isues i think it’s a little late for a style change of this dagree

  14. Nall

    I don’t mind the style change, but one thing I liked about your previous way of drawing was that the eyes (and possibly their foreheads) were bigger, giving them a little more expression and cuteness.

  15. Odos

    As of right now, I’m with the general consensus of “I like the old style, but I gotta see more before I know for sure.” The gag is good, made me laugh and all that, but I was a bit thrown off by the sudden art shift.

    Someone up there said that they look more mature, which is true… But it seems less… cartoony, which is something I kinda liked.

    Really, if you had started the comic off this way, and then changed it to your normal style, I probably would have said the same thing. So, again, I’ll have to see more, and it’ll take some getting used to, but go with what you want.

    • Odos

      urk… when I said “normal style” I should have said “other style,” as this is, I guess, technically, your more “normal style”

      And also, it’s true, it’s easier to tell the difference between cat and dog here.

  16. Sven

    I will likely enjoy this new style more then the old. It makes them look more mature and gives their faces more detail. I also consider it 100% ricks choice on how and what he chooses to do with his comic. So, I like it, and intend to keep reading.

  17. Kurast

    Poor Poor Bino.

    Wonder what he did to make his owner get one of those anyways.

  18. Sessile

    Awesome comic! I like the new style better

  19. varsaigen

    I have to agree with Matus. They DO look more mature. I think I actually like it more than the old style :P

  20. Faved

    I would keep coming back if you were drawing stick figures, Its funny you can’t deny it. I mean off course the cute art adds to the urge of wanting to come back, but meh I’m not picky. The way you drew the characters this week is well… It’s still cute just in a different way, and I can’t put my finger on how its cute though. >.< Oh well at least we will know what peer pressure will do to you next comic with how you draw it.

  21. Fuzzypaws

    I like the new style but of course I want to see at least a few weeks in the new style before you make any permanent decisions :)

  22. falconfox01

    Either style works, I never really had issues telling them apart myself, but i can see where others may have.

    I can see where they might have given Bino a shock collar, he tends to get…err..overly excited at times lol!

  23. Draco_2k

    The new style is great, but it’s a killer when you’ve already got used to the characters.

  24. Zonack

    I prefered the older style :O

  25. Valerio

    WEEEE! I *love* this new style. I really hope you’ll keep it going!

  26. Kovu

    The new character style looks awesome. Love Grap for example! :)
    But they still look a little huge.

  27. Kovu

    I meant Grape. :p

  28. Akinokaze

    I like both styles, so far they are about equal gotta see more of the new to see if it goes up or down from there.

  29. Xu-kitty

    Ouch…. I had the sudden vision of dog finding and thus, deciding to chew on his own shock-collar remote.

  30. Ebly

    It looked like a guest strip for a second.
    I’ll give you that it’s different, yeah.
    I don’t really mind what you do either way when it comes to how you draw it, but I kind of find it interesting to note you refer to this as your ‘normal’ style. Wouldn’t it be better, in theory, to work extra on alternative styles so as to get better at them? I dunno, I just think that… if this is your regular, everyday style, then you already do it enough, and doing the comic in the other style would be better in terms of developing more all-round skills. Ah, but I dunno, I’m not really a visual artist.
    Either way, I hope you have fun with this trial thing. U: And that all goes well with it.

  31. Residentfriendly

    well…one’s pain is one’s enjoyment i guess~ xD

    btw…is it just me, or did the peanut and grape disappear from the title on the top left corner…

    • Shoji

      Yeah, he said he was gonna remove them so people wouldn’t be distracted by the comparisons, or something along the lines of that.

  32. Punk Jax

    Why would you make the experiment comic have a lot of contortions? D:


  33. Jase

    I think people would adjust in time- they always hate changes, and then they get used to them and complain when things change again. xDD

    Personally I love the new style- although yes, it will take some getting used to, I think it looks great. Hope it sticks!

