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  1. Copycat

    noooooooooooo keep him in the box!!

    1st… couldn’t help it

  2. isk84waffles

    that mouse isn’t the only thing thats small. “nudge nudge”

  3. Polar_Bear

    Aww! He’s so cute!… and nothing like the revolutionary mice from those previous threads!

    Which reminds me, I hope Grape doesn’t run across him. She seemed not too discretionary as to who she swallowed whole in that one. O,o

    • String Petoun Ping

      Personnatly, I wish that Grape and Valor meet each other. A good scare should teach this mice to appreciate the luck he has.

      • Taay

        valor??? i think you mean Spo. thats the mouse’s name yo.

  4. Fuzzypaws

    New favorite character. ;3

    • Kurast

      Bet you could just eat him right up, couldn’t'cha?

      He is an awesome character though.

  5. StainedSword

    We finally see Spo!!!

    I think his size is going to turn him into the little devil on the shoulder of different characters…

    I can just see him telling people to burn things while hiding in their collars.

    And that was kinda mean of Fido, but Spo hasn’t been the best house guest.

  6. Sol Ratch

    Got nothing to say here…

  7. taay

    wow. did not expect the mouse to be that small. maybe bigger. like from the earlier mouse revolution they had

  8. R-One

    Course it’s that small… it explains the attitude! The same connection Fido no doubt made there… lol

  9. The Dark Ferret

    Uhm, there is no “P” in Hamster…

    • Rick Griffin

      Fixed it. You would think that, being an English major, I would know these things beforehand, but alas, there are no vocabulary classes in college.

      • The Dark Ferret

        It’s a common mistake, or, to quote Housepets! “It’s a typical occurrence.” HOLY CRAP! You spelled “occurrence” wrong!

        • Rick Griffin

          You know, if you want to be my proof reader . . .

          • BluFox

            Haha! I’m pretty good at proof reading, if you like…

  10. Kobrag

    Napoleon complex…cute.

  11. Profesor Rod


  12. falconfox01

    “of mice and …dogs?”

  13. Akinokaze

    He may be small, but his tail is long.

  14. Parou

    Excellent management there, Spot! Nothing gets the attention of a SAMS* sufferer than to remind them of mortality!

    *(Small Angry Mouse Syndrome)

  15. Moonwing

    heh, do ya think he’s taking bout tht purple friend of ours? lol

  16. james319

    spo looks really cute outside the box :D

    now that i think about it he kinda reminds me of snake in that box XD (metal gear solid)

  17. BlueAnubis

    Hmm… mouse with an oversized ego? kinda reminds me of Thor from Faux Pas. take a look.

  18. Anonymous

    That mouse is the cutest mouse ever drawn.

  19. BlueKitsune

    I just noticed the semi hidden messages if you leave your mouse over the comic image! Do I win something? j/k

    That would be a quick snack for any pet or animal lol

  20. Khan-Wolfen

    heheh, nice one,l when yea need to someone to do something, let them know the “altenitives” >XD

  21. Junker

    “I demand compensation for dis insult!”