Wonderful Night For A Bike Ride
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  1. faved

    Man now I feel sorry for Fox. He did that all the way to Kansas

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Bill is clearly related to Bruce Campbell. ;)

  3. DZ

    I would hope Bill never does find a helmet to hide such an awe-inspiring chin.

  4. isk84waffles

    falco punch falco punch show me your moves show me your moves falco kick falco punch show me your moves.

    • Oblivion

      Im assuming you mean FALCON puch, FALCON kick and so on.

      • Boingo the Clown

        Maybe Captain Falcon is taunting Falco.

        “C’mon Falco. Punch! Falco, Punch! Show me your moves, Falco! Kick!”

    • Kurast

      I believe the correct way is…


    • Ookami_no_Shiro

      To tell the truth, Fido’s dad looks a little more like Viewtiful Joe.

  5. Whiskers

    Man someone already pointed out the Captain Falcon thing :O

    also good god that looks dangerous…

  6. Silenvo

    Zah… I think this Strip left me in the dust… lol *clueless*

  7. GulpingBeans

    LOL. Bucket seat XD

  8. matus

    just hope that mouse get eaten by princess periwinkle… i realy miss her… she has got way to better sarcasm then this mickey (or marcus whatever the mouse name is)…

    still, i love FALCON PUUUNCH

  9. Zanzawolf

    Oh man. The bucket seat and the captain falcon resemblance, totally LOL worthy XD. Sucks to be Fido and Spo right now.

  10. falconfox01

    Poor spo is gona barf on fido….ewww!

    • Junker

      Yeah, but at least you can clean it up with a napkin. Or a small handkerchief.

  11. Akinokaze

    I’ve heard of a bucket seat but damn XD

  12. Zeta

    He looks kinda like Captain Falcon.

  13. BlueAnubis

    Poor Fido, He is going to need a chiropractor.
    Poor Spo, He is going to need an antacid.
    and finally… Show me your- *Static* I CAN’T LET YOU MAKE THAT JOKE, BLUEANUBIS! *Static*

  14. Marluxia Kyoshu


  15. Khan-Wolfen


  16. Profesor Rod

    This is Bill. He has a MANLY CHIN.

  17. Dissension

    Hahah, Spo = green. xD

    That ‘bucket seat’ joke never seems to get old.

  18. sogious

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what we call “animal cruelty”. Just because the don’t know any better doesn’t make it very….very very wrong.

    • D_Leo

      But very, very funny

  19. Zurr

    lol Captain Falcon

  20. Zonack

    Pretty good comic :D

  21. StainedSword

    For some reason, Bill reminds me of the Laughing Fist Diego. Nerd points if you know who that is and what he’s from. :P

    I actually saw someone riding a motorcycle with a dog in the side seat, but not in the “bucket seat.” Though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did that. :(

  22. Blunger1


    First the vest, and now a scarf? It’s too awesome for human comprehension!


    • Trefoiler

      I warned you! I WARNED YOU ALL!

      Now it’s too late and we’re all DOOOO-


  23. EccoBlackfin

    Next, we’ll see him wipe out with a crappy voiceover saying “TOO BAD, YOU LOST YOUR MACHINE!”
    And then a restart..on THE HAND OH GOD

  24. Trefoiler

    Props on the shadowing, Rick! That, and Spo is an excellent example of cuteness in sickness. Mount your steel steed and outrun that irony!

    Also, if Fido’s a cop, can he pull Bill over for erratic driving? A conflict of interests… dra-maa…


  25. james319

    the shading in this is really great!! nice job Rick!

  26. anon

    this looks like a tribute to Over The Hedge