    Also, poor Bino. I hate shock collars- although sometimes I think they’d be useful for rabbits, ’cause the sod’s run away the SECOND you get up when they know they’re misbehaving! (Rabbits = not stupid. Rabbits = naughty by nature.)

  34. Drakkon

    Poor Bino. So abused.

  35. Moonwing

    i think ur old ways was drawing and this one is perfectly fine. wut i think is hilarious is not only Bino getting a shock collar but also my reaction to the drawing style of the strip. i mean my 1st reaction was like “What the heck? y is the drawing changed? i thought the other one was really unique” and then i looked at it was thought “Oh, it’s just closer to the actucal shape and size of a dogs’ and cats’ face and it’s still unique.” so either way u draw the comic is great for me. plus i know it’s a test run. but still the new style is still awesome, so is the strip with Bino and his collar. im just wondering y he HAS a shock collar

  36. BlackPanther1987

    don’t like the new style, but I could get used to the dogs… but not to the cat -.- pleaaase change grape back T___T
    you know, I started to read your comic strip only because I liked the style from the first view. now there is the story I want to follow but… don’t you want to make the outlines thinner?
    I see there are already many people who like the new style ^^”

  37. tahrey

    pfft. don’t worry about it. they’re still recognisable, and though like you say … judgement will have to be reserved until they’re in a more “normal” setting … it still looks alright and reasonably close to your old style.
    plus that itself was different to how you started the characters in the really old strips, was it not?


    and hell, just see how big a change some other comic characters have been through. I think the peanuts gang is about the most constant I know of, and even they had small tweaks throughout the run. On the other side of the coin, omg… garfield?! (or like every other webcomic ever, except for a rare one or two others which also seem to be the side project of a seasoned artist – slightly damned, paradigm shift etc). If you can be a bit more consistent than JD – and don’t go REALLY wild – you’ll be fine.

  38. Keyblade0101

    Bino’s dog tag reminds me of the green diamond from the Sims O.o

  39. FenrirKar

    Heh, I for one love the new style. :3

  40. Evil Pinki

    (Long time watcher, 1st time commenter)
    I think the newer style would allow for more noticeable detail, although the original style did look cuter and fit vary well to the idea of the comic. All in all both styles are fine with me.
    As for the joke:
    LOLs. that’s messed up. :D

  41. ForeverFreakedd

    *random thumbs-up*
    Both styles seem to have their strong points~ Though, I couldn’t come close to pointing out all of which.
    The style you’ve been using for Housepets! thus far seems to have abit more of a ‘cute’ appearence, and a more simplistic/comical feel.. while this new-ish one appears to come-off as more detailed, and, like people have already stated, more mature.
    While I believe I over-all prefer the new-ish style over the previous, I also suspect that the comic would fair better under the older style for various reasons I’m playing around with~ So I support the ‘wait and see’ opinion here.

    Regardless, even if it doesn’t stick, it was great seeing Grape and Peanut drawn like this.

  42. Ifrot

    I like the new style better.

  43. Theolis Wolfpaw

    You know when I saw your sketch of Bino I wasn’t so sure about his change, but I think it came out pretty nicely on this one. And I think I’m liking this new style. :3

  44. Saikyo Mog

    This style looks just dandy.

  45. sir poofington

    hmmm this style is pretty cool since now, they do look more like the animal their supposed to be, so i like it.

  46. Gray

    I like this style much better, personally. You can actually tell the difference between the characters now and you don’t have to squint so hard.
    I also say: Go with what you enjoy.

    This is YOUR comic, so of course it would make sense to go and run with what you prefer. You spend your time drawing it, so why not choose a style that you like more?

  47. Trefoiler

    This could only happen to Bino. No wonder he’s such a pessimist.

    To plug on the style here: I find it very agreeable, and unique. If this does become some kind of ‘Invasion of the Collars’ arc, I’d at least use it through to the end, then pick your best technique. The readers are your strength, yes, but the popularity contest isn’t going to decide what you enjoy drawing more. You are not the servant to many masters, but in fact quite the opposite, Rick. Don’t forget that.

