Especially Who? WHO?!
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  1. isk84waffles


  2. Fuzzypaws

    Yay Fox! I wonder what he thinks of mice. ;)

    Their outfits are cute. ^.^

  3. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. Good times.

  4. tofu

    uh-oh hit him with the frying pan and run!

  5. StainedSword

    Wait, did Fox come in when he mentioned Sabrina, or just when he was threatening Spo?

    Argh, I need to know what happens after this!!!! >:U

    • StainedSword

      Wait, isn’t Fido right next to a mirror? Wouldn’t he have noticed Fox behind him? And if he didn’t, how would he become a cop with bad senses like that?

      Sorry for pointing these things out, just had to say.

      I am not sorry for double posting, though, because this comic is so awesome, it deserves to be double posted. It’s that cool.

      • Liargar

        Depends on when he walked in, he is actually only looking at the mirror in the first panel, and he didn’t necessarily approach from the back.

        • StainedSword

          Darn second dimension!! Foiled again!!! :P

          Good points.

  6. falconfox01

    hehe lovely story twist

    • Heartcutter

      Yeah, though I think he was just talking about the way he looked like he was talking to his forehead or the mirror depending on Foxes time of arrival.

  7. Devious_Psychopath

    uh oh

  8. Oblivion

    Gah. Maybe its just my OCD, but Fido’s right sunglass lens in the 3rd panel…

    • Zurr

      lol I saw it too

  9. Sabakuryu

    So… is this in fido’s household? I mean, if it is, umm… privacy plz? Yeesh!

  10. Silenvo

    Oh noez! BUSTED! maybe. i can tell that if fox heard that entire conversation, poor fido is gona bust a sprocket, burn his motor and deep fry his anti-freeze box. KABLOOMY! total engine meltdown.. >.> ok enough nonsense, great comic! :D lol

  11. Yoji

    i’ll bet it’s bino he doesn’t want to know *giggle*

  12. jdipierro

    This is gonna be an awesome arc :P I just LOVE fido’s glasses!

  13. BlueAnubis

    I wonder how much of that he heard… it’s always awkward when someone walks in on you and it looks like you are arguing with your forehead.
    Poor Fox, no one pays attention to him. :`(

  14. Profesor Rod

    Fido looks great in uniform |3

  15. Vaguely Creepy


    And unless Fox was seriously distracted while he was walking in, I’d guess he probably heard most of the conversation.

    Dog ears, y’know.

  16. Dragon Furry

    Well Fox is a cat.

    • Heartcutter

      No, fox is a dog. Compare his snout to the cats.

  17. Dragon Furry

    ouch.. my bad.. he just looks kinda cat like, must be the attitude

    • Kurast

      He’s a husky. The ears kinda throw him off cause most of the other dogs have rounded or floppy ears.

  18. RJ-Pilot

    Y’know, I though just because he wasn’t in the story since christmas that he’d been doing absolutely nothing until this point…. How wrong was I…

  19. Insignificance

    Yeah, what happened to him?
    I haven’t seen him in a while…

  20. RandomPerson

    wait, does peanut still like grape? cause what does he think of fido and sabrina?

  21. Moonwing

    Hey, i think he was bout to say “Dont tell Bino(that’s his bro’s name right?) wut do u think? cuz i think tht if tht mouse tells Bino that he’ll think tht’s y Fido let Peanut back into the Good Ol’ Dogs Club, plus it’ll ruin his reputation O.o lol, a dog’s gotta have a rep, y’know

  22. Khan-Wolfen

    uh oh, “Soap Oprah Plot Twist!” tm

    wonder what happens here XD

  23. phunkiezero

    More fox :3 He’s cute <3

  24. DZ

    That foreboding throat clearing by Fox would seem to hint that he heard a fair portion of what Fido had said.

  25. Blunger1

    Uh oh! Fox isn’t in Kansas anymore!

    *Sorry. I had to…*

    • StainedSword

      I’m glad you did. XD

  26. james319

    LOL XD

    im still wondering what happened to grape and peanut ^^;

  27. Residentfriendly

    Especially who? WHO?

  28. dragonking

    fox probably heard most of it, and he may have saw spo on top of fido’s head, or maybe not, fido is taller than fox

  29. shadow1w2

    Do a barrel roll!