This Is A Real 3rd Edition Gamebreaker

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  1. DZ

    I have to agree with the mouse.

  2. Fuzzypaws

    This is why supplements are cheese. ;)

  3. Kenny

    I have no idea what’s going on! LOL

  4. faved

    That’s embarrassing…

  5. Copycat

    I already love Spo so much ^_^

    Make him a main character! He can be the one in the box!

  6. Kurast

    I agree, bogus player.

  7. StainedSword

    Use your plus 8 fist of punching him in the face!!!

    I think I am REALLY gonna love Spo…

    Also, as it’s the first time I’ve commented, gotta say… I LOVE YOUR COMIC!!!! AWESOME art, funny and original jokes, (usually) and total epicness all around.

    I can’t wait for Friday… More Spo!!! ^_^

  8. TomFox

    Dude, I have two people at my table that do this crap all the time! So annoying! Stop reading dnd forums they are full of mental poison >:(

    • tfcDwayne


      • TomFox

        You really are tho! FINESSE ATTACKS are melee attacks, NOT ranged! A finesse attack is one supported by the Weapon Finesse feat! Therefor your Master Thrower/Swash doesn’t mesh!

        • tfcDwayne

          NO WAI!
          It totally meshes! The Swashbuckler’s Insightful Strike makes NO direct reference to melee attacks! Just ’cause they use the term “finesse” doesn’t mean Weapon Finesse… And Weapon Finesse never states it needs to be melee, just an attack with a certain type of weapon… YOU LOSE, SIR.

          • McFrugal

            Weapon Finesse is a melee-only feat. That is the catagory in which it lies; it does not have to specify it in the description.
            Also, here is the description of Insightful Strikes:
            At 3rd level, a swashbuckler becomes able to place her finesse attacks where they deal greater damage. She applies her Intelligence bonus (if any) as a bonus on damage rolls (in addition to any Strength bonus she may have) with any light weapon, as well as any other weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse, such as a rapier, whip, or spiked chain. Targets immune to sneak attacks or critical hits are immune to the swashbuckler’s insightful strike. A swashbuckler cannot use this ability when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load.
            It does in fact specify Weapon Finesse. So no, you can’t be a Swashbuckler Archer. That’s silly.

          • Loco

            Never had this problem when I DM. Just be fair but make sure that everyone knows that the DM is always right. :D

          • macDeviant

            Wow my first comment and all I want to say is…
            NERD RAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!

            Oh wait..? I play Warhammer 40K, crap. Well can I at least pick between the pot or the kettle. ;)


        • Parou

          And this is exactly why I always avoided my old housemates’ DnD sessions…….. squabble and angst! ;-)

          • Xavior Bat

            I can solve this issue right quick, as we had a similiar issue with Still spell and casting in armor, the wording of the still spell metamagic feat suggests it would negate the spell failure for casting in armor, due to it negating what about the armor causes it, aka, can’t move your fingers properly, however, wizards OFFICALLY told my GM “no, thats not the case if it does not specificly state in the FUNCTIONS (note, not the wording, the functions) that it applies to or applies something, it does not work that Weapon Finesse, which is a melee feat, does not work with ranged or thrown weapon, despite wording. For future disputes simply post to the wizards of the cost forums and you’ll get the answer your GM is probably looking for, though you yourself probably aren;t

    • Jekado

      Hey one of my friends tried to convince me that since Magic Missile just hits a target it should then denied you your dexterity he should get free sneak attacks if he casted it through a wand. Metagamers trying to get away with murder it seems.

  9. Junker

    Would be funny if the pets had their own D&D game night.

    • Khan-Wolfen

      i would love to see that, heh

      • R-One

        Oh lordy… Housepets playing D&D? o.<

        Highly doubt it’d happen unless they “borrowed” books from Fido’s owner… those things aren’t cheap. Been collecting the Star Wars RPG (saga edition) here, and thats $40 USD a book. D&D books cost even more.

        As a series of strips, it’d be kinda funny tho… just don’t let them play the “Worlds Largest Dungeon” campaign! (broken as hell… *mutters*)

  10. Kaloyan

    No Spo, it doesn’t matter at all if you don’t know which one is his owner.

