Or Is He Just Projecting
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  1. DZ

    Aww poor lil’ guy.

  2. rtlstien

    lol Zackary’s face in the last panel is priceless.
    This is my first time posting… am i the first person to post on this strip?

    • Oblivion

      No your not.

      • Izkata

        What about my not?

    • Heartcutter

      If this also means the first time reading, you will have no regrets.

  3. JayTheBestMan

    Bunnies are so misunderstood :(

  4. Kenny

    Tiger needs to just chill.

  5. Sanguine

    is it weird that ironside from kill bill started playing in my head when i read this? lol

  6. isk84waffles

    needs more suggestive themes.

  7. Fuzzypaws

    Zach is so cute ^.^

  8. Sol Ratch

    Someone’s being paranoid…

  9. Silenvo

    lol. Agreed. paranoid, and scary. Zachery: O.O …. *hop away and hide under couch* lol

  10. Devious_Psychopath

    I don’t know why, but I really like Zachery. He should go hide now, or tell a human

  11. Akhera

    Suuuuure, pick on the new guy why don’t you >>

  12. Lax

    Paranoia alert!

  13. faved

    Tiger is just misunderstood. everyone makes fun of him. He can’t help being paranoid

  14. Junker

    Crazy dog is crazy.

  15. Kane

    Jesus Christ.

  16. ang

    aw poor little bunny lol

  17. steam

    id hit him… take that as you will.

  18. Tyco

    In my experience, it’s wise to keep an eye on bunnies. I have an exceptionally evil one to deal with, myself T_T

    • Tahoe

      *smirks* … *snickers* … *rolls on the floor laughing*
      That bunny is nothing compared to a certain fox. *nods*
      … but yes, keep an eye on them anyway. Sage advice.

  19. Avewy

    Haha, yay. I was hoping there was going to be more of Zach the bunny.

  20. james319

    again, your the king of facial expressions

    IM WATCHING YOU!, LOL thats a classic XD

  21. Bendragon

    I suddenly got a “1984″ vibe from this =o
    Also, zach = insanely cute!

    • Sabakuryu

      And wouldn’t ya know it? My class just finished reading that book :O

      • Bendragon

        I wish I had the money to buy the book but the only money I have right now is for bills and petrol, it sounds like the kind of thing I’d enjoy too.

  22. Drakkon

    I love all the veiled hostility…

  23. Khan-Wolfen

    i think Zach is gonna be paranoid from here on in now after that as well XD

  24. BlueAnubis

    Paranoia: just because you’re crazy, doesn’t mean we’re not all watching you.
    Reminds me of how all my pets have delt with a new animal, be it cat, dog, or baby.

  25. Moonwing

    PERFECT just scare the C#$p out of ur new suppost to be buddy. MAKES ALOT OF SENSE (crazy freaking dog.) lol

  26. Trefoiler

    What was that? WHAT WAS THAT!?

    Fantasy? No, no, this is a delusion.

    Or is it?

  27. Arce91

    Tiger is now channeling his depression on that poor bunny, that should hurt him for life, I mean, its the very first time he really takes part in here. Tiger should talk about this with his teddy bear…

  28. R-One

    Was wondering when we’d get to this one, specially after the lil’ guys introduction:
    Check the 4th panel. I suspect this bunny is going to be as paranoid as Tiger soon enough. XD

    Great use of color (or in this case, lack of it) in the background – makes the 3rd panel really stand out, and amplifies the emotions Tiger is showing.

    The use of white on the other three makes em kinda bland, tho – might have helped if you’d used a bit of shade towards the bottom of those panels (anything other than red, at least), or at least on 1 and 4. Something to make em a tad more interesting – as is, they’re a bit dull, ’specially when you put then next to panel 3. Doesn’t hurt the gag of this strip, but it’s something that can make them a tad more interesting to look at, and not just read. *shrug*

    And if my critiquing is annoying in any way, I apologize – not trying to be a nuisance, just offering suggestions.

    • Eric

      Not to be too critical of a critic, but panels 1,2 and 4 have more color in them than just white. It’s subtle, but it fades from a bluish-gray on the top to a white on the bottom.

      • R-One

        Just took another look from a Windows PC – showed up this time, albeit very faintly. Even when looking for it, it was almost impossible to notice… may be why i missed it the first time.

  29. Insignificance


  30. Gaara1357

    woot! Zachary is back…and u got a new book of biff Ad, nice touch

  31. wierdsnake

    rofl copter in bbq sauce

  32. kenny fox

    I am watching you, Rick….to see when you post the next strip of course ^^

  33. Yokel

    Tiger’s on the ball – I wouldn’t be trying anything, Zach…

    • Trefoiler

      I believe you’ve forgotten your catch phrase!

      Mr. T shall not be happy. -_-

  34. argonsassistant

    HA love the finger point in the last panel ,too funny

  35. Dragon Dancer

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with youu~uuu…

  36. Krillos

    Let’s hope Tiger doesn’t go crazy like Bino. One jealous lunatic is enough.

    Gottah laugh at this, though. >X3

  37. Crystal

    That bunny’s sad. (I forgot his name)

  38. TimidTabby

    Bad first impressions. Now the little critter is going to be hopping paranoid the rest of his life…hehe, hopping ^_^;

  39. tahrey

    hmmm … rabbit in the headlights.

    Only one way to fight back against this – start messing with the Dog’s head but make sure it’s in ways that are hard to detect and don’t really cause a great deal of detriment other than mental bafflement. Like making sure his food bowl always ends up at the opposite end of the room to where he leaves it.

    • tahrey

      (starts singing…. “some.. one.. keeps.. mo-ving.. m-y-y-y chaaaair…”

  40. shadowwolfx7

    lol, I love the finger point at the end.

  41. Yoji

    third panel = Priceless XD