Midnight Confessions
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Dawwww, ear huggles. So cute ^.^

    • Polar_Bear

      Indeed. 4th panel for the WIN!

  2. Zonack

    Errr I didn’t understood that can someone explain? hehe

    • FredMSloniker

      Zonack: Fido thought Spo was being a jerk to him in an effort to get him to get rid of Spo sooner. Turns out Spo just isn’t good at socializing.

  3. faved

    It’s ok spo we guess you can hang out with everyone for a while.

    • black cat

      yhea we just hope you dont meet max or grape !
      we’d miss you

  4. StainedSword

    Spo just wants a hug. And isn’t that what all mean people want?

    Except for the jackasses, they are just… Well, jackasses.

  5. falconfox01

    Spo is too cute! and I wonder just how Fiodo would attack someone if commanded too, all things considered.

  6. Meister_Li

    Wow, I have to say, I love this comic – I just discovered it and read through it – It’s so cool! Very funny and clever – and it got a lot of potential for nice situations. ;) Also, I have to say, the “new” color and the shading – they look great! And they’re really complimenting your comic. You just won yourself a regular reader. ;)

  7. matus

    yeah yeah… let him hang out a little longer… with Grape :P , she could enjoy a little snack…

    btw… youre still getting better and better with coloring a all this shadowing stuff

  8. Taay

    awww…. free hugs for everyone. *hug*

    • Khan-Wolfen

      *hugs back* yay X3

  9. Nikki28

    I love this comic, but what is on Fido’s head? Those little round black things?

    • Kakurady

      Sunglasses. Why would he need those in the middle of the night, though.

      • Lesath

        He wears his sunglasses at night so he can keep track of the visions in his eyes. :)

      • dragonking

        he’s a cop, he’s required to have sunglasses, part of teh uniform

        • Dissension

          This is actually true. xD

          • Trefoiler

            Yessir, I might add that it is one of the primary expenditures in organizations such as the FBI, for example.

            God Bless America. Because we’ll drown in our own gluttony if he ever stops.

  10. BlueAnubis

    Poor Spo, he just wants to have a friend that does’nt make fun of his size. Don’t worry buddy, we all love you!

  11. Sara

    D’awww, poor Spo. :C

  12. Insignificance

    Ooh, I like the nose shape!!!
    On Fido I mean!

  13. james319

    awwww poor Spo XD

  14. argonsassistant

    I love that mouse!LOL

  15. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Definatly a good choice with the new muzzle style. :3 Keep up the good work Rick.

  16. Trefoiler

    This is too much. I’m speechless.

    The only way I can possibly cancel out the cuteness is to re-watch the showy compression of Philip Pullman’s best work.

    If you know what I’m talking about… you know how much better it could have been… :(