    And to the DnD DM, hiw him with your rat-flail of dleadly plauge!
    Toss the rules! If a player if getting uppity kill him for no reason! …Or perhaps I’ve played too much PARANOIA.

    The computer is your friend.

  11. james319

    that mouse is soooo right XD

    i like the dog D&D piece in the toga on the game board XD

  12. falconfox

    A D&D Tac Nuke…sweet! LOL I have to agree with mr mouse on this one…poor Fido and what he goes through

  13. Sol Ratch

    Uhh, what?
    I thought D&D wasn’t this complicated. Maybe I should just throw away my friends’ own set before they drag me into their game…

    • Li

      DND is not that complicated….I’ve been playing for years and that just completely confused me.

      • R-One

        A lot of that made sense here, and I’ve played off and on for a while. But I highly doubt such a combo is legal in D&D, if only for the fact combat action limits make it near impossible, at least in 3 and 3.5 (as for 4, it can go hang… it’s 100% fubar imo…)

  14. Draco_2k

    Oh dear God… Locate City Bomb?..

  15. Khan-Wolfen

    what the hell is a Locate City Bomb? XD

    anyway Spo got a point, heh

  16. Akinokaze

    Sooooo glad I never played this.

  17. fan

    Love the mouse!

  18. Gaara1357

    Is it just me or does the pawn in panel 3 look like Fido?

    • icarus

      i believe it’s supposed to be a minotaur figure.

  19. BlueAnubis

    Wow. One half of me is wondering what the heck they are saying, the other half is glad I don’t know.
    The mouse makes a valid point though.

  20. TheLastLoneWolf

    How can someone as cool as Fido have such a dorky owner? xDDD

    • Heartcutter

      I personaly think that Fido is just acting cool to hid his “undesirable” or “intolerable” relationship with sabrina

  21. R-One

    What’s scary is I actually understood that crap… >.0

    BTW, the guy who just made up that spell (that’s not in any D&D book, from version 1 thru 4 and everything in between!) is going to be in soooo much trouble soon. As for the guy in the back yelling and ticking everyone else off – I predict an untimely and humiliating character death (most likely from falling down a flight of stairs or off his mount, lol). NEVER argue like that with the DM…

    *pities Fido for having to see that kind of scene* “It’s never a pretty sight.” XD

    (As a note, I’ve ACTUALLY had someone die in the aforementioned manner during a campaign… lol!)

  22. Chrontius

    Waitaminit — can you explain that combination a little more thoroughly?

    • Rick Griffin

      Google “Locate City Bomb” (put it in quotes) — it requires glossing over a few details and abusing some poorly worded metamagic in tertiary splatbooks. Also, depending on who is arguing, it actually needs and 8th level slot, but it’s altogether really stupid to think your DM would let you get away with it.

      • R-One

        Insulting is more appropriate – there’s so much abuse of wording and flat out ignoring of important spell descriptors that you’ll be lucky to only get told “your spell fails.” Lots of DM’s will actually evict you from the campaign, and I can’t say I blame them… this little tricks exactly that, a trick. Only it’s the player trying to trick the DM when they have the gall to claim this can even work.

  23. Li


    Period the end ^_^

  24. Profesor Rod


    This is why I quit DMing…

  25. Draklerahl

    Thank you for referencing the Locate City Bomb, it made my day, I laughed so hard.

  26. CyberCorn Entropic

    The arguing makes me even more glad I don’t role play. I don’t agree with the contempt I keep reading into Spo’s observation, but what the heck.

    • Silenvo

      Please do not group role play and D&D together, role play is the fact that two people create characters to make a story with, this does not mean they have to have stats or any forms of D&D related material based on or in them, so quite litteraly, role play is two or more players makeing a story together, (or all are dm’s – the stats factor), often role play has been deluded by multiple groups of people messing it up and overdoing things, kinda like this comic relates to, allowing a character who cannot cast such power to cast waaaay beyond his/her abillity witch is impossible and thus this is were debate comes in.. im sorry if im rambling but i don’t really want people to combine the ideas of D&D and role play as i know my role plays with my friend involve making stories, not characters with set stats… Meaing a story can take on a more freeform style and not be dictated by one person (DM in this case). but as all is necessary, multiple players must realise that they have limits to undergo, breaking these limits ruins the quality of role play and thus breaks the realism or entertainment factors of it altogether. making it pointless to perform in the first place.. and in some ways. personality also has a major factor on what players do, and what their characters act like. best way to role play is find a person who likes playing it simular to your style. So. if you play chaotic and unrealistic. find someone who enjoys it that way to play with. and vice versa if you like to make a realistic story with normal storyline.