    Me, I like where it’s going. I’ve been attempting to guess the species’ of the characters, for one thing, and this could make them more recognizable. And as long as the humor remains intact, I’m happy!

  48. Cowdog

    Um….maybe it’s just me, but now the cats and dogs look even more alike. In the old style(which I liked better, btw), it was easy to tell which was which after reading a few pages.

  49. Dex

    The cuteness just died with the new style. D=

    Please change it back, if people are too stupid to tell the difference between a cat and a dog I think thats more their problem than yours. =P

  50. Chip Uni

    I adore the new style, but I have one question:

    When did Bino get a “B” tattood to the back of his paw?

    (Perhaps Bino could have tried to take his collar off from both sides instead of from the front?

    • Dissension

      That’s actually Bino’s tag. xD

  51. Riss

    I have been reading since you started the first or second strip, but this is my first time commenting. So I have to say the comic is awesome!

    As an opinion on the artwork, I personally liked the old style better, but that may just be because I am use to it. But the new style is still good, maybe I will learn to like it more then the old after a few strips.

    • Shane

      I also kind of liked the old style better, but I’m interested to see how this goes! :D

      I’ve also been following your art (on dA) since before Housepets! and this is like .. my favorite comic ever. :D

  52. Giraku

    Hey I think think they look better this way! :) Not as cute as usual but it’s really really cool looking

  53. Dissension

    The new style’s interesting. I like it, but I’ll probably miss the old style for a while. The new style’s not THAT different, except for the heads. Thumbs up, so far. Keep up the (good) experimental work!

  54. fan

    Is there a link somewhere on this page to the Korean version of your comic?

    • Rick Griffin

      Not yet

  55. josiah91

    lol poor puppy with his zappy collar by the way is this new art style I detect

    • Gaara1357

      just wanted to say nice pic! Axel is awesome! ok back on topic nice new style

      • josiah91


  56. Heartcutter

    I prefer the old one, but the best cure for things like this is time.
    BUT! I myself had very lttle difficulty distinguishing what animals they where, and Grape and Peanut look a bit weird

  57. Sleet

    I like the difference between cats and dogs, but the two species look fairly awkward, particularly the cats. I’m sure you’ll get it right in time, so don’t just scrap this if it’s unpopular. Improve it.

  58. hippy

    its pretty nice i like the style of the dog better than the cat one. but i like them anyway you do them cos both are good
    i like the idea for the experimentation so woooh!!!

  59. gamerwords

    First time commenting, but read the whole story.
    It’s good to see them after awhile.

  60. gsoft

    I do like the changes, although Peanut’s muzzle looks slightly weird from that perspective. Still, the rest looks quite good.
    Heheh… KZZT.

  61. Tommy

    I like the dog design, the cat design looks mangled. I sort of preferred your ‘cuter’ look for the characters.

  62. TomFox

    Art looks really nice. Fine tuning needed I suppose. As far as the comic:
    Bino deserved it, face it ;)

  63. Smitty

    Seeing as this is your work and your art, you should stick with whatever style you like and are comfortable with. Dont let peoples comments force changes in your art if your dont want to change something. No matter your decision, I’m sure people will like it. :)

  64. Insignificance


  65. wierdsnake

    dude grape and peanut seem different. like they had a change in facial features… hint hint

  66. Madd the Sane

    I admit to having problems identifying if a character was a cat or a dog. As for me, I didn’t notice a change in art style :B

  67. Blair Mckain

    I think this style looks a bit more interesting. :P

  68. TimidTabby

    Already commented on this on DA, but the same applies here. To clarify though, It’s unique and interesting and I think it does improve the characters a bit. The only problem you may have with changing the style is timewise. Sounds like a few people like the changes but might not be use to it…at least for now. It may grow on others as time passes which should be a good thing.

