Well, introducing the last animal character I have from my old Bino comics (of the characters I actually used, anyway). I’m not gonna get anyone’s hopes up, so I’ll just say outright: he’s a mouse; I didn’t really mean to hide his species.

Also! Check it out: with the new 2.7 Comicpress and Manager, I can include alt text on the comic. Hover over the picture for an extra joke/stupid thought.

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  1. rtlstien

    Fido got burned!

  2. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. Awesome. Also love the new “hovering text” thing. Great way to put in all those “mostly good” jokes that didn’t quite seem to fit.

  3. CalaverX11


  4. Kenny

    BAM! Nice new look to the site, BTW!

  5. Insignificance

    I hope Grape doesn’t eat THIS GUY

  6. Spacecadet

    In the woods, no one can hear the dog get dissed!

    Well Fido, “… that’s what you get when you fall in love.. The kind of girl to burst your bubble… what do you get for all your trouble???”


  7. Junker

    Oh snap! Also, I’m digging the mouse over text.

  8. toboe

    Apparently, puppy-dog eyes are not restricted to puppies.

  9. Silenvo

    *laughs* Poor fido…

  10. Kurast

    It’s nice to see comics everyone can relate to, isn’t it?

  11. Akhera

    Haha cats own. She’s completely got him around her finger…err..paw?..digit?..

  12. Sol Ratch

    Fido been 0\/\/3|\|D!!!

  13. Khan-Wolfen

    Bam! and the Dog is Dissed! hehheh

    (bonus points if yea know what advert that based on)

  14. Kaloyan

    Oh snap!

    or as Sarge would say: “That’s a burn.”

  15. iggy

    nice cilit bang advert referance Khan-Wolfen ;)

    • Khan-Wolfen

      welp, you win a cookie jar now for getting that, hehheh

  16. Imperial

    Hey its been awhile since someone in this comic yelled out CAT LOVER!!!

  17. fan

    I like this dog house background. very cute.

  18. Whiskers

    No one has even mentioned how adorable Sabrina is yet. I feel it is my duty to do so.

  19. falconthefox

    we know who holds the leash in this relationship now!

  20. BlueAnubis

    First off. Ooh new layout, W00t!
    second. Aww, Fidey, how cute.
    and finally. Ouch, maybe he should just give the mouse to Grape.

  21. FaultBat

    Love the expression in panel 3. That would work on anyone.

  22. Fuzzypaws

    Hehe, “Fidey” ^.^

  23. chizi

    OH god I love Sabrina’s color and little scarf and Egyptian necklace <3

  24. R-One

    Heh, great joke there at the end… but did Fido really hint there that this isn’t the first time this has happened? lol… guess he’s a bit TOO nice sometimes. IT looks like Sabrina’s learned some tricks from the same book as Peanut, “How to make Puppy Eyes,” or something like that, as well.

    This strip gave me the impression the earlier “Cat Lover” issue is going to fall by the wayside soon – it certainly doesn’t look like they’re trying to keep things very secret in this one (okay, nothing OBVIOUS either… but I get the feeling that the owners probably know whats going on at least, even if the pets don’t.)

    See the Cat-Lover and Fido’s Home-coming story arcs if you don’t remember what I’m talking about… ; )

  25. Sage Freehaven

    OH SNAP.

  26. Profesor Rod

    Of all the pet joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.

  27. Akinokaze

    Hehe, nicely.

  28. james319

    this might sound weird but: thats so sweet :D

  29. wierdsnake

    only one way to put this… FUNNY!

  30. Yokel


  31. argonsassistant

    HA …I love it!!

  32. Rabidkanid

    Wait, he’s not going to give Peanut and Grape the mouse, is he? Grape has already eaten one rat guy, it won’t end well..

  33. faved

    Maybe they will join the revolution of the sandwich house Rabid.

  34. Steam

    i heard feral and i was hoping those raccoons were coming back…
    i luv dem’ guize X3

  35. D_Leo

    And, unlike our favourite purple feline, there’s no mistaking Sabrina’s gender :-)

  36. shadow1w2

    The more I look at their arms the more I wanna throw them in a Megaman game via a rom hack >.>….

    Also am I the only one the captions don’t work for? I’m using firefox, guess I’ll just try em with my IE plugin.

    Sabrina is cute though.
    Plus that mouse should be thankfull darn it.
    If Sabrina had kittens would they actually be Pupitens or Dats?
    Also I’m very curious about the whole world they are in.
    Makes me wonder if they have all animal towns somewhere.

    Eh thats off topic.
    Anyway, great stuff.

    • D_Leo

      Do genetics actually work like that?

  37. Heartcutter

    I, not sure what the comic is about, but I like the new layout.

  38. Crystal

    that’s messed up

  39. zrofyre

    Love the shades!

  40. chicken!!

    lol @ spontaneous acts of whipped-ness. i say spontaneous because i WOULD NOT CAVE!!!

  41. chicken!!

    imagine peanut, “sorry sabrina, i’m a pauper and you’re opressing the prince”
    sabrina: ….and?
    peanut: ………what were we saying? I lost track!



  42. Frostgrip

    Hehehh…poor fido getting shanghaied into it, wonder if the next update will continue it ;p