      This message was ment for both CyberCorn and other people to understand that “I” don’t want them mistaking role play and D&D as the same thing. because they are not the same.
      Thank you, if you bothered to read this. -Silenvo

      • Kurast

        In short.

        D&D = Game. Stats, HP, AI (controlled by DM), Weapons, goal.
        RolePlay = Creating a story with multiple people controlling themselves, with no regard to weapons or stats (just some unwritten golden rules).

        I roleplay extensively, and never have we had arguments in regards to level, stats, skill, or anything else. Just more of a “you can’t cast a spell that can nuke an entire city without us OKing it. Bad to have your character killed beyond your control as an RPer.

    • Silenvo

      Something else to note is im not trying to push you into role playing cyber, im just pointing out that D&D and role play are not the same. PLEASE don’t make it sound like it is… :O i find it slightly offensive..

      • CyberCorn Entropic

        Fine. I’m glad I don’t D&D, either. For the exact same reason I’m glad I don’t role play.

      • CyberCorn Entropic

        It’s not the so-called “nerds” I mind. It’s the interacting with them that I mind. Don’t feel singled out. I don’t like interacting with a lot of types of people and “nerds” are mild compared to others.

  27. TigerGulp

    *has no clue what anyone is talking about* I do know what D&D is…just never played it. NERDS!

  28. icarus

    ahhh, rule-lawyering. the bane of any GM…

  29. Dr. Winter

    Never in my life i’ll play DnD.

    Oh, BTW nice comic!

  30. argonsassistant


  31. Adept Omega

    This is the exact reason I’ve always hated the Character Optimization boards on the Wizards boards with the seething, burning passion of a thousand flaming suns.

    Well, Pun-Pun too, but that’s another story.

  32. Gavinfoxx

    Here is a quote of what he is trying to do. It’s completely legal, rules as written, in 3.5. And can be done by a mid level character. It basically nukes everything in 10 miles that fails a reflex save, and there are, of course, tons of ways to make it so that most things except extreme high level creatures and items are GOING to fail the reflex save, but that’s not the basic part of the nuke. Here we go:

    “locate city (RoD) – 10 mile/level radius, finds a city

    1. apply snowcasting (FB) – spell now has the cold descriptor
    2. apply flash frost feat (PHB2) – spell now deals 2 points of cold damage to all in area (and makes area slippery but we don’t care about that)
    3. apply energy substitution (electricity) (CArc) – spell now deals electricity damge
    4. apply born of three thunders (CArc) – spell deals half electric, half sonic, but what is important is that it now requires a reflex save, allowing us to…
    5. apply explosive spell (CArc) – all creatures/things in area that fail their reflex saves are shunted to the outside of the area of effect (10 miles/level) and take 1d6 damage per 10′ moved!”

    • Gavinfoxx

      oh, by the way, that bit is called “theoretial optimization” which is basically a math exercise, and not intended to be done in a campaign. In the 3.5 charop forums, there were even compilations of “here is what you need to houserule to get rid of all the massively gamebraking things in the game”, done BY the charop guys, who discovered them.

  33. Drakkon

    That’s why I play 4th Ed now…

    • GodofAwesome

      Playing 4th Ed to get away from game breaking is like moving into the forest to get away from the nastiness of civilization. Not that 4th Ed is bad, it’s a perfectly VALID way to play DnD, it’s just I feel their are better reasons to switch.

  34. Crystal

    they are big time neards.

  35. Zapcat

    Hahaha, thats why I love DnD 3.5, you can mess around with the rules by manipulating their descriptions of how to play. Boy…does my DM hate me for that xD