So No He Did Not Like The Box
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  1. Zephyron


    A claustrophobic mouse? =3

  2. falconfox01

    Just imagine what he’ll be like when Fido gets back…poor mouse!

    • Chiry

      -shivers- FIDO! -pounces Fido, hugging him tight-

      My guess, lol

  3. Fuzzypaws

    so cute ^.^

  4. Silenvo

    Oh No. that mouse is going to rocket out of that box screaming: HELP HELP!!! THE WALLS ARE TRYING TO CRUSH MEEEEE AAAAHHHHH…. lol maybe. thats one outcome. yeah.. claustrophobic mouse is really silly.

    • Gaara1357

      my thoughts exactly

  5. NickCole

    Cute! xD I like Spo already. 8D

  6. StainedSword

    I guess because he’s so small, he’s used to large areas and so small areas are so different for him he is scared.

    Logical explanation???? :O

    I like the art, and as usual, the facial expressions. Especially Fido in the third panel. Hehehe…

  7. R-One

    Considering all the places mice tend to get into (anyone who’s ever had mice in their walls can relate, lol), I’m surprised it’s even possible for a mouse to be claustrophobic, rofl. Guess Spo’s the exception.

    Hope he’s not scared of the dark as well… XD

  8. Faved

    lol contraband check

  9. Polar_Bear

    Considering how relatively big that closet is to the mouse, wouldn’t it almost be more like he’s agoraphobic? :P

  10. Junker

    He could use a nightlight, or a flashlight maybe… a very small flashlight.

  11. Sessile

    ooo spo’s got a troubled past

  12. Trilbydude

    XD awww, that is adorable!

    I should read more regularly. :D

  13. Sage Freehaven

    “Please don’t forget about me”


    • sara

      I felt the same way. ;~;

  14. TomFox

    This seems ominous to me somehow…

  15. BlueAnubis

    Aww, cute! A mouse with claustrophobia, but I think he will be fine, Santa can’t get you in a locker.

    (and yes, that was a joke, a bad one, but a joke)

  16. wierdsnake

    he probably is forgotten about

  17. Khan-Wolfen

    *cuts to fives years later* un-oh

  18. Yokel

    Fido looks so genial in the third panel. D’aww.

  19. james319

    awww i dont think he would wanna give him away at this point :3

  20. Trefoiler

    Damn, now you have me superimposing a Monty Python script…

    “Fido! Why do you have a mouse in your locker?”

    “I don’t have a mouse in my locker.”

    “I’m holding it right now.”

    “No you’re not.”

    “He said he knew you!”

    “Did not.”

    “Did too!”

    Agh! As soon as I finish my argumentative thesis and get my diploma, I’d like to schedule a word or two with you, Rick!

  21. Vash

    I’m not suprised Spo requested not to be forgotten, but a claustrophobic mouse is just odd o-0. Spo is so cute. He is gonna be a major character right?

  22. D_Leo

    Poor little guy…

  23. THATguy

    Nice. I prefer the changes to the dogs though.

  24. THATguy

    oopd. meant to put that on the next comic :(