    Anyways, shutting up I say only now the new direction is fine by me.

    Hehe…extra coincidental payback from the Christmas arc LOL (poor Bino…kinda ^_^; )

  69. Pontos

    Nice! I like this style, it’s more detailed than the other.
    Although, to be honest, I like the old one more, with a more cartoonish/cuteness feeling on it ;)


    Nutin’ wrong with this style. Grape looks even better!

  71. Abelin

    I personally like the old style better, ’cause the comic has a certain ‘cartoony’ feel that your art style really accentuated. I say that, and of course, I can’t draw for beans… ^^ Love the comic, though I have to ask, what did Bino do to deserve a shock collar from his owner? >:)

  72. Sechs

    Another vote for the old style. This isn’t bad, and it’s not just the difference, it’s just that the heads wind up looking kind of… weird. With the previous art, the expressions fit naturally on their heads and faces, while these more animalistically-shaped heads, the faces look more like a cartoon face wrapped around it… they’re not “integrated”, as weird as that sounds. The only one that looks really natural and appealing is, bemusingly enough, the last one which is closer to the old style.

    I don’t think this particular look works too well for the comic, but hey, your art to experiment with or whatever.

  73. Taay

    i also vote for the old style. i like grapes new look, but the rest look too cartoony.

  74. Rider098

    Wow… certainly got a lot of feedback from this one didn’t ya Rick?
    As I said elsewhere, this might take some getting used to after about 100 comics of the same style, but then again this is just an experiment. Its good to change things up a bit as long as you keep what makes the comic great intact, and I think you did well in that regard ;) .
    Jeeze, Bino’s gonna end up with burn marks after all this is done XD.

  75. Oblivion

    Another vote for the old one.

    Well, at least this just proves how much readers you REALLY have!

  76. Feli

    I dislike the new art style, biggest pet peeve being the giant daisy nose on peanut.

  77. Li

    Hmm…I like the new style on the dogs, but the cats should remain the way they were before.

  78. Capt

    Nice comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, I liked the expressions in the older comics…just added cuteness.

  79. Hobbes

    Hmm, I can’t really decide if I like the new style or not. I’ll wait until a couple more new style comics to comment on it. I suggest making a strip that has a lot of expressions and show it in both styles to see which seems better. I can say that Bino’s expression could be better with this new style. It looks as if only half his mouth is open because since the snout is longer, you should be able to see the background through it. But, like i said, i’ll wait to say my impression on the new style in the future

  80. Kaloyan

    Still trying to give the new style a chance Rick, I’m still a fan of the “old style” and I can’t say I like this new one, but I’m trying. It’s just difficult to adjust since I’ve read all the comics from the start and have been following for the past few months.

  81. Fault

    Doubleplus good new style. I like it.

  82. NickCole

    I like the new style but I prefer the old style since the old style is sort of fits it and it’s cute~
    But I’m interested to see how Fido, Max and the others look like in this new style. :3

  83. Archor

    I’d definitely say stick with the new style… I’ve been reading since the beginning, and it’s hard to tell characters apart most of the time, but if you vary up the characters, that will really help a lot. Also, it’s much more artistically interesting/challenging, imho, from one artist to another. Granted, it took me FOREVER to realize that was Grape. Honestly, she is really not that feminine in appearance most of the time, but then again that was the big joke for her character. Wouldn’t mind seeing more experiments in art style… Always good to keep things loose!

  84. R-one

    Interesting, but the eyes bug me… not sure why, but they seem a tad less expresive than the old style did. The “new” eyes require more use of the eyebrow for expression so far, while the “old” eyes mostly used the eyelids for the same effect. I’m not going to count Bino’s eyes in the last pannel, as that’s a toon effect that would prolly be present with either approach. Could just be this particular strip – for all I know, the next comic will be far more expresive than this one is with the eyes, and turn out to be an improvement overall.

