Still kinda working on it, but I have been working on it ALL DAY. There’s a few issues still that I’ll try to smooth out by tomorrow or so

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  1. Japanesekanji

    That’s a cool new layout, man! I like it!

  2. Furrypaw

    Looks nice!

  3. Oblivion

    ALL DAY!!! WOAH!!

    Looks nice though…

  4. JDiPierro


    Awesome! I know you’re still working on it so you may not have gotten to it yet but the background sky-blue needs to be changed, doesn’t go well with a wood tone.

    • admin

      *grits teeth* it is an issue that is currently being worked out

  5. Ebly

    Not baaaad~
    I agree with Pierro, though. U:
    And I’m wondering how the comments will work in the new layout.
    To be honest, I actually found them confusing before. By the look of things so far, the comments don’t change colour to the background, which would make it more confusing, maybe… And the text colour king of looks a bit strange. U: Sorry. I keep saying the bad things. I really like the wood look, it goes well with the comic for some reason. c: It’s a good scheme, if you ask me, and it’s well worth the time and effort to work the bugs out. o3o

  6. Insignificance

    Love it, that is all.

  7. saruchan28

    I love this o.o Like, no joke, love!~

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Hey, you got the background working again, that’s a plus. :)

    It looks good so far. ^.^

  9. Novil

    Uhm, I don’t like the new colors since they are not easy to the eye. The contrast of the yellow links on the light brown in the main navigation menu is too low. The light blue on dark brow is very hard to read, too. It is never a good idea to use two highly saturated colors as background and foreground colors.

  10. BluFox

    Lurve it!!

  11. R-One

    Not bad, but I’d suggest putting some backdrop behind the calendar again if you can – it almost blends in now, and becomes invisible at a glance.

    Most of the other stuff I’d say has been said by others – it’s decent, but there’s room for improvement. Look into the color scheme you’ve used if nothing else – i found myself squinting at most of the blue text and yellow links, so you may want to experiment a bit more. *shrug*

    • R-One

      As an addendum – the color scheme for the text over the brown backdrop is fine if you stick with that – it’s the yellows and blues that need tweaking tho.

    • admin

      Err, I got rid of the blue text, what are you looking at?

  12. james319

    Dude,this is awsome :D nice work Rick ^^

  13. JDiPierro

    Looks AWESOME rick!

    So.. Wanna design a site for my soon-to-be webcomic? *BIGGRIN*

  14. Blunger1

    Whats there to be fixed? Except for the fact the the top of the doghouse is missing on all pages except “Home”, the layout is beautiful.

    Keep up the good work!