Sorry if you caught the site while it was upgrading; I had put off the upgrade to 2.7 for a while and figured now was as good a time as any. Especially since, if what I read was correct, that I can do upgrades automatically from now on without having to mess with FTP stuff.

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  1. JDiPierro

    Isn’t it amazing? :D I LOVE the new interface, and yeah no-FTP updating is amazing. Plug-ins can be installed right from the interface, it’s… beautiful *teardrop*

    • admin

      Now if only I could do that with the actual Comicpress theme. Next version of Comicpress is supposed to have story-arc grouping support!

      • JDiPierro

        It does :D I just installed the latest version of comic-press, My roommate and I are going to be starting a webcomic soon.

        Is it the comicpress theme that supports them, or is it comicpress manager? Because I update comicpress manager (which is a plugin so can be done from the admin interface) and it showed the storyline support. If you use comicpress manager, try updating that from within the admin interface.

        • admin

          The Manager does have the actual interface for the story arc support, but it needs the currently beta-version of Comicpress to use it, and I’m not quite sure how to upgrade to the beta/if I want to upgrade before the final release

          • JDiPierro

            Ahh I see, yeah it gave me some sort of warning, that must be why, I’m most likely not using the beta.

    • JDiPierro

      HAHA, my didn’t appear :P I wonder if it will there… what if nothing shows.. that would look weird >.> [/geekiness] does that show? hmmm….

  2. admin

    Well, I just figured out if I attempt to install comicpress 2.7 without changing style.css, it makes everything die, so I’ll wait until the gold release