    The only other big changes I see here are the muzzels (different use of lines), ears, and the mouths – Grape’s mouth is a lot smaller in this style than in the original for the comic, and Peanut’s opens a bit farther back along the muzzel than Grape’s in comparison. In fact, looking back, all of the characters pretty much had the same mouth size in the original style, regardless of species – maybe some experimenting with that is in order if you consider going back to the original.

    All that aside, nothing wrong with either style – it’s different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. *shrug*

  85. Blunger1

    95th post! Huzzah!

    I knew something looked wacky, but I couldn’t tell at first, Then I read the actual post.

    Well, I know the trial run is still going on, but I would just like to say that you have incorperated some nice changes into this comic.

    Whatever you choose to do, I’ll stick with.

    I bet I’m just repeating what the other 94 before me had said, to some effect. Oh well.

  86. Lupa

    I love the new style. It makes them definately look either cat or dog. Keep up the good work! I’d like to see how this progresses

    • Kurast

      I agree.

      However the question must be begged: What did Bino do to make his owner get a shock collar? ~Eyes Lupa~

      • Dissension

        It presumably has something to do with Bino’s ‘rampant zoning issues.’ You know how it is.

  87. Hoo-ya

    Digging the new style. It feels much cleaner, more… I guess the word would be ‘professional’.

  88. Vash

    Hmm this is a double edged sword for me. The style is nice and the differnce from cat & dog is now very noticeable, which I’m guessing as been quite a problem, not sure how true that is but eh. As for the feel of the comic, it feels cartoony but this is your work and as such you can let it change as you wish this is only the first so there is more to wait.


  89. Maize5

    I have just discovered the comic from your FA today and have to say, the old style was cuter and all around more comfortable. The new style, however, does achieve your goal of making a greater distinction between species. Perhaps you could find a happy medium between the two, as I really hate to see the character of the previous style lost. I do think that having the strip in colour has helped me a great deal, as some of the characters do tend to look the same. I hate to say something like that, but it is true.

  90. Rennis Kyuubi

    I like the new detail although I had no trouble telling them apart before I like to think it helps to define them, good work all around.^-^

  91. CyberCorn Entropic

    I like the new style as it looks less manga-ish.

  92. Marluxia Kyoshu

    I like the new style, more defining as well as realistic.

    My only qualm with this new style is that I don’t think you’ll be able to do crazy/cute/hilarious expressions as easily. But this is a test run, I think you should try to refine them a little so that they don’t seem so… Idanno, rigid.

    They just don’t look as wacky, ya know? :D

  93. Parry

    This is… somewhat disturbing… :P

    Especially the very idea that shock collars would exist in a universe were pets are at least as smart as human teens, and sometimes more… It’d be like putting a shock collar on your twelve-year-old…

  94. Crash

    I like it!

    The new style that is. Shock collars on the other hand….

    Maybe in bed.

  95. ang

    im one of those people that had trouble tellin the cats apart from the dogs lol the new style looks good but i also liked the old style so im not gonna complain either way lol

  96. Ze

    I think Grape is the cutest thing ever right now. I dunno, I just really like fluffy cats. ^^
    I’m also one of the people who had trouble telling between cats and dogs if I didn’t see the collar first.

  97. tigerspew

    AHHH! Animal abuse! Whatever happened to the good old spray bottle?

    >_> I’m not particular either way cause how you change your style expresses growth in your art. However, anyone who can’t tell the difference by just looking at the collars needs to get their eyes examined…

  98. FurriesHurrHurrHurr

    I like the new look. It looks better. Obama said “CHANGE!”

  99. Starroo

    The only thing I like is Grape. She looks little better than before. But I don’t really like the new look.
    The old look brings out the weekdays newspaper feel. The new one brings out the graphic novel feel that you find in a comic convention for $10 for a 150 page book.

