Love In The Stitches

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  1. DZ

    No security blanket to go with Grape’s new sweater?

  2. JayTheBestMan

    Who in their right minds buy clothes for their pets??

    • Silenvo

      My mom?.. Oh wait. shes not in her right mind… nevermind. lol mom is great, she may act crazy but shes very fun to be around because of that. im glad i have a mom like that. :D

    • Little_Dragon

      I’ve contemplated it on occasion, particularly during the winter, as my home doesn’t have heating.

      But there *would* be reprisals ….

    • Insignificance

      I guess in the winter when their fur gets cut.
      Middle of December, our dog got way too shaggy and tangled.
      So we got him a haircut.
      But he kept shivering for days and we got him a sweater.

    • Sleet

      My mom. I hate it and protest it when I can.

  3. D.M.Wolf

    lol <3 peanut in a “peanuts” sweater =P now i sure didn’t se that one comming

    • tahrey

      if you think about it, Grape is in one as well :) hence the need for a blankie

  4. Kenny

    Grape’s sentiment in the last panel must be what all pets think when their owners dress them in silly outfits.

  5. Xen

    Well… At least they’re not stupid looking as most pet clothes are.

  6. Tony

    Hahaha, I love the second panel… it really gets across the whole “shrinking away from unsurpassable horror” thing to have Grape leaning off panel away from the sweater.

  7. faved

    I don’t know I think Grape and Peanut look cute in there sweaters. I think Grape just needs to be more spirited like Peanut.

  8. Silenvo

    This particular Comic reminds me alot of my own mother, she ocasionaly dresses up our dog, n then the dog does this “Hang dog” look and just looks pathetic and like “How could you do this to me…?” *Sob sob* lol i find it amusing.

  9. Yokel

    Reminds me of garfield. Except for the “plot your demise.” Good times all round.

  10. Profesor Rod

    lol Peanuts

  11. iggy

    “NOW she will plot her demise”? shes a cat, everyone knows cats are plotting the demis of alll humans, grape must have been lapsing from her cat domination duties
    he he

    • Gaara1357

      so very true…

  12. james319

    peanut looks so cute in those sweaters X3

    LOL demise :D

  13. Saikyo Mog

    Awww…Isn’t that cute… :P

  14. EccoBlackfin

    And their mom is Julia Roberts!
    What a famous family!

  15. Arce91

    I think that’s explains why the christmas gifts are usually forgotten during the entire year, until someone asks “Didn’t you get this for christmas?” and you HAVE to wear it…

  16. Cecil

    When I was younger my mom would guilt me into putting it on my dog during the coldest part of winter (which isn’t too cold considering the dog had FUR you know), and wanted to say “But I like having my innards IN me”

    And I just like to imagine if I did that to some poor animal while I’m not looking they’ll concentrate all their hate at me and cause my hair to combust a couple rooms over

  17. Gaara1357

    wow she hid it since Christmas!? how do u hide something in a corner for that long?

    • Kira

      Never doubt the ways of the cat. I just found an old toy of my Mickey’s in a corner that’s been missing for a year.

  18. myzused

    OMG! lol cats moment!

  19. Heartcutter

    I diden’t even know Peanut could think so elaboratly.
    Peanut is deceiving us all, and I can back this up with the comic where Bido had to go get him a new gift, saying seeing him squirm like that WAS his preasant.

  20. R-One

    I see a double-gag in Peanut’s sweater. Nice one. Wonder if we’ll see a follow up to this… (poor Grape… at least Peanut’s sweater looks good on him, lol)

    On another note, background color shows a lot better in this one – I’m guessing Monday’s had a similar effect with a very light shade of blue or something, which might be why it just showed up as stock-white on most the monitor’s I viewed it with – was closer to white than this color, so that probably didn’t help it’s visibility much. *shrug*

  21. TomFox

    Grape is gonna have to take a leaf out of Stewie Griffin’s book, what with all the plotting of a mother’s demise and all ;)

    • Gaara1357


    • D_Leo

      I think she’d go with something that has a higher chance of success…

  22. wierdsnake

    now that’s animal cruelty

  23. Junker
  24. Trefoiler

    ooh… Christmas sweaters… chock full of enough color to see regular use on an airport runway… *hiss…!*

    Good grief! And how about our little Peanut’s* sweater?

    *is that apostrophe the only thing standing between a possessive and a copyright? What fun English is!

  25. Sol Ratch

    “Plot your demise.” ?
    Kind of like Stewie in family guy…

  26. Zurr

    lol Peanuts

  27. argonsassistant

    hahaha wonderful

  28. Fuzzypaws

    First panel expression is awesome. *giggles*

  29. The Dark Ferret

    Is it my imagination, or does that sweater make Grape look more feminine?

    • D_Leo

      that’s just her pulling on the sweater

  30. Bendragon

    All we need now is for snoopy to walk in. LOL

  31. Khan-Wolfen

    hehheh, cute! :3

  32. shadowwolfx7

    Hah, It’s Charlie Brown’s sweater! lol

    I remember Peanuts… ah… good times…

  33. Crystal

    I don’t blame Grape, I have close that I bought just because my mom made me.