Their Naming Conventions Had A Cover Charge
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  1. Shoji

    What an interesting way to name all of your offspring.

  2. Sleet

    Heh. So, if they started from the beginning, he’s the 13276th kid. Wow.

    • Silentfox

      You actually calculated that? You have a great deal more patience then I :P

      Great strip, love the last panel

      • BluFox

        Not to mention way to much free time… No offense.

        • Sleet

          About 15 seconds of free time if you know how to do the math right.

        • JakJak

          Ya’ just need to know math and combinations =D

    • Kurast

      And his next youngest kin is SPP, which means there’s possibly more!

      • Islefox

        It’s been burning at me for a long while now, but you see, where or from what is your icon from? Yip?

    • comic_nut

      Not a difficult calculation if your familiar with binary/hex. 26 possibilities: S-19, P-16, O-15, thus 15*(26^0) + 16*(26^1) + 19*(26^2) = 13275

      • Zurr

        lol math power! *high five*

  3. DZ

    Cheese is pretty unpopular with a lot of mice it seems.

  4. Fuzzypaws

    Om nom nom

  5. faved

    How would you even remember which name went with each kid?

  6. falconfox01

    hehe I like spo already!

  7. Shoji

    One more thing:
    I also JUST noticed that when you put your mouse cursor over the strip, there’s some little.. input boxes, I guess you could call it, haha. It’s funny; I looked back and it’s on the past few strips as well. It’s a nice touch that made me laugh XD

    • Kurast

      Forest Gump reference on the mouse-cursor input box.

      • Silenvo

        oh it is?.. thanks for the input.. i just missed your message..

      • Profesor Rod

        Yes. I lol’d XD

    • Silenvo

      Yeah.. This comic’s version is based off of something, i think it started in World of Warcraft, but im unsure about that. i know the first place i saw it was on that.. it was rather amusing. + reminding me of the other version involving fish.. lol that – .. thats about it. eheheheheh..

      • Zarath

        I think it originated on XKCD, cool comic

  8. Junker

    I’ve found mice also tend to like peanut butter.

  9. Moonwing

    ok i think this strip is pretty funny but wut makes it funnier is tht lil imput Shoji was talking about. After i read wut his mom used to do with cheese i was like “DANG THT’S ALOTA CHEESE!’ i mean, who wouldnt get sick if cheese after having to eat it so many different way tht probably tasted HORRIBLE! i mean, deep fried cheese? sheesh, tht’s torture to a mouse

  10. Zanerus

    Wow thats a LONG list of cheese. Though cheeseburgers are nice. Funny comic as always. Though I think Fido is way more timid then his first appearance. Then again he’s not around a big group so maybe he’s just trying to get on the right foot/paw with Spo, and failing.

  11. BlueAnubis

    Dang, with that much cheese, I imagine that our friend Spo had a lot of problems with… blockage, if you know what I mean.
    Also, Yay! Bubba refrence!

  12. TheLastLoneWolf

    O.o Do I feel sorry for the brother called Fag.

    • Mametarou

      i feel sorry for the brother named gay to.

      • Moonwing

        hey i feel bad for the one named “cat” sheesh, tht poor lil mouse named after their greatest enemy must have as much problems as Tiger has O.o

  13. Khan-Wolfen

    now i wonder if Spp pops now they has a name XD

  14. Dr. Winter

    No macaroni and cheese? XD. Really that’s so much cheese.