  100. BlueAnubis

    I like both styles, personally. the old style is cute and funny, while the new style makes me think of my own pets by theway they look (instead of just the way they act). I vote that you stay with whichever style you are the most comfortable with, after all, you are the one who has to draw them. 8D
    also, Poor Bino ;_;

  101. Butterflied412

    I kinda like the older style best. I could figure out the cats from the dogs.

  102. TheKillingJoke

    Much Better. It looks great

  103. jesstech

    While I think this change is fine and I’m not going to NERD RAGE or anything; I really *did* like the androgenyous style from the last comics. I’m not sure why…

  104. Dr. Winter

    OMG! 100+ comments! o_0

    • Profesor Rod

      *Kicks comment counter thingy… It Bzzt*

      I think it’s broken :B

  105. RockstarRaccoon

    I think that this looks alot better than your old style, and yes, it’s very clear now who is a cat and who is a dog.

  106. pkjo

    Woah! Can’t say I was expecting this… sorry the change is just a bit surprising. As for the style I l really like it ,but I like the old one too so… whatever the majority chooses.

  107. CutmanX

    I don’t Mind the new style, but the last one was a Little better But either one is good

  108. CutmanX

    …Actually there both The Same, Good
    Double Comment

  109. AceyWinters

    I like the new look, it makes them look older. I like seeing progression like that in a comic :)

  110. Feli

    please please please go back to the old art style

  111. james319

    i kinda like it, but sorta miss the old one XD

  112. Zyrin

    My friend linked me to these, and I laughed so hard. And props on the game comics, I made my friends lose with them.

    • Trefoiler

      That really is an epic arc. You’d never think of a game wherein you ca- Wait.

      Aw, COME ON.

  113. Profesor Rod

    Stuff went extra furry |3

  114. Jebin Zedalu

    I prefer the older style. They look cuter that way. :P
    This newer style, I don’t know… I just don’t like it as much. The eyes are fully outlined, rather than leaving out the bottom as before. The size of the nose on the dogs is a bit of a shock as well, but it’s something that can easily get used to. Really, I just think the eyes should get that bottom line taken back out. :P They look cuter that way.
    The change to snout size and overall head shape is good, though. I didn’t really have any problems telling cats from dogs, but they were very similar. This changes that.

  115. Nostromo

    Older was better. Bino looks close enough for me but Peanut and Jelly look like they’ve gone to something more real, but this is a case of realism need not apply. The faces just doesn’t seem to fit the characters anymore for me.

  116. Clovis

    WOW, abrupt visual style change! MY first reaction was an outright rejection, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s much easier to tell cats and dogs apart now; and if you can keep the same amount of facial expression in your new style, it’s going to be a big improvement.

    ^_^ let’s see a little more of this!

  117. Watcher

    The new style does have some improvements, I like the more detail that each character has, like in their noses.

    But I do miss the old style. I was never confused about the cats and dogs, even if I was I knew the cats were drawn with whiskers…

    Grape looks a little odd… something about her head, maybe the way the ears meet the rest of her head. Idk how to pinpoint it, I think it just looks wierd… Maybe it’s just the angle she was drawn at, I’ll have to wait and see her again.

  118. TerraMachine

    I like the new style but the old one has grown on me and I rather liked it. It will take a little getting used to. Whichever is easier for you to draw or you enjoy more is fine by me.
    I could easily tell the cats from the dogs in the old style just by looking at the ears.

    As for the comic, I see some potential for extortion via the collar. I am sure grape would be the type to love to have a slave to do her bidding.

  119. Youkai

    the old style was cuter and had a kiddish feel to it =P i personally liked it for this type of comic where cute and comedy are key x3 buuuuut then again the new one has a more defined look to it, but yea =P

  120. Ol' Tendrak

    I liked your previous style better. You lost a good share of the cute. Also you might want to widen the pupils back out. You’re verging on scary monster eyes.

    What’s more is that your previous style was so unique. The new one ever so slightly blends with many other anthro artists.