And The Finch And The Shrew And The . . .
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  1. Cyanni

    Aww he’s a softie :)

    • Zurr

      Or they were all food for Sabrina…

      • shadowwolfx7

        lol, very possible, but I thought Sabrina didn’t like to kill?

        • Tom Fulp

          or she like to kill but keep this a secret?

          • Dr. Winter

            AWESOME! Tom Fulp from NG!

      • Eagle0600

        Actually, it’s Sabrina that gave them to him to find homes for.

  2. Sage Freehaven

    …and the family of mice living in that cinder block out in the fields…

    • D.M.Wolf

      woo! NIMH refrence =P

  3. Shoji

    Lol, for some random reason I love the little small sub-texts that he puts after the character says something to start.

  4. Kas

    He’s a petpet!

    *shot by Neopets haters* What?! I’m on your side!

    • GulpingBeans

      hey now! don’t dis the Neopets! :P Some of us have worked really hard to get where we are today….oooo! New game! YAY!

      • HeartCutter

        And the Ogrin and the Lupe and the Meecra and the Ricti and the Korbat and the… um… I forgot the rest.

  5. faved

    Smooth… real smooth

  6. Paddy O'Furniture

    And the cow… and the sloths… And the aardvark… And the lemur… And The Zoo Keeper… And…

    • Oblivion

      And the possum, and the elephant, and the ferret, and the ring tail lemer…

      • black cat

        and the seagull and the crow and the hedghog and the giraffe…

        • Gaara1357

          …and the penguin, and the…

  7. Profesor Rod

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… ^_^

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Every character is cute in every panel *giggles*

  9. StainedSword

    Why do Fido’s glasses turn blue in the last panel? :P

    Love how the comic shows how Fido is ‘all heart’.

    • Indagare

      Most likely so they stay clearly visible. If they were black they might blend in with the other black lines or look really odd.

  10. CalaverX11

    ‘Sup, Poindexter.

    Best greeting ever.

    • Sara


  11. Sessile

    whoa. cuteness quota exceeded

  12. Silenvo

    Well, Look likes he just survived an utterly devastating truth capture by Sir Sly Fox. Maybe. lol lucky fido! barely scraped by on that one eyh? lol

  13. Khan-Wolfen

    or HAS he….?? *dramatic music*

  14. james319

    all heart indeed :D

  15. Trefoiler

    Aw, he must have made so many friends because of what I think I’ll call Sabrina’s ‘Sweet Syndrome.’

    Such a humanitar- uh… hmm. Good dog. And Fox’ frankness makes me smile!

    • Trefoiler

      And the clothes! They must be composed mainly of WIN FIBERS! It’s well known that both the synthesis AND the displacement with Win releases awesomeness.

      Please, don’t dress that mouse… our bodies are simply not built to withstand exposure to such a large Cute/Win reaction. I’m warning you; this comic already seeps nearly toxic levels.

      • Blunger1

        I know I would die for sure. Fido’s uniform nearly slaughtered me, and I had to look at pictures of impoverished children to keep from dieing.

        You need some sort of warning label, Rick. “Caution: Includes things too cute for human viewing.”

  16. falconthefox

    Good save!

  17. Timothy

    This is your best comic yet, the outfits are awesome!

  18. R-One

    Yellow alert! Secret relationship at risk, take evasive action!

    Somehow I doubt Fox will take the statement at the end at 100% face value – yeah, Fido’s all heart, but the fake laughs kinda fishy… oh well, just means more (hilarious) plot! XD

  19. Rider098

    Cute characters, though that mouse sure does have a ‘tude. The little guy is asking for trouble XP.
    I can’t help but wonder if all those critters Fox mentioned were from Sabrina…

    • Chiry

      But of course they were from Sabrina, it’s obviously not the first (second, third, or even sixth) time she’s had him take care of a little critter

      • Rider098

        Wow, Sabrina must have a pest problem XP.

  20. StainedSword

    I love how much emotion Rick can invoke in characters in just a couple panels.

    For example, in Fido in this comic, the first panel shows him worried about how Fox might have heard him, the second he is relieved that Fox didn’t hear, the third he is concerned about what he is going to do with Spo, and the fourth shows him being embarrassed and kind of threatening to Fox. It makes the comic feel so realistic even though it is about anthropomorphic beings.

    Argh, I want to know what happens.

  21. Kaloyan

    and the python, and the skunk, and the macaw, and bear…

  22. Adept Omega

    Okay, Fido’s officially my favorite character now. >D

  23. Watcher

    In the second panel it almsot seems as if Fox is looking at his own head rather than at Fido’s… But whatever, I just like to scrutinize.

    Great comic, Rick, keep ‘em coming!

  24. dragonking

    ooohh, i wonder if we’ll get to see fido actually working, with spo still on his head, heheh

    Police officer: “fido what’s that on your head?”
    fido: “oh this spo.” to spo, “why are you still on my head anyways?”
    spo: “cause i can see a lot further than i could if i was on your shoulder.”

  25. Kiwaku

    Now if Spo can figure out which hairs control the arms and legs.. they’ll have a team ^__^

    • Echo


  26. BlueAnubis

    … And the racoons- oh wait, that was Daisy, nevermind 8D

  27. Sessile

    aaa where’s the new comic?

    • Rick Griffin

      In about 35 minutes

  28. Heartcutter

    I’d like to point out that the animals Fox said are all animals cats might be expected to exterminate, and she must give them all to fido to do the “nasty” work for her, so HE probobly exterminates the pests.
    And I’ll be damned if a cat is expected to exterminate a bear, not to ruin you’r imagination.