Cut On The Dotty Line

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Max’s is definitely the best

    • JDiPierro

      Of COURSE! it’s MAX!

      • Zurr

        I agree with this thread.

  2. Silenvo

    ahahahaha.. Excellent. Max is entertaining. but i’d never use his card. LOL.

  3. Yokel

    Rick… I love you… *Snerk*

  4. faved

    That is pretty funny =P

  5. isk84waffles


  6. Devious_Psychopath

    I like grape’s

  7. gsoft

    “I >COULD< have gotten you candy”. heh XD
    Max’s card is pretty neat as well.

  8. Manachuboy

    Awesome. Max’s card is cool but for some reason it was Sasha’s that got me actually giggling.

  9. RG

    I just found the perfect cards. I love you for this, Rick. :D

    • Taay

      i also just found the cards im gonna use! hahahaha

  10. james319

    i could really use these!,THANK YOU RICK!!!!

    LOL written by someone else XD

  11. Kurast

    “Another year, another beer.”

    The single-man’s Valentine’s Card.

  12. Marluxia Kyoshu

    I like Sasha’s the mostestest.

  13. Draco_2k


  14. Sol Ratch

    Awesome cards!
    Peanut and Sasha’s card is the cutest!
    I vould sooooo use these cards as my valentine’s card especially the one with Max to my girlfriend! ;-)

    If I have a girlfriend…
    Hehehe B-)
    Just 3hrs and 10mins away from Valentine’s Day!

  15. Drakkon

    These are precious. I love em.

  16. ChromeHeart

    W00t! Witty and comical cards for Single’s Awareness Day! =D

  17. Sleet

    Haha, I love the last two. The fourth one is so true with any cards, really.

  18. Arce91

    Great! now I can use this cards…..especially Grape’s
    Keep it up, Rick!!

  19. BlueAnubis

    Awesome! I am so using these. 8D

  20. Watcher

    Wait… how did Sasha know the card was red?

    The cats’ cards are awsome :P

  21. Insignificance

    CURSE YOU FATE!!!!!!!!!
    and timing!

  22. Dissension

    Sasha keeps reminding me more and more of myself. xD Except that I’m male.

  23. R-One

    Very creative take on a Valentine’s Day “strip” – instead of a comic, you give us a comic made of Valentine Cards. XD

  24. Sleet

    It really makes me wish I had a girlfriend, and one furry enough to like these.

  25. Azlan

    Fun fun ;P

  26. Moonwing

    1st of all i luv Max’s and Grape’s cards lol. also i think the new look on the website is awesome! lol

  27. Osvaldo

    she is so cute!!!!!

  28. CalaverX11

    MAX = WIN.